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Ah! Back for a minute at least!

So, look, we’re REALLY sorry for the yo-yo on the site (it goes up, it goes down).  As far as I can tell we got hacked at some point and each attempt we’ve made of clearing out the databases for whatever malicious thing that is there keeps undoing itself, so we’re clearly missing something.  I am already several hundred dollars in the hole in trying to fix this on previous occasions, so I am thinking that we maybe have to give up on wordpress, and figure something else out, or otherwise reset the existing site in some fashion, but what I’m trying not to do is pour more money into what has never actually been a profitable website! My special…  Read More…

We’re back!

No, I have no idea what the problem was, and it took a month, but it seems solved, now! Hey, did you read my latest TILTING AT WINDMILLS over at The Beat? I think it is a good one! Thanks Thom for fixing things!!!   -B

Aug 2015 GN of the Month Club Update!

www.graphicnovelclub.com is the place, and this is the August 2015 update.  There will be links here you can’t follow if you’re not a member, just saying.  And at least one that you probably should follow! See it under the cut!  

The Spam is gone!

Ding frickin’ dong the spam is gone.  Man THAT took a while (and four different people)   -B

Ow, sorry, timewarp!

Backstage problems here at SavCrit, and everything that was posted in the last 97 days just got deleted. The GOOD news is it is in service of getting rid of the damn spam (though, that will still be a bit more time, but it IS being actively worked on) It is possible (?) that John K and Jeff and Abhay all wrote things in Word first, and can restore their posts, but I’m not going to bet on it.  I know I sure as heck didn’t! Still, happy thoughts, right? I am SO close to being done with the main parts of back issue project at the new store that is soaking virtually all of my time (I just started…  Read More…

I know, the site is a little borked, I know!

Comments be broken, there’s spam, and so on… I’m trying to get it addressed, but I’m just drowning from overwork with the second store.  Some things should be happening VERY SOON that should make things a little better, and there are a few other changes coming that (I don’t think?) are really my announcements to make, so I won’t…. But, really, I’m just asking for patience until my schedule clears up a little — I’m a little past halfway done with the BASEMENT O’ DOOM! then, after that I actually plan to return to reviewing things again.  But that might not be until summertime? Trying hard to suck less!   -B

An Apology

I’ve been very quiet the last couple of weeks. I started a new thing, which I’ll formally tell you about soonish, and that’s soaked a bunch of time; then I got the BookScan numbers which soaked a bunch of other time; and then 2 weeks ago I cracked a tooth, which lead inexorably to “Oh, you need a root canal, ha!”, and so I’ve been in blinding pain for most of the time. Yeah, whine whine, just telling you why I’ve been quiet, and will be for a little while yet to come. (Like, the root canal’s second appointment is in a week, then the crown the week after that, then it’s off to ComicsPRO, and…..)   -B

The Digital Bits

You may recall that when we started the digital store here, I promised that I would keep things transparent and out in the open about our results. So, here ya’ go.

Shop Update: Double Barrel Achievement Unlocked!

Hey, everybody.  Jeff here with a double reminder that: (a) Double Barrel #5 is out today; and (even better) (b) all issues of Double Barrel are available for purchase from the Savage Critic store! As regular listeners to the Wait, What? podcast know, Graeme and I are huge fans of this two-talent monthly anthology from Top Shelf.  Each new issue is $1.99 and usually features approx. 1oo+ pages of great comics and enjoyable comics crafting essays.  (Issue #4 is only 81 pages.)  But since Top Shelf drops the price on the previous issues, you can get issues #1-4 for at $0.99 a pop.  There are two main recurring serials: Zander Cannon’s Heck, about a modern-day adventurer who uses his house’s…  Read More…

The Digital Store

Wholly unbeknownst to me, the store looks to have been down for some amount of time.  Maybe months, I’m not sure. (That sounds sad, but I don’t buy digital comics, and no one mailed me to say “its not working!” — I just hadn’t notced I wasn’t getting regular paypal notices of purchases any longer).  BUT.. it’s working again now, after, lord, nearly a week of back and forth of figuring out what went wrong.  You can find the store right here -B

Byte Me!

Hey, remember a few weeks ago when I said “There’s a big announcement coming!”, and then I had to walk that back a little? Well, hey, it’s here, below the jump!

A BIG announcement!

You know how a few days ago, I promised “a frickin’ GIANT announcement”? Well, it turns out that I can officially announce at this moment in time, exclusively to this site, and in front of God and man…. …that the Giant announcement will take place sometime in the future! Find me at a bar and we’ll laugh at how things are unfolding, and, yeah, something IS happening (I’m sworn and promised) but maybe not for a few weeks, or maybe even a few months, depending. Sorry to get your hopes up!! -B

New Comix Experience website!

