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Arriving 8/26/2015

Brian Hibbs


Check the cut for the rest of the new books this week!


Arriving 8/19/15

Brian Hibbs


Plus the first collection of SQUIRREL GIRL hits the street this week!

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Arriving 8/12/15

Brian Hibbs

Large second week! SECRET WARS returns! Alongside the debut of the new PHONOGRAM, DC BOMBSHELLS, the next arc of ODY-C and SQUIRREL GIRL!

check the cut for the rest of this sweltering week of comics!


Under the radar

Brian Hibbs

I am a big fan of Javier Pulido, and you might be too?  So consider this a Public Service Announcement because I own a comic book store and do very little every day than think about how to order comic books, and somehow my brain, as well as the brain’s of my two store managers, didn’t process the fact that Pulido wrote and drew the ninth issue of the otherwise largely-a-waste-of-trees GUARDIANS TEAM-UP.  Star-Lord and Spider-Man, and other guest stars and a really funny bit with a major Marvel organization… and I don’t really want to spoil anything because there was a lot to love in this issue.

There’s an AMAZING three-page sequence, set in a night club, and totally silent (because it is so loud) — here’s just one page of it, and it really show you that Pulido *gets* comics.


You’re probably not buying this comic… and I wouldn’t recommend the SERIES (at all), but this one issue?  A must-buy if you like Pulido, or classic Marvel team-up comics (this is really the best issue of MARVEL TEAM-UP I’ve ever read), this baby is for you.  It is really EXCELLENT.


The other thing I am oddly liking this week is ULTIMATE END by Bendis and Bagley — this is the best DC “Crisis on Earth n” comic that I’ve read in decades.  But the bit that I really like is subtle and quiet and that’s how each meeting earth has its own font — the “Ultimate Universe” characters with thier mixed-case font, and the… well, it isn’t precisely clear what the non-UU Ultimate characters are from, but they use a more traditional “616” font.  It’s a neat effect.


I think ULTIMATE END is a GOOD comic.

As always, what do YOU think?

Aug 2015 GN of the Month Club Update!

Brian Hibbs

www.graphicnovelclub.com is the place, and this is the August 2015 update.  There will be links here you can’t follow if you’re not a member, just saying.  And at least one that you probably should follow!

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Arriving 8/5/15

Brian Hibbs

The second issue of Brian K. Vaughan and Steve Skroce’s WE STAND ON GUARD arrives this week alongside new 8HOUSE, MS. MARVEL, SPIRE and WICKED + DIVINE.

Check the cut for all the fresh comics this week!


“Eat The OTHER ONE!” Sometimes I Love The Craft Of Those Who Make Comics About Lovecraft!

John Kane

My patience having finally reached its end with regards the odd susurrations which emanated nightly from the fireplace in the south library, I tasked the scrofulous fool who tends to my needs with the dismantling of said edifice. Within seconds the lumpen oaf had caused to be dislodged a stone possessed of enough heft to crack his simple-minded foot in twain.  Ignoring his repellent and startlingly blasphemous utterances I knelt to seize a now-revealed sheaf of papers adorned with runes and symbols which resisted my understanding even as the lower orders resist cleanliness. Shooing the shambling, nay, hopping, cretin of a manservant from the room I set about the package. And it is those contents which, together with their effects upon my quite febrile mind, I shall now proceed to relate.

 photo RatTopB_zpsln44idr5.jpg
RAT GOD by Corben, Corben, Corben, Corben-Reed & Piekos

Anyway, this…

Arriving 7/29/15

Brian Hibbs


Check the cut for that sweet, sweet comic fix!


“Thy Opinion Hath Been NOTED, Wrinkled One.” COMICS! Sometimes I Wonder If It’s Gil -BERT or Gil-BEAR! And Then I Just Settle for GODHEAD!

John Kane

In which a vain attempt is made to engage with The Present and some words are written about comics produced during these times known as Modern. In a display of staggering arrogance at no point is any excuse proffered for the extended absence of the author, although he would like it to be known that upon occasion it is necessary for him to work for a living. Would that it were otherwise.

 photo BlubFlyB_zpsvt1i7sjw.jpg
BLUBBER by Gilbert Hernandez

Anyway, this…

Arriving 7/22/15

Brian Hibbs

This week is a pretty big deal. The final FABLES is released alongside new issues of FIGHT CLUB and STRAY BULLETS plus the debut of Ales Kot and Matt Taylor’s WOLF.


Check the cut for the other hot comics this week!


New Tilting is up!

Brian Hibbs

A look at DC policy changes after the retirement of Bob Wayne; and some thoughts about how the Marvel Relaunch might play out.  As always, find it at Comic Book Resources!



Arriving 7/15/15

Brian Hibbs

Smaller week, but with the long delayed HAWKEYE making it’s way out along side the new anthology magazine ISLAND, from Brandon Graham, Emma Rios and featuring work from Kelly Sue DeConnick, makes this one not to miss!

