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Called on Account of Rain…


Yup, this is where the Wait, What? entry would go if there was one. But as you have no doubt surmised, clever reader, there ain’t. I somehow accomplished the impressive feat of getting a cold and throwing out my back simultaneously, so the conversation would’ve consisted of Graeme being his clever self, and me grunting with pain every time I laughed or shifted my weight. (As opposed to our regular podcasting, where I grunt because my mouth is full of food, usually Mallomars.)

If you’re looking for some crazy content, however, have you checked out all three parts of Michael Fiffe’s interview with Tony Salmons over at The Factual Opinion?  It’s fascinating stuff, to put it lightly.

Anyway…sorry for the delay! We should have a full ep for your next week, along with my usual terrified & desperate introductory patter, as well as some cool news.

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  2. But golly mister! Thanks for pointing out the Tony Salmons interview. Wow.

  3. Sweet Christ, is there no end to the horrors this filthy, filthy world throws up!

    I hope you get better soon, Mr. Jeff Lester!(You’ll notice I didn’t make a joke about “back issues” – that’s restraint there.) Sweet image choice BTW. Timely, non?

    Every comics creator should interview like Tony Salmons. Awesome stuff.

  4. Going by the image, I guess Graeme gets forked?

  5. I heard that you were feeling ill, headache, fever, and a chill… *attempts to shimmy, falls, snaps overextended kneecap*

    Get well soon, Mr. L.

  6. The guy slowly putting together his pitch for an Image Comic about an innocent man with a bomb strapped to his chest that will go off unless he hears the word “spectacular” said aloud fifty times a week just got handed his first bonafide cliffhanger.

    Get well soon, Lester. Preferably in time for next week.

  7. I guess it’s back to the Wait, What? fanfic then, it makes me a bit queasy but it’s better than nothing, the showdown scene with Brian Bendis and Wacker in the blazing waffle factory is pretty rough going though.

    (“Get well, get well soon, we wish you to get well”: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tUd8Qs_DAZ0 )

  8. Just be glad you aren’t reading the Wait, What? Slash-fic…

  9. Right, that’s it. Everyone out of the pool. I’m shutting the Internet down right now.

  10. Are Jeff and Greame under some gypsie curse?

  11. Thanks for the well-wishes, everyone! (And for not posting the fanfic.) I am feeling much better–and not just because of the painkillers–and hope to be back to 100% very soon.

    Barring further catastrophe (and more gypsy curses), we will be back next week!

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