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SUNDAY BARBECUE: Abhay x Civil War II – The Conclusion

The final part in a short series of write-em-ups written in a panicked rush, for no discernible reason.

SUNDAY BARBECUE: Abhay x Civil War II – Issues Five and Six

There’s a lot here to point at and snicker about.  Let me try to have at least one of these be a little more coherent… Let’s see how that goes!

SUNDAY BARBECUE: Abhay x Civil War II – Issues Three and Four

Whoever finishes a revolution only halfway, digs his own grave. — Georg Buchner

SUNDAY BARBECUE: Abhay x Civil War II – Issues One and Two

SUNDAY BARBECUE: Abhay x Civil War II — Prelims

“Sometimes I won. Mostly I lost. But you put the show on speed… I chew all they asses up. All them Grand Masters and them Europeans… with they government subsidies and whatnot to sit on they asses and play all day… they ain’t livin’in the world. Put the clock on ’em, put the heat on they backs, they break down. Put ’em in the park fishin’ for dollars, and they break. That’s Bobby Fisher– some say he’s the greatest player to ever play the game. I never played him. All them patzers sittin’ around the park… waitin’ for him to go back there, like Jesus. Me, I don’t give a shit. Put the clock on that motherfucker… I’ll chew his…  Read More…

Abhay: 2016– Another Year that I Mindlessly Consumed Oh God Oh God Make It Stop Uncle Uncle

Best-of Lists! Because when I think back on 2016, it’s just going to be a highlight reel of movies and comics, and I’m probably going to remember sweet nothing-else. “I sat on a throne of Dirty Grandpa merch and played my fiddle while the world burned. Dance to my fiddle music, Oberon– let the decadence set your feet alight! Twingly-twang-twang-twang-twang.”

The Case Against Dan DiDio

Not a comic review.  The following does not represent the views of Brian or John or this website or its affiliates, only the author, who is a broken person who had to get some things typed out after some recent events.

The Title of This Blog Post is “Abhay Thinks He Can Write About COPRA Better Than You — Nowhere to Hide – Nowhere to Cry – I Sunk Your Battleship Edition: 666”

1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – !!!

Abhay vs. His To-Read Pile

I haven’t bought comics in some months (October? November?), but I have an out-of-control to-read pile, filled with impulse buys that I have not made much progress on for a very long time.  I had a whole night last night, and worked pretty hard today, so I’m staying home tonight, doing laundry, making pasta, having a quiet evening, and thought I’d try to make a dent in the pile.  Thought I should take breaks and ramble around.  So, you know, just hanging out, reading some comics that came out a while ago, spelling errors, paragraphs that go nowhere, “reviews” that add up to nothing, hemming, hawing, a lack of wit, tedium… FRIDAY NIGHT!  WOOOO!

Abhay: 2015– Another Year that I Mindlessly Consumed Entertainment (almost)

Hello. Sorry it’s been a long time since I’ve had opportunity to visit with you. How was your year? Good, I hope. Mine was busier than expected, maybe the busiest and most stressful I’ve had professionally since I started the whole occupation-thing in 2002. So, plans I had about what I wanted to write here were delayed. So were my plans to impress Jodie Foster, though, so you know, maybe some things are for the best. You were never out of my thoughts completely though, and I’m referring here both to you and also, to Jodie Foster. And so if you’ll indulge me, I did want to do another collection of year-end lists, as I have in previous years.  I just like…  Read More…

Abhay: Quickly on Two Recent Superhero Comics

(Work on getting back to this year’s Inquisition series is proceeding slowly.  Sorry for the delays.  I just woke up and started to write a little brief thing about two superhero comics that I’d read the other night, to get my fingers moving for work– I thought I’d write one or two paragraphs. Anyways, it started running long, so I’ll just put it here rather.  Just a quick pointless little note:)

Abhay: Inquisition- Detective Comics #35 & #36

Intro text!  I love it! This is the 5th in a series of question-and-answer sessions about recent comics.  The same 10 questions get asked in each installment of this series; the answers are sometimes different, except when I get sleepy, then I just copy-paste and hope no one notices. Past installments have been about The Valiant #1, Bitch Planet #1, Rumble #1, and The Names #1.  This week breaks from the all #1 issue motif that had been going before, so that I could try out a complete two-part story.  How exciting!  INTRO TEXT!

