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Arriving 6/17/15

Brian Hibbs

This week has the debut of BLACK CANARY and PREZ at DC, the return of SOUTHERN BASTARDS and LOW and more SECRET WARS madness with THORS and new OLD MAN LOGAN.

Check the cut for all the new comics this week!


“ARRRRRRRRUUUUGGGH!” COMICS! Sometimes I Should Have Probably Just Watched Valley of the Gwangi Instead!

John Kane

There’s a new JURASSIC PARK movie out! I’m not particularly bothered! I won’t be going to see it! But I did read a comic adaptation of the first movie! So why waste happenstance! And that’s about as zeity as my geisty gets.

 photo JParkEyeB_zps0x7mlhwq.jpg

JURASSIC PARK by Kane & Perez, Simonson, Workman & Smith
Anyway, this…

Arriving 6/10/15

Brian Hibbs

This is a big week! SAGA shows up for the month, the first collection of the always phenomenal BATGIRL hits the rack, IT WILL ALL HURT from Farel Dalrymple arrives and brand new TANK GIRL from Jamie Hewlett!

Check the cut for all the hot June comics!


“Pop…EVERYTHIN’ I Want Costs MONEY!” COMICS! Sometimes I Slap Leather!

John Kane

Sorry, that garage clearing was a beast. Still, look what I found:

 photo TomSunB_zpsq5hew5i6.jpg

Hawk, Son of Tomahawk by Thorne & Kanigher
Anyway, this…

Insider Baseball: Comix Experience’s June 2015 Ordering meeting “Podcast”

Brian Hibbs


This is probably not a thing that we’re going to post publicly every month (at least not where it is currently hosted, which only allows 3 hours of upload for no ongoing monthly payment), but I thought as a value-add to my comics consulting side business (www.comixconsulting.com) that maybe we’d try to record one of our ordering meetings and see who might be interested in buying a monthly subscription to such a thing.  Then the staff said “just make it public”, so here it is.

It isn’t really a “podcast”, in that we’re not recording in front of a mic, there’s no production or editing or anything.  Just a (fairly) straight recording of one of our monthly ordering meetings.  This is probably MUCH better if you have a copy of this month’s PREVIEWS in front of you to follow along with.  Because of the length restrictions, you can’t play the “non comics” half hour — but, honestly, that’s probably for the best.

This recording is NOT FOR EVERYONE, it is really “here’s the sausage getting made”…. but if you’re interested in how a pair of stores view what’s coming up in August, well this is for you.  It is broken up in chapters based on publisher, but IF you’re going to listen to it, it’s probably to go All In.  But only if you’re interested in Sausage-making!

Anyway, thoughts and comments will be the only way we ever ever ever do this again :)


Arriving 6/3/15

Brian Hibbs

June is here and with it comes a sizable first week of comics. New SECRET WARS and STAR WARS plus the debut of AIRBOY from James Robinson and Greg Hinkle, BROKEN WORLD from Frank Barbiere and Christopher Peterson and the first week of the new DC books, including MIDNIGHTER.


Check the cut for the rest of the new comics this week.


Arriving 5/27/15

Brian Hibbs

The final week of May brings big things. The debut of FIGHT CLUB 2 from Chuck Palahniuk and Cameron Stewart, the return of, and penultimate issue, of SANDMAN OVERTURE and the final week of DC’s CONVERGENCE event and much more!

Check the cut to see what else is landing this week!


“WHO’S Stubborn?” COMICS! Sometimes Only The Sea Sees!

John Kane

No, no, no! Oh, Sgt Rock, the optimum method of seagull attracting is to be a small child stood in St Ives holding a rapidly collapsing ’99, as my still somewhat traumatised son will attest. Naturally I realise it isn’t the fault of the seagull but rather that of the idiots who persist in feeding them in flagrant contravention of the many signs prohibiting this precise behaviour. (I am particularly proud of how middle-aged that sentence sounds; it’s the written equivalent of rolling up my jacket sleeves and nodding fiercely along to a shitty Phil Collins “number”. At a wedding.)

 photo RockClutchB_zpstfqarpbk.jpg
SGT ROCK by Heath & Kanigher

Anyway, this…

Arriving 5/20/15

Brian Hibbs

This week brings the first proper week of Marvel’s Secret Wars with a handful of the related titles, including A-FORCE from G. Willow Wilson, Marguerite Bennett and Jorge Molina. Plus new issues of LUMBERJANES, FADE OUT, JEM & THE HOLOGRAMS, STAR WARS, STRAY BULLETS and the return of OPTIC NERVE.

