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Arriving 6/14/17

New AMERICAN GODS and SECRET EMPIRE alongside the newest version of Marvel’s DEFENDERS, starring Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, Daredevil and Iron Fist from Brian Michael Bendis! Check the cut for the rest of this weeks new books!

Arriving 6/7/17

Lots of endings this week! The final DARK KNIGHT III arrives, plus the final issues of REBORN from Millar and Capullo and Jason Aaron and Chris Bacahalo’s last issue of DOCTOR STRANGE arrive! Check the rest of this weeks comics beneath the cut!

Don’t Look Back. Don’t Ever Look Back! Sometimes it’s 2017!

John Kane

SHE WOLF by Rich Tommaso Happy New Year from all aboard The Savage Critics!

Abhay: 2016– Another Year that I Mindlessly Consumed Oh God Oh God Make It Stop Uncle Uncle

Best-of Lists! Because when I think back on 2016, it’s just going to be a highlight reel of movies and comics, and I’m probably going to remember sweet nothing-else. “I sat on a throne of Dirty Grandpa merch and played my fiddle while the world burned. Dance to my fiddle music, Oberon– let the decadence set your feet alight! Twingly-twang-twang-twang-twang.”

We’re back!

No, I have no idea what the problem was, and it took a month, but it seems solved, now! Hey, did you read my latest TILTING AT WINDMILLS over at The Beat? I think it is a good one! Thanks Thom for fixing things!!!   -B

Sure, happy to help plug CEREBUS IN HELL? when you do it like this:

Click it to see it non-scrunched!!

Yummy Yummy Abhay!

You probably don’t really need me linking to THE COMICS JOURNAL for you, but in case you haven’t seen it, Abhay has an epic threefour-part journey through Comics 2015 that is a very worthwhile read — I laughed out loud at least at four separate occasions, and I am one jaded-ass fucker. Part One: http://www.tcj.com/the-tcj-2015-year-in-review-spectacufuck-part-i/ Part Two:  http://www.tcj.com/the-tcj-2015-year-in-review-spectacufuck-part-ii/ Part Three: http://www.tcj.com/the-tcj-2015-year-in-review-spectacufuck-part-iii/ Part Four: Up tomorrow, dumb Brian.  But…. I bet you might be able to guess the URL….   Go read, and thank me later!   -B

Abhay: 2015– Another Year that I Mindlessly Consumed Entertainment (almost)

Hello. Sorry it’s been a long time since I’ve had opportunity to visit with you. How was your year? Good, I hope. Mine was busier than expected, maybe the busiest and most stressful I’ve had professionally since I started the whole occupation-thing in 2002. So, plans I had about what I wanted to write here were delayed. So were my plans to impress Jodie Foster, though, so you know, maybe some things are for the best. You were never out of my thoughts completely though, and I’m referring here both to you and also, to Jodie Foster. And so if you’ll indulge me, I did want to do another collection of year-end lists, as I have in previous years.  I just like…  Read More…

Happy Birthday, America!

John Kane

Sometimes I think the world would be a better place if every country took a whole weekend off to high-five itself. As humble as ever I’m sure I speak for every man, woman and child in the United Kingdom when I say there are no hard feelings from over The Pond . So, after you folk have read Brian Hibbs’ important update on his Graphic Novel Clubs below, well…kick off your Sunday shoes and cut Footloose! Put that needle in the groove and let The Loggins loose! America loves its Loggins! Happy Birthday, America! FOOTLOOSE! Art by Russ Heath, an American.

AND THE CHILDREN SHALL LEAD: Comix Experience expands GN of month club to kids!

Announcing the Kids’ Graphic Novel Of The Month Club! www.graphicnovelclub.com/kids Comics are going through an incredible renaissance at the moment, with more astonishing tales being produced than the average person could possibly hope to keep up on. One of the most explosive areas of growth is comics aimed at kids! Kids love comics – our 26 years of running a comic book store can attest to that. But parents usually don’t know how or where to start. Parents want books that they can trust, so they usually fall back upon the same few characters and licenses that they see in other media, not knowing or having the time to figure out which are the truly special and thoughtful books with…  Read More…

Hibbs’ crazy week

I know that I am just about the worst owner of a review site, ever, but I honestly, genuinely have a solid plan to get back to regular reviewing once I get all of this Graphic Novel of the Month Club stuff (www.graphicnovelclub.com) squared away, that I think you’re going to like a lot. I just want to recap what is likely the craziest seven days I have spent on the earth: Last Friday morning, on May first, just inches past midnight, I took a major header when getting off the bus, requiring 10 stitches in my head, and five on my hand.  I’m fine, but wow. This week, I have been featured in BOTH The National Review (http://www.nationalreview.com/article/417763/when-minimum-wage-hikes-hit-san-francisco-comic-book-store-ian-tuttle) as…  Read More…

Help Keep Comix Experience Alive!

