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All Wait, No What? The Skip Week’s Skip Week

Jeff Lester

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Unrelated to this post — I just included it because it makes me happy every time I see it.

Hey, everyone:  Jeff here with a very big apology for everyone.  Last week, as per our schedule, Graeme and I talked comics for two hours.

Unfortunately, the person who was responsible for recording us did not manage to push the little button that *records* our conversations.  (That person will go unnamed…but only because it was me.  If it’d been Graeme, I would’ve given him up in a heartbeat.)

I thought about giving you a rough version of the show notes anyway, based on what I remembered (and I would’ve tried to be oh-so-clever and called them “show nots”) but I feel like that wouldn’t have been especially helpful.   So I decided to just leave it be.

On the up side, we usually get an extra-great essay from John Kane on our skip weeks, so maybe this will trick him into writing something else for the site this week?  And maybe when Graeme and I speak next week, not only will I hit record but I’ll try and mix it on the fly and get it super-early.

Anyhoo, our deepest apologies (by which I mean my deepest apologies, but once again I’m trying to drag Graeme into this even though he is entirely blameless) and thank you for your considerable patience!

12 Responses to “ All Wait, No What? The Skip Week’s Skip Week ”

  1. Actual rage, Jeff.

    I hope that this doesn’t become a monthly podcast…

  2. It won’t, Matthew. This was a one-time super-screw-up, I promise.

  3. On the up side, it looks like this puts you back on alternating weeks with House to Astonish.

  4. @bad wolf- Silver lining! Pool on how long it lasts? I put my initials on six weeks haha.

    @Jeff- Nice of you to cover for your friend, but we all see through your nervous lies. It was Graeme’s fault wasn’t it!

  5. Oh Jeff, these things happen.

    Don’t beat yourself up about it. I got 2 great HtA podcasts last week, these things have a way of balancing themselves out. Looking forward to the next one.

  6. May I make a request? I feel you guys should to discuss Rucka’s return to Marvel. We get this quote from his NYCC Lazarus panel:

    “If you don’t like what the Big Two are doing, stop buying it,” Rucka said. “It’s okay, you don’t have to have a complete collection. Because they treat you really badly.”


    Yeah they treat you really badly…but when the chance comes to write the Starjammers WHO CARES?

  7. You see, this is why I can’t be a good a person as John Kane is. If creators can’t bother to be fucking consistent about the way they get smacked around by the Big Two, why should I rend my garments for them? They’re not my friends, I’m not their friends.

    BTW, this month marks the tenth anniversary of Fat Stalin’s year of whoredom. I still would like to invent time trave to go back to 2002 and show him a copy of Moon Knight, a character created by somemone Ellis probably thinks isn’t fit to shine his shoes. And watch his soul turn to ash.

  8. Jeff! I hope you aren’t still beating yourself up, but in case you are:



    I think we should all pool our Savage Critics pay outs next quarter. Sure, we’ll have to miss our regular boozy group trip to pull San Fran’s ass out with our teeth but I think the sacrifice might be worth it! Stay loose, Hot Wheels!

  9. What does this mean for the Avengers read-through? Are you going to discuss the same issues again in the next podcast or move on to the next set?

    PS: In the future, you and Graeme should both record!

  10. Check out the Tony Isabella interview on the Nerdist Comics Panel. It’s Len Wein, Adam Beechen, and Isabella talking 70’s Marvel, including Isabella discussing The Champions, his Ghost Rider run and Bakuman! Basically, sweet nectar for our hosts!

  11. Ian – I just listened to that today it sure was excellent.

    Everyone should go check that shit out.

  12. It’s Tuesday and I note a terrible absence. I had to listen to Comic Vine in the gym. Like AWEEEEESOME DUDE!

    Anyway, thanks for trying. And thanks to Ian for the tip.

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