Check the cut for all of the comics this weeks brings with it.


“Who Will Buy My Biggish Shoes?” COMICS! Sometimes I Suddenly Realise What A Weird Idea Laugh Tracks Are!

John Kane

This time out it’s The Bojeffries Saga by Steve (RESIDENT ALIEN) Parkhouse and Alan (CROSSED PLUS ONE HUNDRED) Moore. What? Yes, I am still in a mood.

 photo RaoulB_zpsfg0xmvxy.png
THE BOJEFFRIES SAGA by Steve Parkhouse & Alan Moore

Anyway, this…

Arriving 5/13/15

Brian Hibbs

Riding high on all this excitement, let us not forget that new comics are still coming Wednesday!

It is a big one, too! SAGA, WALKING DEAD, SECRET WARS, MS MARVEL and EAST OF WEST, plus INJECTION from Warren Ellis, Declan Shavley and Jordie Bellaire, the team responsible for the recent MOON KNIGHT revival.

Check the cut for the rest of the books this week!


AND THE CHILDREN SHALL LEAD: Comix Experience expands GN of month club to kids!

Brian Hibbs

Announcing the Kids’ Graphic Novel Of The Month Club!


Comics are going through an incredible renaissance at the moment, with more astonishing tales being produced than the average person could possibly hope to keep up on. One of the most explosive areas of growth is comics aimed at kids!

Kids love comics – our 26 years of running a comic book store can attest to that. But parents usually don’t know how or where to start. Parents want books that they can trust, so they usually fall back upon the same few characters and licenses that they see in other media, not knowing or having the time to figure out which are the truly special and thoughtful books with a passionate creative vision. And that’s understandable! How can you have time to stay up on children’s literature when you barely have time to stay current with your own likes?

That’s where Comix Experience comes in – we eat, live and breathe comics, and while we’re mostly adults, we’re all kids at heart. Similar to our just-announced Graphic Novel of the Month Club, we’re introducing the Kids’ Graphic Novel of the Month Club to help put the best comics for kids in your child’s hand every month. Plus, the Kids’ Graphic Novel of the Month Club will have an 11-year-old on our advisory board – Ben, son of Comix Experience owner Brian Hibbs!

Beginning July 2015 we’ll send your favorite kid an amazing, compelling self-contained graphic novel every month that’s going to light their mind up and leave them wanting more! This pick will be a newly released book that month, so you don’t have to worry about them already having it. And each pick will be suitable for a typical 8-13 year old.

But wait, there’s more!

In addition to a great graphic novel they’ll also get:

● Access to a monthly live-streamed book club meeting where kids from all over the country will be able to discuss the graphic novel they’ve just read.

● Whenever possible, we’ll have the writer and artist of the book involved in the video meeting, there to answer your kid’s questions. And when we have the authors actually in-store, we’ll have a special club-only mixer for your kids to meet.

● We will start an invite-only and moderated message group where kids can write their own reviews of the books we send, and talk about it amongst themselves. Every kid who writes 10 reviews will earn a free book!

● We’ll also offer cool swag for the book, like posters and bookmarks, whenever available!

The whole thing is just $15 a month, the average price of a kid’s graphic novel. If you are local in San Francisco you may pick the book up, otherwise we can ship it for a nominal charge.
Ways to Join the Club

Kids’ Club membership is available on a month-to-month basis. You can sign up today by clicking the buttons below or by calling either of our stores:

● Comix Experience on Divisadero St. at (415) 863-9258

● Comix Experience Outpost on Ocean Ave. at (415) 239-2669
Club FAQs

Q. When does the club start?

A. We’ll start shipping book as of July 2015.

Q. What books will I get?

A. Some months we might send you a more expensive book, perhaps a nice hardcover, while some months it may be something less expensive – but every month you’ll get an accessible, compelling, and fun piece of original graphic fiction aimed at an 8-13 year old audience.  We will seldom pick stories based on movies or television shows, except when the book is truly exceptional. The value of the book should average out over the course of a year to the price of the membership.