Abhay: Inquisition – The Names #1

This is a series of reviews, answering (too many!) questions about recent comics. Previous installments have been about The Valiant #1, Bitch Planet #1, and Rumble #1.  This week is about The Names #1, from DC Vertigo. Spoiler Opportunity: Have I ever spoiled a comic for you?  Now’s your chance to get me back because I have only read the first issue of this comic so far, but a bunch have come out since.  If you’ve read this comic (and statistically-speaking, you haven’t), now is your time for revenge.  “Now is our time for revenge” — I think that was a line from the Phantom Menace.  Oh wait, did I just spoil the Phantom Menace for you??  If so, revenge can be yours…  Read More…

Abhay: Inquisition – Rumble #1

Here is the 3rd attempt at answering a series of questions about a comic, this attempt concerning the recent Image debut of Rumble. Part 1 was about The Valiant #1, and Part 2 was about Bitch Planet #1.

Abhay: Inquisition – Bitch Planet #1

This is part of a series of write-em-ups answering a series of questions about recent comics.  As an initial matter, please be advised that this will likely discuss details of the plot in the comic being discussed, and so here is a spoiler warning. Also, sponge warning: be careful of sponges that you use to wash your dishes.  According to no less scientific a news source than the Daily Mail, a “kitchen sponge is 200,000 times dirtier than a toilet seat – and could even lead to PARALYSIS.”

Abhay: Inquisition– The Valiant #1

For the last couple of years, I’ve been trying to write a certain kind of essay– one that always kind of remained a little out of my reach but was fun to chase after. But lately, maybe for longer than I actually knew myself, it’s been time to pivot, and try something a little different. I want to pivot to something a little closer to what one of the bad guys in that movie Dead Poets Society would write. Start running more of a J. Evans Pritchard fan-club. So, this is what I’m going to be doing for a little while (at least for the next five whole weeks since I’ve written five of these, but I quit real easy so who…  Read More…

Abhay: 2014– Another Year that I Mindlessly Consumed Entertainment

Best-Of lists!  Do those deserve an exclamation mark?  Probably not!

Abhay: The Finale of FATALE

FATALE, a comic series by Ed Brubaker, Sean Phillips, and Elizabeth Breitweiser (published by Image Comics), wrapped up the other day. I’d enjoyed the first five issues well enough; then gotten busy at life during the next 5 and fell off; ended up catching up in trades before the last issue came out. Thought it’d be fun to chat about how it all wrapped up. Spoiler Warning, but chitter-chatter under the jump.

Abhay: WEAPONS OF MASS DIPLOMACY – No Whammies, No Whammies

This one’s about WEAPONS OF MASS DIPLOMACY, a 2014 release of the hit French graphic novel by “Abel Lanzac” and Christophe Blain, English-Language Edition Published by SelfMadeHero, Translated by Edward Gauvin.  It’s about a young speechwriter who has to draft France’s responses to a “growing international crisis in the Middle East,” based on true events, from the run-up to the Iraq War. So, hopefully, crazy people don’t leave crazy person comments…?  Fingers crossed?  I tried to pare down expressing my own political beliefs some, to hopefully avoid that.  For example, I took out the part where I compared Richard Perle’s soul to photographs of advance-stage STD sores.  I took out an extremely graphic and intensely erotic description of what I think sex and chocolate will be like the…  Read More…

Abhay: BEAUTIFUL DARKNESS — Spoilers Galore!

Below the jump is a little essay about BEAUTIFUL DARKNESS, the Fabien Vehlmann & Kerascoet graphic novel published by Drawn & Quarterly in 2014. WARNING: THIS IS AN ESSAY ABOUT WHY I LIKED THE BOOK SO MUCH, NOT A CLASSICAL REVIEW, SO I POTENTIALLY SPOIL PLOT DEVELOPMENTS. There are two spoilers– one, I spoil the premise (which … it’s the kind of book if you can go in relatively cold, I’d suggest it), and then near the end, I spoil the ending.  I’m very sorry if you’re looking for a review on this one– I can assure you other people have reviewed it, it’s a terrific book and you should go read a review of it if you’re curious.  There’s also a preview…  Read More…

Abhay: A Stack of Comics I Mostly Haven’t Read in About 15 Years

I went to my home town for the first time in some years.  And while I was home, I had cause to go through the old comics “collection”. I wanted to find one book in particular that I thought might help me on a project not yet worth mentioning, a foreign comic whose name I didn’t know that I’d bought on a trip outside the country around 1992-1993, impossible to find unless I went through box after box of disorganized, yellowing comics. I found this mystery comic the last day I was there, but as I was going through the boxes, occasionally I’d spot some other comic that made me pause.  One of the last times I was home, I’d mentioned the comics I’d looked…  Read More…

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