In other news, we’ve completed a refresh of the Comix Experience website, which was pretty long overdue, I hate to say. In addition to it just looking visually fresher, there’s a fair chunk of new content on the site for you to examine — in super-particular I’ve put up an additional 26 Tilting at Windmills, and you can also find a scan of the ultra-rare Comix Experience 5th anniversary magazine, yay! Spend a few minutes tooling around, let me know what you think? Much love to my Mom, who did the rebuild! THANKS MOM!   -B

Burble Burble Burble, Hibbs fufills a promise to review

I said I was going to review, so here’s a few quick hits. I’ve been spending a lot of time this week on the back end of the site, you’ll notice some of the real estate has changed. That “uncategorized” number will shrink over the year as I go through the older, blogger-era posts (sheesh, we have nearly 2000 posts here at this point!), but the tag cloud will really only be utilized properly going forward from here.   If you have any mechanical/aesthetic suggestions for the site, now is the time to do so.   Putting that aside, what stuck with me in the last two weeks?   PUNISHERMAX #14: I wrote up #13, but #14 compels me to…  Read More…

Why am I starting to feel old?

Internet time is compressed and strange, and it is a whole lot of new all of the time, and so when things last it feels a little weird, doesn’t it?   It was ten years ago today that I started posting openly to the web using the Savage Critic name — that was on comixexperience.com, and something broke that I hadn’t noticed until a week ago, and I don’t know how to fix it and anyway, that site will be revamped (and hopefully properly restored) sometime in June-ish, so sorry you can’t go back and look at Public post #1 at this very second.   I had posts on Doug Pratt’s long-gone Comics & Animation Forum on CompuServe (Wheeee, dial-up…  Read More…

OK, I think we’re back this time!

I *think* all of the backstage drama is now over, and we should be good to go from here out. Because of the @#$@%@ at the old hosting service, we seem to have lost the last week’s worth of posts… but I’m going to see what I can do to get them back up here via Google Cache, as I have time throughout the day. UPDATE: Sadly, we lost any COMMENTS to the blog in the last 9-10 days, and all of the pictures/video got broke — but all of the text content is back up at least. I also suspect that everyone needs to update your RSS feeds AGAIN, but, honestly that should be it.  Wish us luck!! -B

Brian catches up on 2/24 and 3/3

One more bit of housekeeping: when we switch, sometime later this week, to our new hosting provider, the site will go black again. Kate says “about 3 hours”, but I’m going to say “up to 24 hours”, just to be safe. Once that passes, however, we should be good to go for the long run (he said, his fingers crossed) Plinking out things I’ve missed over the last two weeks… FALL OF HULKS RED HULK #2: Maybe it is me (it often is!), but if I were buying a book called “Red Hulk”, I’d expect to read a story about, oh, dunno, the Red Hulk maybe? I might even hope that it would tell me something (anything!) about the character….  Read More…

Arriving 3/10/2010

Some housekeeping: If you were signed up on the RSS feed from the old (blogger) version of the site, you need to sign up for the new RSS feed from this iteration (WordPress) — thanks to Jeff for noticing this. I don’t use RSS, so it’s all mysterious to me. Question: How current do you want my reviews to be? If I post on Wednesdays, I can include some/all of that week’s books, but I’m worried that a significant chunk of you haven’t read those books yet? Here’s this week’s shipping list, below the cut

…and we’re back!

Our current hosting provider decided, for some reason, that basic WordPress scripts were “using too much memory” and took us down. Without warning, naturally. Said company has a phone line featuring 20 minute waits in line to talk to someone who merely reads you back the email exchanges. Said company has reps who, when they call you, don’t leave the toll free number to call back on. Said company suggested we upgrade to a hosting plan that would be roughly 14x what we currently pay. Said company took more than 3 days to restore this blog after we complied with thier instructions. Said company? Not going to be our provider by this time next week. So, no, it wasn’t you….  Read More…

Attention RSS Feeders: We’ve Moved! And Stuff!

Hey, Jeff here. I realize there may be some people who follow us almost exclusively through RSS who don’t know that we’ve updated the site. You will still be able to find us at http://www.savagecritic.com. Our service provider turned dickish on us and wanted a ton more money to continue to host us, so we’ve moved house. As for the RSS feed, its new location is http://feeds.feedburner.com/TheSavageCritics See you there! Uh, when we’re back up anyway…

Savage Critics on the Reporter!

It is a Savage Critic Four-fer (is that a word?) as Tom Spurgeon interviews Jog on Death Note, Douglas on Invincible Iron Man, Tucker on Ganges, and Sean on Blankets! All of them (as well as all of the non-Savage Critic interviews as well!) are definitely must-read pieces! Spurge initially asked me to do an interview, as well, but then he suddenly decided to do this one-critic-one-book series, and he asked if we could do our general survey of the business of comics later in 2010. I’m certainly looking forward to the chances of doing that sometime in the next month or two, I hope! -B

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