We plan a mixture of genres and styles – sometimes it will be adventure fiction, sometimes it will be non-fiction or history, sometimes it will even be slice-of-life – but always chosen for the sensibilities of your kids.

Q. What if I don’t live in the Bay Area – can I still join?

A. Yes, absolutely! We’ll just have to add $6 a month for shipping and handling for sturdy packaging in a domestic US priority mail. We can offer this outside of the United States, but the shipping costs are pretty horrible (more than the cost of the club, sadly).

Contact us if you’re interested in international shipping.

Q. What if I can’t make it to a meeting or I live out of town?

A. We will also record all club meetings so if you’re out of town your kid can still watch.

Q. My child is really sensitive; will this be right for them?

A. You’re the best judge of what your kid can handle, but we’re aiming at an “average” 8-13 year old. We will sometimes choose work that is more slightly more serious in nature, but we’re vetting every choice with our in-house eleven year-old who has a pretty gentle personality.

Q. Is this for boys or girls?

A. We find that most kids are looking for compelling stories, regardless of the gender of the protagonist. Having said that, we’re going to aim for as even of a mix as we can possibly manage over the course of a year, dependent on the books that are actually released.

Q. Why are you doing this?

A. We have a Graphic Novel Club aimed at adults, and a teacher who joined wrote us asking if our choices could be freely shared with her students. We had to admit that 100% of the choices would not be sharable, but that made us think that putting together a package aimed directly at the kids made a whole lot of sense!  Teachers: Always the smartest ones in the room!

Q. What if my kid hates the book?

A. You can cancel the monthly plan at any time, and if you’re dissatisfied with any of our choices just return the book, and we’ll give you a full refund.

Q. Can I give this as a gift?

A.  Yes! In fact that’s our main intent with this – introducing the joys of comics to kids you know all around the country.

Q. What if I wanted a bulk subscription for my school or organization?

A. We can accommodate you! Please contact Brian Hibbs directly at brian@comixexperience.com to discuss bulk subscriptions.

Hibbs’ crazy week

Brian Hibbs

I know that I am just about the worst owner of a review site, ever, but I honestly, genuinely have a solid plan to get back to regular reviewing once I get all of this Graphic Novel of the Month Club stuff (www.graphicnovelclub.com) squared away, that I think you’re going to like a lot.

I just want to recap what is likely the craziest seven days I have spent on the earth:

Last Friday morning, on May first, just inches past midnight, I took a major header when getting off the bus, requiring 10 stitches in my head, and five on my hand.  I’m fine, but wow.

This week, I have been featured in BOTH The National Review (http://www.nationalreview.com/article/417763/when-minimum-wage-hikes-hit-san-francisco-comic-book-store-ian-tuttle) as well as Mother Jones (http://www.motherjones.com/kevin-drum/2015/05/small-businesses-exemptions-minimum-wage) — all I need now is a Libertarian magazine and an Anarchist one, and I will have completed the political spectrum!

Comix Experience also got a “Best of San Francisco” from the SF Weekly for “Best Response To Rising Minimum Wage” (which makes me so happy because it wasn’t prompted on my end like those first two) — http://www.sfweekly.com/sanfrancisco/best-response-to-rising-minimum-wage/BestOf?oid=3593624

This week was ALSO Free Comic Book Day, which I spent (other than being in agony from the fall) providing on-street security for Darth Vader (they can’t really see in those costumes) — I love the 501st Legion (http://www.501st.com/) — it’s weird “protecting” The Dark Lord!  The best part is at the Ocean street store, people are stopping, and gawking, and honking horns and being all excited, while on Divisadero with all of the Hipster tech people, like 90% of them strolled past without even looking up or reacting in any visible way.  Hysterical!

Also, I ran downtown to pre-purchase Avengers tickets because I was taking eight sixth-graders to the show. I waited for the subway to take me back home, and one pulled up with half a dozen cops riding on the front half.  I shrugged, got on the second half, and sat down and pulled out a book.  Then I looked up, and realized I was sitting across (on an otherwise passenger-less car) from Ed Lee, the Mayor of San Francisco. I realized this was my one and only chance to get The City to be aware of my situation, and Mayor Lee was extremely gracious to listen to me spin my tale. But, yeah, random private 15 minute meeting with the Mayor on Muni, and The City has already followed up with a few ideas of how they can help.

