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Hibbs on David Harper’s Off Panel podcast!

Check out my dulcet tones as David and I discuss the current state of the industry. -B

Insider Baseball: Comix Experience’s June 2015 Ordering meeting “Podcast”

  This is probably not a thing that we’re going to post publicly every month (at least not where it is currently hosted, which only allows 3 hours of upload for no ongoing monthly payment), but I thought as a value-add to my comics consulting side business (www.comixconsulting.com) that maybe we’d try to record one of our ordering meetings and see who might be interested in buying a monthly subscription to such a thing.  Then the staff said “just make it public”, so here it is. It isn’t really a “podcast”, in that we’re not recording in front of a mic, there’s no production or editing or anything.  Just a (fairly) straight recording of one of our monthly ordering meetings. …  Read More…

“Welcome To Wednesday” episode 1

New low-tech web series from Comix Experience Outpost — Watch it!  Like it!  Subscribe! It is the first one, and no one had the slightest idea of what we’re doing, but I think it has a certain rough charm. In the next month or so we’re also planning to add a companion show with the staff from the main store. Embedded below, too, if I am doing this internet stuff right.  

Wait, What? Ep. 146: Two:One

Man. the stuff you could buy out of the back of comics. Hey, everyone!  We’re back with another  podcast.  You should download it and listen to it really loud while you watch the last episode of True Detective!  (Why? I don’t know.  It would make the experience more cinematic, maybe?  I mean, I suppose I could’ve taken the time to craft some outrageously satisfying joke about, uh, hmm, see, now you know the problem I’m having with that one and really the joke — even if I could craft one, which it is now clear I couldn’t  — would’ve only really truly been funny for a brief period of time, whereas failure is enduring and therefore timeless and therefore ever-timely…  Read More…

Wait, What? Ep. 145: Doublespeak.

It’s funny because it’s true. Hey there, everyone!  You miss us?  Well, good news, we’re back–all three of us (Graeme, me, and my terrifying vocal echo that haunts much of this podcast).  After the jump:  show notes and promises to do better!

All Wait, No What? The Skip Week’s Skip Week

Unrelated to this post — I just included it because it makes me happy every time I see it. Hey, everyone:  Jeff here with a very big apology for everyone.  Last week, as per our schedule, Graeme and I talked comics for two hours. Unfortunately, the person who was responsible for recording us did not manage to push the little button that *records* our conversations.  (That person will go unnamed…but only because it was me.  If it’d been Graeme, I would’ve given him up in a heartbeat.) I thought about giving you a rough version of the show notes anyway, based on what I remembered (and I would’ve tried to be oh-so-clever and called them “show nots”) but I feel…  Read More…

Wait, What? Ep. 144: The “Ass” in “Assemble”

Fuck yes, Shaolin Cowboy. Hey, so it’s another installment of Wait, What?, and I think maybe this fortnightly thing is going to work out?  (Provided you don’t abandon us in droves or something…)  Whereas our last installment was two hours and us whingeing on about the news, this one is two hours and is us whingeing about comics we’ve read.  Brilliant! After the jump, Jeff makes some brilliantly incorrect statements about Shaolin Cowboy in service of a perfectly good theory, Graeme fills us in on the most successfully monetized fanfic since 50 Shades of Grey, and we do that thing about the first twenty-five issues of Avengers that would finally allow an old man like me to type ‘smh’ except…  Read More…

Wait, What? Ep. 143: The Score

Simpsons Alan Moore: Knows it; wishes to settle it. Happy New Year, fellow Whatnauts! Graeme and I are back with another installment of the external manifestation of the constant internal chatter constantly haunting your brain.  After the jump: the link and some hasty show notes written by a dude with a cold trying to get this wrapped so he can take a nap!

Wait, What? Ep. 142: Out Like A Lamprey

Not mentioned in any way in our podcast but I do love how it captures what’s most important about the holidays — conquering and invulnerability. Ho, ho, ho! Hoist high the Jolly Roger and all that! It is Christmas, when boys become men and Boy II Men become headliners at the Mirage Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.  (As always, I wish Graeme was doing this entry as the holiday spirit comes terrifyingly easy to him and is a much more uncomfortable fit for me.) Oh, and before you read any of this, go read Abhay’s post first because it is undoubtedly a million times better.  Really, I can’t wait to stop writing this entry so I can go back…  Read More…

Wait, What? Ep. 141: Tomorrow’s Controversies Today

The Delight that was Tony Daniels’ Detective Comics. From issue #1. THANKSGIVING! CHRISTMAS! NEW YEAR’S! THE TERROR NEVER ENDS! Actually, it’s not really that bad, but all these holidays and holiday related get-togethers are keeping us very, very busy.  So!  After the show notes, please join us for two hours of desperate comics blabbity-blab and the show notes dedicated to same!

Wait, What? Ep. 140: THX-1138 GIVING

It’s Tom Scioli’s American Barbarian family at a feast–that’s pretty Thanksgiving-y, right? Yes, and hello! Maybe not as late as usual, but probably twice as rushed as I managed to survive Thanksgiving #1 last week and now have to start packing and planning for Thanksgiving #2 this week. So: behind the jump, show notes of a somewhat speedy kind and the actual podcast itself. Join us, will you not?

