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Sean T. Collins

Sean T. Collins has written about comics and popular culture for Maxim, Stuff, Giant, A&F Quarterly, Wizard, ToyFare, Marvel.com, ToplessRobot.com, Comic Book Resources, ComicsReporter.com, The Comics Journal, and other publications. He is the author of Murder, a collection of short comics available from Partyka, and is a co-writer of Twisted ToyFare Theater. His comics have been published online by Top Shelf and appeared in the anthology Elfworld. He blogs at Attentiondeficitdisorderly Too Flat. He lives on Long Island with his wife and their cats.

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Chris Eckert

Chris Eckert lives in Brooklyn and was literally given comics to teethe on in his crib. This explains so much, and not just about his teeth. Sadly, Lester took the tooth.

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Brian Hibbs

Brian Hibbs has owned and operated the comic store Comix Experience in San Francisco since April Fool’s Day, 1989. He is the author of Tilting at Windmills (originally serialized in Comics Retailer magazine) from IDW Publishing in two volumes. An index of Tilting at Windmills version 1 can be found here, version 2.0 can be found right here, while his current run (3.0) at Comic Book Resources can be found here. Brian lives in San Francisco with his lovely wife Tzipora, and his amazing son Ben. Brian is also a founding member of ComicsPRO — the Comics Professional Retailers Organization — a trade organization for Direct Market Comics Retailers.

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Dick Hyacinth

Dick Hyacinth was once known for saying angry things about other comics bloggers, then for writing about Trader Joe’s junk food, then for compiling year’s best lists into one big list (the semi-beloved Meta-list), and finally for making jokes about Ben Grimm’s penis. He’d like to think he’s the second-most prominent vegetarian and second- or third-most prominent MMA advocate in the comics blogosphere. His blog can be found here.

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John Kane

John’s life changed forever the day he opened a comic and was faced with the spectacle of time travelling cowboys harvesting dinosaurs and finding out that sometimes the food chain runs both ways. He was 7. He is no longer 7 but continues to hang around comics like a bad smell pointing out the obvious in convoluted sentences that make people wish for death. He writes exclusively for The Savage Critics until such time as they come to their senses and is probably currently thinking about Howard Victor Chaykin.

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Abhay Khosla Abhay Khosla

Abhay Khosla refuses to provide our website with a short biography. Instead we got this 5 page e-mail about how he “refused to prostitute himself to nerds” or something. Oh god, we hate him.

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Jeff Lester

Jeff Lester’s icon is a giant fucking tooth. That’s right. A giant fucking tooth.

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Joe McCulloch

Joe McCulloch is the international muscle king behind Jog – The Blog, the internet site that is actually Heaven itself. He covers movies ‘n stuff for comiXology, and can be read print-style in The Comics Journal, Comics Comics and Bookforum.

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Graeme McMillan

Graeme McMillan’s favorite comics today are Jack Kirby’s Fourth World books, Bryan Lee O’Malley’s Scott Pilgrim and Eddie Campbell’s Graffiti Kitchen. His favorite person is Kate. His favorite word is “pistachio,” and his favorite musical instrument is probably a crunchy Hammond B3. In addition to being part of the launch teams for Gawker Media’s io9.com and Comic Book Resources’ SpinOffOnline, he has written for Time, Wired, Playboy, AOL Huffington Post’s Comics Alliance, Newsarama, Comics International, Comic Foundry, Tor.com, in print for Boom! Studios and AiT/PlanetLar, and appeared on panels at San Diego Comic-Con, San Francisco’s Wondercon, and Portland’s Stumptown. He also co-hosts Savage Critics very own Wait, What? podcast with Jeff Lester. He’s more shy than he seems, but you can find out more at IAmGraemeMcMillan.com.

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Jordan Smith

Doomed Planet
Desperate Scientists
Last Hope
Kindly Couple

I hope to write about the process of giving away my old collection and some of the weird / great experiences that go along with that choice. My fondest comics-related and website-specific hope is to someday be replaced as a Savage Critic by an eleven year old who is truly enthusiastic about comics.

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Tucker Stone

Tucker Stone isn’t an actual person, but a conglomerate of various individuals (mostly Russians) who write for The Factual Opinion and comiXology. They believe in unicorns, guardian angels, and the phrase “coated in gore.”

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David Uzumeri

David Uzumeri is a South Canadian Code Monkey foraging for pizzas and beers in the urban jungle of Toronto. On occasion, naturalists have espied him enjoying superhero comics, manga, indie books and basically
anything that doesn’t involve Robots versus Werewolves versus Zombies or some shit. He also blogs at Funnybook Babylon.

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Douglas Wolk

Douglas Wolk is the author of , and has also written about comics for the New York Times, Salon, the Washington Post, Publishers Weekly and elsewhere. He also blogs at .

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