Then I ended the week yesterday with an appearance on Fox Business News, which you could watch here if you wished to (http://mediaoneservices.com/brian-hibbs-05082015/) (no embed, sorry)

Exactly at the one month mark, the GN club hit halfway to our 334 goal.  Now I’m counting down to hitting 200 exactly — which we need (right now) 25 more people to hit.  Spread the word about www.graphicnovelclub.com!

And look for a cool new announcement on Monday!



“I Have Got To Be Sure, You Old Poop!” COMICS! Sometimes Democracy Comes Second!

John Kane

Yes! Beat out that rhythm on a drum! Here’s the only comic reviews worth reading on The Internet. No, Not really. No, not really in the mood either but if I don’t put something up They come round and stand outside my windows in silent judgement. Hoopla! Also, don’t forget to Save The Hibbs – HERE!

 photo JaimePanelB_zpsui3bzwcz.jpg

Anyway, this…

Arriving 5/6/15

Brian Hibbs

This week AFTERLIFE OF ARCHIE returns and Marvel unleashes SECRET WARS on the unsuspecting public!


Check the cut to see the rest of the comics kicking off May!


Arriving 4/27/15

Brian Hibbs

Strong week, if still on the small side. BATMAN #40 finally arrives, along side it’s other delayed DC brethren, plus new BITCH PLANET, JEM & THE HOLOGRAMS and MULTIVERSITY.

Check the cut to see what else is coming!


“PREPARU POR LA BATALO!” COMICS! Sometimes They Are Bilingual (But Not Single)!

John Kane

And now a word from our sponsors:

Calling all cars! Calling all cars! Remember: Comics is better with Brian Hibbs in it! So heed the call! Or, y’know, read the linked article, think about it and after a period of sober reflection make a considered decision. Danger, Will Robinson! Danger!
We now return to our regular programming:

It’s Event Season! And so in the much loved tradition of ignoring what you ‘orrible lot want to hear about let’s look at an Event from last year involving a primitive sedentary aquatic invertebrate with a soft porous body clad in a quadrilateral outer garment covering the body from the waist to the ankles, with a separate part for each leg ,whose name contains the diminutive of Robert. Or: Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS!

 photo SCstrengthB_zps18hxwnuf.jpg
Image by Drymon, Ordway, Hi-Fi & ComicCraft

Anyway, this…

Arriving 4/22/15

Brian Hibbs

Smaller week than some but still some top shelf work is on the way. New DEADLY CLASS, SQUIRREL GIRL, STAR WARS and the debuts of KAPTARA (Chip Zdarsky) and INFINITE LOOP.


Check the cut for more!


“In This Issue: EVERYONE DIES!” Sometimes It’s Not Just The G.I. Who is Immortal!

John Kane

Being a gallery of comics covers featuring The Unknown Soldier, drawn mostly by Joe Kubert (1926-2012). Yes, okay, a cursory bit of staid analysis and a little tearful nostalgia too, but mostly some timelessly exciting imagery. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did (and continue to).

 photo TitleB_zps79fdgjrj.jpg
Art by Gerry Talaoc

Anyway, this…

“Plus, I Was HIGH As F***ing S***.” COMICS! Sometimes Justice Is Like A Cop Who Gets Shot In The Face, It Must Go Hooded!”

John Kane

Half-term’s over! So, at the risk of sounding like I’m the kind of guy who smells like wet newspaper and breathes like his nose doesn’t work, I took a look into Archie’s Dark Circle. Putting my trademark amusingly poor intimations that I am talking about peering up a man called Archie’s arse aside for the moment let’s consider that Black Mask comic that came out not an incredibly long time ago.

 photo BMStartB_zpsjdevwxtz.jpg
THE BLACK HOOD by Gaydos, Swierczynski, Deering & Fitzpatrick

Anyway, this…

Arriving 4/15/15

Brian Hibbs

New comics are on their way! Are you excited for CHRONONAUTS, GIANT DAYS, LUMBERJANES, STARY BULLETS and THOR! Plus the long awaited SABRINA #2!


Plus much more under the cut!


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