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Even More Wait, What? For Your Ears

What’s this? The second of three “new” Wait, What? podcasts from Jeff and myself, just recently unearthed from the Savage Critic vaults? Yes! It is! As Jeff says in his intro, we continue to talk about Brian Bendis, he offers a new metaphor for the state of comics’ biggest companies, and neither of us can remember the word “defribulator.” Yes, friends, quality jollity of a type you can’t get just anywhere on this here internet. Final episode of this batch tomorrow. You can thank us later.

2 Responses to “ Even More Wait, What? For Your Ears ”

  1. Glad to have you guys back. I enjoyed the movie talk, too.

  2. R.e Hackery. I find the word hack to have too many pejorative connotations these days so I, personally, separate hacks from professionals.

    Mills, Wagner and Grant are professionals. Give them a story to write and they’ll do a solid bang up job as best they are able. Also I think, and I have no evidence for this, professionals may try to give the audience what it wants but they also try to make it interesting for themselves. This is important I feel.

    Mills, Wagner and Grant created Strontium Dog, Charley’s War, Darkie’s Mob, Judge Dredd, A.B.C Warriors and a host of other characters/stories that are still valid and adaptable after several decades. Pure hackery would not have had that result. Even if the stories themselves appear a little rough and ready now, some thirty years on, the concepts remain solid and fecund.

    When they crossed the Atlantic I thought the results were very telling. Mills’ stuff only really worked when he was left alone (e.g. Marshal Law vs. Punisher 2099)and Wagner and Grant produced good solid Batman stories but DC found geater sales by having extended events like Batman vs. Earthquakes or Bruce Wayne: Jaywalker! stuff.

    In comparison to Mills, Wagner and Grant I think the best thing to be said about Bendis is that he is indeed currently holding up the fat man’s pants.

    In all fairness I could be biased as my mind was blown at the age of seven by time travellers from a food deprived future going back in time to harvest dinosaurs and finding sometimes the food chain works both ways. Those time travellers were also dressed as cowboys. Early 2000AD? Hackery done right.

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