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What the Hell is Wrong with Marvel Comics, Anyway?!?!?! Tilting at Windmills #259

In which I address the elephant in the room. Read it at the Beat, and I’d LOVE to hear your comments   -B  

Tilting #258 is up

Variants are slowly crushing the comics industry, and there’s a dirty little secret… Go give it a read on The Beat! Tilting at Windmills #258: The dirty secret about variants no one talks about

Arriving 3/15/2017

The big one this week is the adaptation of AMERICAN GODS from Neil Gaiman and P. Craig Russel! Plus new ISLAND, ALL STAR BATMAN, KILL OR BE KILLED and so much more in what looks like an AMAZING week! Look below the cut!

Tilting #257 is UP: BookScan 2016!

Tilting at Windmills #257: Looking at BookScan 2016 – More Than 10 Million Sold I mean, go comment on it over at Heidi’s site, so she can have the hits, but it’s up, it’s up! -B

Comix Experience Best-Sellers 2016

Below the Cut, for people who like that kind of thing, Comix Experience’s Best Sellers of 2016 (Warning: long!)

Tilting at Windmills #255

Now up at it’s new(-ish) home at The Beat! There’s no reason to not use Heidi’s message system (It’s not the cess pit that CBR could be), but feel free to comment here if you realy want…. -B

We’re back!

No, I have no idea what the problem was, and it took a month, but it seems solved, now! Hey, did you read my latest TILTING AT WINDMILLS over at The Beat? I think it is a good one! Thanks Thom for fixing things!!!   -B

Comix Experience first half of 2016

Because I always like the mid-year check-in, there’s data below the cut!

Sure, happy to help plug CEREBUS IN HELL? when you do it like this:

Click it to see it non-scrunched!!

Tilting at Windmills #250 is up!

I was out of town most of last week, so I only just now realized that Comic Book Resources put up the two hundred and fiftieth Tilting at Windmills.  Wowsers! Love your thoughts, as always. -B

The Case Against Dan DiDio

Not a comic review.  The following does not represent the views of Brian or John or this website or its affiliates, only the author, who is a broken person who had to get some things typed out after some recent events.

Titling #249 is up

http://www.comicbookresources.com/article/tilting-at-windmills-the-art-and-commerce-of-licensed-comics Arg, they ran it on Monday, and I forgot to post a link then.  Better late than never? On licensed comics.  If you have thoughts, I always like to hear ’em. -B

The mechanical problems with DC’s “Rebirth” (Tilting #249)

Seven major concerns, two pieces of good news about DC’s “Rebirth”, and more from my notes from ComicsPRO’s annual meeting — available at Comic Book Resources.  Thoughts? (Yeah, the Monday posting was a surprise to me as well)   -B

BookScan 2015 is FINALLY up at CBR!

Took them nearly three weeks to post it, I almost forgot about it! If you have thoughts or comments, feel free to post ’em here. -B

Comix Experience best-sellers 2015

After the cut, it’s a big long data-dump for people what like that kind of thing!

Tilting at Windmills #246 is live

Some ruminations upon the current state of the superhero segment of the marketplace in light of the simultaneous tactical errors that DC and Marvel made this year.   You can read it, as always, at Comic Book Resources, but feel free to comment here if you like! -B

Tilting #245 is live

At Comic Book Resources, as always. Read it, love it, comment on it!   -B

New Tilting at Windmills is up!

Tilting #244, on the topics of how does one approach ordering “Dark Knight III: The Master Race”, as well as thoughts on “Local Comic Shop Day” is available at Comic Book Resources.  Please read, and let me know what you think!

SEPTEMBER 2015 UPDATE for www.graphicnovelclub.com

Hello Awesome Comix Experience Book Club Member! (more after the jump, yo)

Aug 2015 GN of the Month Club Update!

www.graphicnovelclub.com is the place, and this is the August 2015 update.  There will be links here you can’t follow if you’re not a member, just saying.  And at least one that you probably should follow! See it under the cut!  

New Tilting is up!

A look at DC policy changes after the retirement of Bob Wayne; and some thoughts about how the Marvel Relaunch might play out.  As always, find it at Comic Book Resources!   -B

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