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Hurray, We’re Behind! Jeff on the Availability of the Wait, What Podcasts


After a certain amount of hard work and a tremendous amount of whining (or, “whingeing,” as you may prefer), Graeme and I have finally fulfilled our life-long dream of getting our podcast listed on Itunes…one to three years after many of our contemporaries! Now, we can both expire quietly (but happily).

Should you wish to subscribe to Wait, What through Itunes, you can go here:


and do that secret occult thing people do to get podcasts onto their Iquipment.  According to Apple, it’s going to be another week or so before you find this on the Itunes store via search, so this is your best bet for now.  If you like the podcast, would you mind leaving us a review on Itunes saying so?

For those who prefer to subscribe to podcasts through other means, our RSS feed is here:


And there are links to all our episodes to date at both. (Although, I believe you can only see our podcast ID logo on Itunes?  The ID was created by Graeme and it is very well done, isn’t it?) We’ve got another episode up our sleeves that we’ll try go get to you sooner, rather than later.

18 Responses to “ Hurray, We’re Behind! Jeff on the Availability of the Wait, What Podcasts ”

  1. I tried to subscribe via iTunes using the link above and when I did, got an error message on hitting the Subscribe button in iTunes. Am I the only one?

  2. Hmm. I should’ve checked this before I posted it (took Apple’s email to me at face value) but I was able to subscribe without an error message (although it’s not coming up in my list of podcasts I subscribe to at the moment…)

    Anyone else?

  3. I was already in iTunes and did a search for Wait, What and it came right up. Biggest problem is that none of the episodes have a unique description so the only difference is the run time.

  4. Craig: they do–alas, the descriptions all *start* the same, so you have to click the ‘i’ at the end of the description line for more info on what’s discussed in each ep.

  5. Jeff, the descriptions do indeed show unique descriptions if you click the “i”, but the title of each podcast is exactly the same. I was expecting “episode 9” vs “episode 8.8” or something like that. On my iPod they’ll all look the same.

    Regardless, thanks for doing this. It’ll be much easier for me to auto-download them through iTunes. And thanks for doing the podcast and site in general.

  6. Oh, I get what you’re saying–thanks for clarifying, Dasbender! In related news: DAMMIT!

    I’ll see what I can do about that: I thought there was some line of itunes-specific code that replaced the ID3 tag? Or…something? I’ll see if I can get that fixed up. Though it may not help early adopters, it’ll make life easier going forward.

  7. Searching in iTunes worked for me. I am officially a subscriber. Since it’s not apparent, are any of the podcasts new?

  8. John: they are not–if you’d kept up to date with our podcast posts here, you’re up to date there.

    That said, we did just record another two part ep, which I have to sit down and mix. If all goes well, it’ll be up by…Monday? (But then, I would’ve thought I’d have the chance to address the tags by now…)

  9. Okay.

    In an attempt to correct my suckitude, I have corrected the titles on the current RSS feed (as well as removing the generic start for each ep’s description). I just pinged Itunes, and it looks like the info is now corrected.

    If someone wants to play tech assist and either delete and re-add the feed to see if they get an episode with the proper title, I’d be much obliged. If not, if someone new decides to subscribe and wouldn’t mind taking a second to let me know how it turned out, it’d also be appreciated.

  10. I’ve just subscribed and the icon thingie is showing up on my itunes, but I’m not able to download any eps yet. I get the error message, “There was a problem downloading “Wait, What?” An unknown error occurred (400). Please check that the url is correct and the connection to the network is active and try again.”

    So I’ll try again later.

    But, for what it’s worth, all the episodes appeared to be numbered and titled and I can get info about each of the eps.

  11. Yay! You’re on itunes!

    Boo! It was just a ruse to mess with me hopes and dreams!

    I can subscribe, but not download (or ‘Get’ as the button says) any of the episodes.
    It begins to download them, then stops, and the itunes file missing ‘!’ appears next to the episode name in my podcast list.

  12. Shit, shit, shit, shit!

    Ben & Murray: thanks for the updates–I tried it on my laptop and it was okay but apparently that means neither Jack nor Shit. I am “troubleshooting” and messing with the feed and will keep everyone updated.

    god damn it.

  13. Okay, so….it’s fixed.

    Turns out if you don’t put the Itunes RSS designation on line 2, things go wrong.

    Again, thanks you guys for letting me know what’s going on. do you mind trying it again and letting me know whether it works or not?

  14. Is there a reason why I cant get the first three episodes to work right? All I can hear is Graeme’s voice. Other than that, love the podcast!

  15. Cory: First three eps are really tricky because I stupidly recorded (and mixed) them in stereo. If there’s anyway you can adjust the sound levels in what you’re listening to, I recommend trying that and messing with one of the channels (the…right? I want to say). Even then, I’m afraid Graeme’s voice is initially mixed pretty low.

    If that doesn’t work, I heartily apologize. Things should be better on all the other eps. and you shouldn’t encounter that problem again. Glad you’re enjoying it otherwise!

  16. Hey Jeff, thanks for all the hard work you’re doing. Unfortunately, I’m still having the same problems on my end. I’m getting the same error message and the little exclamation point. I’ve subscribed, but am unable to get any of the old eps. Maybe it will be different when you have a new episode ready to go.
    No worries though. I can always do like before and just download from the site.

  17. Okay. So after having typed all that about having the same problems… you can ignore it.
    The newest eps ((.1 and 9.2) are downloading just fine. And, I’ve downloaded one of the older eps just to see if I can, and I can. So… I guess it’s all about the patience and letting the internet gods do what they need to do in between the typing of the words.
    Like I said earlier, thanks again for all the hard work on your end. :)

  18. Hey Jeff, seems to be working fine!


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