Check the cut for all the new comics this week!


Arriving 7/8/15

Brian Hibbs

This is an incredible week of comics! SAGA #30 and ARCHIE #1 for all of the Fiona Staples you could want. Plus BLACK SCIENCE, BATMAN, DESCENDER, INJECTION and so much more!

Check the cut for the rest of this summer breeze that is new comics.


Happy Birthday, America!

John Kane

Sometimes I think the world would be a better place if every country took a whole weekend off to high-five itself. As humble as ever I’m sure I speak for every man, woman and child in the United Kingdom when I say there are no hard feelings from over The Pond . So, after you folk have read Brian Hibbs’ important update on his Graphic Novel Clubs below, well…kick off your Sunday shoes and cut Footloose! Put that needle in the groove and let The Loggins loose! America loves its Loggins! Happy Birthday, America! FOOTLOOSE!
 photo IndepDayB_zpshgx8ygwk.jpg
Art by Russ Heath, an American.

Comix Experience Graphic-Novel-of-the-month club update!

Brian Hibbs

(Oddly, this was supposed to post 2 weeks ago, gr)


We’re almost ready to launch the Graphic-Novel-of-the-Month club, so here’s your latest news!



We’re super-excited to tell you that the adult club has 206 members signed up – which means we only need 128 more members in order to hit our funding goal of 334 members.


Minimum Wage raised in San Francisco to $12.25 on May 1st, but thanks to our membership, as of July 1st we’re now not paying any staff member less than $13.50 per hour! So thank you very much for that! After we achieve our goal, every 25 members over and above that we gain will yield a 25 cents per hour raise for every staff member as well. There is no limit on this, and my most fervent hope is we can drive the club membership high enough to have the awesome Comix Experience staff be the highest paid comic store employees in the world!


The Kid’s Club is having a slightly slower start, and we’re just at 26 members today – but I really do think this has the potential for thousands of members, and we’re going to spend most of the summer figuring out the ways to get the word out there for the fall and the gift-giving season. If you have any thoughts or connections, please don’t hesitate to let us know!


Help us spread the news on your social media!



We’re just about to bill, and start shipping the first books, so there’s still time to join us and be in from the start! just go to www.graphicnovelclub.com to join!



Our inaugural pick to kick off our Graphic-Novel-of-the-Month Club is exactly the kind of book that we hoped it would be: smart and poignant, touching and emotional, showing the full range of what comics can do, by a real master of his craft, and, above all else, an eminently human read: “Room For Love” by ILYA.


A middle-age and washed up writer and an on-the-streets rent boy meet and have a remarkable and complex relationship. “Room For Love” eschews most standard romantic tropes for a sometimes painful, and always authentic, fully rounded study of its two characters. Like all of the best fiction, the characters are deeply changed by their encounters, and ILYA doesn’t shy away from exposing the truths at the heart of the characters and their assignations.


This is a story of opposites, and how they attract, as well as repel. This is a work of great intimacy, and is a markedly original work. We truly think this is one of the best graphic novels we’ve read this decade, and we could not possibly be happier that this is our debut pick.


All members of the club will receive a copy of “Room For Love”, but if you’re not an Adult club member, and would like to purchase a copy, or if you would like additional copies, please order below!





We are also EXTREMELY thrilled to announce that ILYA is going to be here in person for our first book club meeting, all the way from England – how cool is that? This is tentatively planned for Wed 7/29, but we will be confirming all of our dates in early July.





Our inaugural pick for the KIDS club is a rollicking adventure: “Junior Braves of the Apocalypse” by Greg Smith and Michael Tanner, and Zach Lehner


The Junior Braves of Tribe 65 return from a camping trip to find swarms of bloodthirsty mutants have overrun their town, bringing death and destruction everywhere they go! With their families missing and their homes destroyed, these plucky kids must use all their scouting talents, combined smarts, and teamwork to survive the end of the world! Junior Braves: A Brave is Brave is the beginning of an exciting, new, young adult graphic novel series that is one part Goonies and one part The Walking Dead, full of zombies, adventure, and handy tips for wilderness survival!


All members of the KIDS club will receive a copy of “Junior Braves of the Apocalypse”, but if you’re not a Kids Club member, and would like to purchase a copy, or if you would like additional copies, please order below!




The first KIDS CLUB meeting, with all three creators participating via video call is tentatively planned for Sunday 7/19 — more details will be released soon!





In picking the best graphic novel of each month, we usually also find several other books that we rate nearly as highly. While we can only have one choice each month to send out, we thought it might be useful to you to hear what our alternates were. These are our runner-ups for July 2015!



