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Bizarro Blog Post: Not Wait, What #100

Graeme McMillan

Above: Andy Ristaino covers the famous cover for Uncanny X-Men #100, from the now-dearly-departed Covered blog.

And this is where you were probably expecting the 100th episode of Wait, What? to appear. Which brings me to a funny story…

…Okay, so maybe not. Here’s the horrible truth: We can’t give you that 100th episode spectacular just yet, because we haven’t even recorded it yet. I know, I know; we were going to have a skip week and then record it and we said that at the end of the last episode, and and and… In our defense, that was actually the plan, at the time. And then, during the skip week, Jeff and I started actually talking about when we were going to record it and one horrible truth became apparent: Jeff and I are idiots. And not in the way that you already thought we were idiots.

May I introduce you to a short recreation of the conversation Jeff and I had that revealed our true idiocy:

Jeff: So, we’re going record on Thursday, right?
Me: Yeah!
Jeff: Aren’t you still on vacation in the middle of nowhere with no internet access on Thursday?
Me: Yeah, but I’m coming back early to record the podcast!
Jeff: What? Are you crazy?
Me: No, it’ll be fine! Unless I get stuck in traffic or something. We’ll record on Thursday, and then edit it over the weekend and get it up on Tuesday, same as usual, right?
Jeff: Well, I’m kinda going to be busy over the weekend because it’s my wedding anniversary and I’m going to be out of town, but what I was thinking was, I can edit it on my wedding anniversary trip and then upload it when I get back into town on Wednesday morning!
Me: Wait. So you’re going to edit the podcast on your wedding anniversary getaway.
Jeff: Yeah, it’ll be fine!
Me: Jeff Lester.
Jeff: Hey! At least I’m not ending my vacation early to come back to record it!
Me: Let me get this straight: I’m going to end my vacation early to come back to record a podcast, so that you can then edit the podcast instead of, you know, actually spending your wedding anniversary with your wife, and even then, the podcast will still be late. That’s what we’ve just realized?
Jeff: When you put it like that, that doesn’t sound like the smartest idea.

And so, we decided to just delay one more week and allow for marital bliss in both of our households. If it makes you feel any better, please know that (a) we actually feel really, really guilty about this, and (b) we both thought nothing of causing awkwardness in our own schedules in order to try and make it all happen on time, it was only each other’s happiness that brought us to our senses. Which, come on, sounds kind of sweet when I say it like that, doesn’t it?

SO! We’ll be recording the episode this Thursday afternoon and you’ll have it a week from now. And I promise, we’ll at least try to make it worth the additional wait. You can help with that, because the delay in recording means that you have even more time to call and leave a message on the special Wait, What voicemail line at (415) 843-1836. Operators aren’t standing by – it’s a voicemail, after all – but we’ll be accepting calls all the way through Wednesday on that number. Call and leave us a message/song/aural tone poem to let us know how happy you are that we’ve reached our centennial and then made you wait extra long for it, why don’t you?

Also, feel free to leave comments for us to conjure with below, and wish Jeff a happy wedding anniversary because he deserves that and because Edi is great. Just know that I’m already very, very sorry for the delay.

9 Responses to “ Bizarro Blog Post: Not Wait, What #100 ”

  1. It’s like “Gift of the Magi”, but in a totally Platonic, Heteronormative way.

  2. For 100th podcast, I would like to hear a cold opening of your wives performing the above one act play, doing their very best impersonations of youse guys. They must have been delighted at the prospect of having their vacation/anniversary cut short so the podcast could be done on time.

    PS: Hey Graeme! I’m dyin’to hear what you have to say about Lorenzo Mattotti’s new book, “The Crackle of the Frost.” You mentioned you were going to talk about it a few weeks ago and never followed up.

    Congratulations on 100 great podcasts!

  3. You scared me by saying “from the now-dearly-departed Covered blog.” That blog isn’t dead. it was updated just today.

    Or do you know something about impending doom for it, which would make me sad….

  4. Happy wedding anniversary, Jeff and Edi!
    Happy untruncated vacation, Graeme and Kate!
    (You made the right choice there, kids.)

    Graeme and Jeff, we will wait for you!

  5. *choke*



  6. @patrick: Some bad news awaits you here:

    @Art: I am the forgetful. I’ll try to remember this week. And I’m sure you can imagine how happy Kate was when I was all “Hey, remember I said we had to go home early? Now we don’t!”

  7. Thanx Graeme! I paged through “Crackle” this past weekend at SPX and I was surprised that it was more illustrated text than comics with its lack of word baloons even if it is in a six panel grid. The art, however, IS gorgeous.

    May Kate get all the extra vacation time she ever wants! The podcasts are always worth the wait. I’m happy you guys find the time to do ’em.

  8. So no Wait What and you add to my sadness telling me the Covered Blog is going away. You two are just a couple of big old poopie-heads. I’m going to go into the corner and quietly sob myself to sleep now…..

  9. I wondered why iTunes wasn’t downloading anything!

    I’d be upset, but all is forgiven because I got around to trying out Double Barrel and it’s fan-fucking-tastic. ;)

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