Wait, What? Ep. 139: Minisodes

HUH? With thanks to the always-excellent Miguel Corti. Yes, we have returned! And as always, I am late, behind, and addled. Nonetheless, join me after the jump for show notes and our latest episode, won’t you?

Wait, Wait, Wait, Noooo! Or: A Humble Apology

Hello, Whatnauts!  As you can perhaps glean from the title of the post and the image and/or the tag, and/or the tracks of my tears, there won’t be a podcast this week due to the most heinous of failures–hard drive failure.  I tried to back up my external hard drive *for the first time ever* after recording what was a truly great podcast with Graeme. Believe me, when I tell you: it was quite a thing.  Part of it was the fact we took some controversial stands.  We compared Sandman: Overture to Pretty Deadly, with Pretty Deadly being preferred in some matters.  We talked about the Fantagraphics Kickstarter — about which I was especially vexed — and I think finally…  Read More…

Wait, What? Ep. 138: Gone Galoshing

Ahh, nostalgia. I used to love that cover….and I know I should crop out that border.  But. Hey, Internet! My apologies in advance–things are rushed, except maybe a little more so! My Monday schedule changed around a bit so it’s gonna be a rush on my part to make sure they still happen before Tuesday morning. All of which is to say: join me after the jump for some very hasty show notes, yes?

Wait, What? Ep. 137: Zombook Club!

This and Battling Boy are the subjects of today’s book club. Go pick up copies and argue along! Greetings from the Cosmic Habitrail! (That is how Flash now gets from one dimension to the next, right?) Due to an overabundance of running around and an underabundance of organizational skills, I have very, very brief show notes for Episode 137, our Book Club edition. but! I do also have a two hour long podcast for you, so… <nudge, nudge>. Eh? Eh? After the jump…both of those things!

Wait, What? Ep. 136: Finally, Finally, Finally.

Anyone remember in what book Tolkien references the Battle of the Open-Faced Sandwich?  Infographic/opening salvo by the invincible Kate McMillan. Oh, man. I hope that infographic does not hog up too much of our precious SavCrit real estate–please don’t miss Abhay writing about Lazarus or that piece about how DC ran its print runs for Villains Month, or other fine entries! Also, do join us after the jump for shownotes for our latest “Reunited-and-it-feels-so-good-except-Graeme-and-I-exchange-words-about-Game-of-Thrones-so-how-good-can-we-feel-really?” podcast!

Wait, What? Ep. 135.75: Mistake, Misspake

If nothing else, all of this has put me on the fast track to buying Swimming to Cambodia on DVD. Hey, everybody: we were supposed to podcast, Graeme and I, after I returned from New York but since things didn’t quite come together <<shoots withering look at my Internet connection>>, it didn’t quite come together.  So I thought I’d give it a go at trying the solocast thing that Graeme did so well and so charmingly. Anyway, it’s longer, it’s rougher, and it raises more questions than it answers (questions like: why did I think I liked this guy? and: who do we have to pay to make sure this never happens again?).  But hopefully it’ll tide you over until…  Read More…

Wait, What? Ep. 135.5: Teen Titans Spotlight

Behind the scenes of the latest podcast. Jeff Lester No More! Okay, that’s not entirely true — he’ll back back next week. The Lester Travel Schedule meant that he wasn’t available to record this week’s podcast, and so I took it upon myself to record the first (and, hopefully, only) solo Wait, What? ever because both Jeff and I felt really, really bad about springing another skip week on you with no notice. It’s not really a real episode — it’s only 22 minutes long! — but it does, finally, see me tackle the remainder of those questions you lovely listeners asked of us way back in December last year. Who said this isn’t the Mighty Marvel Age of Taking…  Read More…

Wait, What? Ep. 135: Err Travel

From the entertainingly wrong-headed Secret Society of Super-Villains trade paperback. I am so bummed I made that reference to the opening of “Don’t Believe The Hype” a few weeks back, because now that I’ve got a trip coming up I could’ve made a “I’ve got so much travel on my mind” pun…but now, no, I can’t. Anyway, after the jump, show notes for this late-to-bed, early-to-rise episode of Wait, What?

All Wait, No What? The Not-Very-Well-Announced Skip Week

Image unrelated to excuse; I just love Toriyama’s art is all. From Jaco The Galactic Patrolman. Yeah, I wish I had something a little more to add here but…in case you missed the buried-in-the-show-notes announcement, we are off this week. We will be back next week (at least so I’m inclined to believe) and then probably the week after that, and then almost assuredly taking the week after that off. Travel broadens the mind, but narrows the calendar. Anyway, we hope your ears have a relaxing week, and we look forward to checking back in with you again soon.

Wait, What? Ep. 134: Putting the “Me! Me!” back into “Meme”

From the easy-to-love but difficult-to-defend (at least when you’re talking to Graeme McMillan) Yakitate!! Japan by Takashi Hashiguchi Hello, how are you? Is that a new shirt? Oh, really? Huh. Well, you look good in it anyway. Me? Oh, I’m mostly okay.  Ate something a few days that didn’t agree with me so my stomach is upset which kinda saps me of my ability to get things done?  I mostly want to just lie around and watch movies on Netflix where things explode and take my mind off my stomach… What’s that?  Does that mean I’m going to present you with a more truncated set of show notes to go with this episode?  Uh… let’s step behind the jump and…  Read More…

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