“Mike’s Place: A True Story of Love, Blues, and Terror in Tel Aviv” by Jack Baxter, Joshua Faudem and Koren Shadmi


Writing about Middle Eastern conflicts is tricky, because the roots of those conflicts are deep and divisive, and those of us who aren’t a part of it probably know very little of what we’re talking about. So I, for one, always welcome a new insight from involved parties. Co-author Jack Baxter is an American filmmaker who was making a documentary about Mike’s Place, a bar in Israel, when a suicide bomber detonated a bomb out in front, killing three and injuring fifty, including Baxter. This is a comic of the inspiration for the making of the documentary and then the event and the aftermath that was filled with both triumphs and tragedies. Baxter co-wrote the story with Joshua Faudem, who was the cameraman for the documentary.


There’s something extremely compelling about first hand recollections in comics, and this would be a solid entry for your autobiography shelf.






“The Divine” by Boaz Lavie, Asaf Hanuka, and Tomer Hanuka


A civilian bomb consultant reluctantly accepts an off-the-books mining contract into an obscure Southeast Asian country, and becomes embroiled in civil war led by twin 10-year old guerillas wielding what about to be supernatural powers. Oh, and then there’s the Dragon…


This is a lovely lovely comic, filled with all the shimmering colors of a verdant paradise torn by war. My favorite sequence is set in a cave where the predominant color used is an inky purple, and yet the action and movement can clearly be followed. “The Divine” is the most action-driven comic in our July runner ups, and also, by far, the best drawn.






“Long Walk To Valhalla” by Adam Smith and Matthew Fox


Rory would love to forget about most of his life in rural Arkansas, maybe even including his brother Joe who has fits and sees visions in the fields and woods. When Rory’s car breaks down, he is befriended by a young girl named Sylvia, who emerges from the corn fields. Sylvia is a Valkyrie, sent by Odin to escort Rory to Valhalla. On their journey, Rory needs to confront the secrets of his life and family and come to learn the truth about Joe’s visions.


Sometimes you get a debut graphic novel that makes you think “Wow, I really have to keep an eye on those people!” The rhythms of comics are hard to master for people who have been doing it forever, so to see a first-time project done with such skill and assurance and verve, it thrills you to wonder where they’re be when they finally master their craft? Smith and Fox are two to watch for as this book missed being our Selection for the month by only a single point in the voting (out of forty possible)






We really think that ROOM FOR LOVE is a superb book, and there’s still time to join www.graphicnovelclub.com and be a part of our meetings, including ILYA live and in person in late July!

We hope you’ll join us!



“People Come Here For Their Holidays.” NOT COMICS! PROSE! Sometimes They Probably Aren’t Going To Win Any Awards From The UK Tourist Board!

John Kane

What could be better than War Comics? Western comics! But what’s better than Western comics? Why it’s surely when I don’t talk about comics at all, and start banging on about some book like I even know what the Hell I’m talking about! Truly, we here at The Savage Critics know how to serve your needs. Look, you’re probably going on holiday, so why not let a complete stranger recommend a really upsetting, but very well-written book? Dettol©® won’t help with this boo-boo, because this? This isn’t just violence, this is…GBH!

 photo GBHStartB_zpsx1djc2qe.jpg

Anyway, this…

Arriving 7/1/15

Brian Hibbs

The first week of July is not holding back at all. 8HOUSE from Brandon Graham and Marian Churchland debuts alongside WE STAND GUARD from Brian K. Vaughan and Steve Skroce.plus collections of AUTUMNLANDS and WICKED + DIVINE and new issues of ZERO and SECRET WARS.

Check the cut for all the fresh comics!


“I’m Not Sure I Ought To Have To DO It Alone.” COMICS! Sometimes I Return With You Now To Those Thrilling Days of Yesteryear…!

John Kane

A bit of a break from war comics this time out. Because if there’s one thing I know you folks love more than war comics it’s Western comics. Damn, if I pander any harder I’m liable to break something!

 photo LRaTStartB_zpsf4p400wh.jpg
THE LONE RANGER AND TONTO by Truman, Magyar, Lansdale, Parsons & Joyce

Anyway, This…

Arriving 6/24/15

Brian Hibbs

Smaller week than the others this month, but still excellent things! Return of BATGIRL plus new FIGHT CLUB 2 and MATERIAL.

Check under the cut for the rest of this weeks comics!


New Tilting at Windmills is live!

Brian Hibbs

Been a few months, missed it?  If so, find it at Comic Book Resources!



“You’re Catching On, Buster!” COMICS! Sometimes I Don’t Want To Ruffle Any Feathers But I Do Have To Say That Nazis Seem Like Really Quite The Most Awful People!

John Kane

I read a 1960s DC war comic. It was pretty neat. Don’t worry, it’s inevitable that we’ll hit some real shockers soon, but not this week.

 photo OAaWArmB_zpsjhc4mxux.jpg
OUR ARMY AT WAR by Joe Kubert & Robert Kanigher

Anyway, this…

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