HELP KEEP COMIX EXPERIENCE ALIVE!   San Francisco is about to raise minimum wage to the nation’s highest at $15/hour over the next three years – a 43% hike. While we at Comix Experience absolutely support a living wage, this unprecedented increase will put a huge pressure on small businesses like ours. To put it into raw numbers, given our current staffing (and we run very tight), we will soon have to generate an additional $80,000 a year in sales just to meet the rise.   Absorbing that kind of wage hike on our single biggest business cost (our talented people) is going to be a challenge. Historical rates of growth and the nature of selling comics (what we sell…  Read More…

Arriving 4/1/15

April begins with an ending. The final week of the New52 and the beginning of Convergence. Plus SOUTHERN BASTARDS and DYING THE DEAD.   SO much more under the cut!

Arriving 2/4/15

It is SAGA week, so show up for that and stick around for the penultimate HAWKEYE, the new volume of STRAY BULLETS, SQUIRREL GIRL and EAST OF WEST. There are so many more comics just under the cut though!

Things that make me sad: the bookstore division

http://borderlands-books.blogspot.com/2015/02/borderlands-books-to-close-in-march.html Aw, lame.  Borderlands is a swell store. What gets me the most is they’re planning to shut down as a result of the new $15 minimum wage law, but they would otherwise be a going concern — I, too, am super concerned about this law, as it radically scales up our cost of doing business is a way that really does little for us. Like Borderlands, we sell products with a SRP printed right on the cover and we can’t “raise prices” in any significant way to cover increased expenses. Going from $10.74/hr in 2013 to $15/hr in 2018 is a massive increase in a very short time! The thing is, a higher minimum wage is unlikely to sell…  Read More…

Tilting #239 is live!

The newest column is up at Comic Book Resources; I very much like to hear YOUR comments!   -B


John Kane

Image by Russ Heath & Robert Kanigher. Taken from Our Army At War #259 (DC Comics, 1973)

Abhay: 2014– Another Year that I Mindlessly Consumed Entertainment

Best-Of lists!  Do those deserve an exclamation mark?  Probably not!

Abhay: BEAUTIFUL DARKNESS — Spoilers Galore!

Below the jump is a little essay about BEAUTIFUL DARKNESS, the Fabien Vehlmann & Kerascoet graphic novel published by Drawn & Quarterly in 2014. WARNING: THIS IS AN ESSAY ABOUT WHY I LIKED THE BOOK SO MUCH, NOT A CLASSICAL REVIEW, SO I POTENTIALLY SPOIL PLOT DEVELOPMENTS. There are two spoilers– one, I spoil the premise (which … it’s the kind of book if you can go in relatively cold, I’d suggest it), and then near the end, I spoil the ending.  I’m very sorry if you’re looking for a review on this one– I can assure you other people have reviewed it, it’s a terrific book and you should go read a review of it if you’re curious.  There’s also a preview…  Read More…

TIlting #235 is live

Available at Comic Book Resources, as always, this month we talk about ways the market has changed since I turned in my first order form in 1989, and survey how the various publishers are handling the challenges those changes have created. Feel free to comment here if you don’t want to comment there. -B

Abhay: A Stack of Comics I Mostly Haven’t Read in About 15 Years

I went to my home town for the first time in some years.  And while I was home, I had cause to go through the old comics “collection”. I wanted to find one book in particular that I thought might help me on a project not yet worth mentioning, a foreign comic whose name I didn’t know that I’d bought on a trip outside the country around 1992-1993, impossible to find unless I went through box after box of disorganized, yellowing comics. I found this mystery comic the last day I was there, but as I was going through the boxes, occasionally I’d spot some other comic that made me pause.  One of the last times I was home, I’d mentioned the comics I’d looked…  Read More…

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