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No, What?: The Accidental Skip Week (Again?)

Jeff Lester

 photo a7b62c68-bc7f-487c-8f10-3a7aefe28e56_zpsc44b3a38.jpg
From Mad #1. Not really on-point…or is it?

Hey, everyone!  For those wondering where this week’s podcast might be, I regret to inform you it will not be happening this week.  Good ol’ Graeme McMillan was game to record, despite being wiped out post-SDCC, but I unfortunately had decided to undertake a money-making scheme in my free time that ended up requiring a lot more attention and effort than I had planned.  (Who knew you had to sell so many issues of GRIT in order to get that bicycle?)

Anyway, we really will be recording this week, honest, which means we really will be posting a podcast next Tuesday but we do apologize for yet another delay.

See you next week!


11 Responses to “ No, What?: The Accidental Skip Week (Again?) ”

  1. Silly Jeff, you should sell seeds.

    Or steal treasure from Sea Monkeys.

    (If you had a chance to read the Hawkeye Annual, I’d love your view of the art.)

  2. @Martin: I’d been told selling GRIT was far easier and more profitable than selling seeds. Clearly, my sources were misinformed.

    As for Hawkeye Annual, it will be discussed–if I can figure out how I feel about it, that is…

  3. Though it’s kinda old news at this point, I’d love to hear you two discuss Man of Steel. Of course, it’ll come up at least in passing if you cover the Superman/Batman movie announcement. Even so, I still figure I oughtta cast my vote for as much in-depth MOS critiquing as you guys feel like mustering.

  4. *Ducks as EVERY OTHER LISTENER lobs fistfuls of Metropolis debris.*

  5. I, too, would love to hear you guys chime in on Zach Snyder’s keen ode to Superman, in all his brutal, neck-snapping glory.

    And thank you, Jeff, for your long ago recommendation of the batshit looking SPARTA USA, all six issues of which I just grabbed in a quarter box at my local shop today, along with the first issue of Michael Fleisher’s 1975 superhero book from Atlas comics, MORLOCK 2001. “Is he human or is he plant?” asks the text page… I, a human, cannot wait to find out. With pencils by “Allen” Milgrom, no less! Bugfuck, bugfuck!!!

  6. Hey Zaragosa – If you think MORLOCK 2001 #1 is great, you must seek out the third (and final) issue with Ditko pencils and Berni Wrightson(!) inks. It’s truly spectacular!

  7. http://www.flickr.com/photos/jbcurio/262022418/


  8. @ Andrew Squigman

    Holy shit, Wrightson inking Ditko?! I cannot even conceptualize what that will look like… So bizarre. I must find it. Thanks for the tip!

  9. That Hawkeye annual was terrible. Lazy story and lazy art. The whole thing felt like it was hacked out in 24hours. Can’t believe I paid $5 for that crap.

  10. “That Hawkeye annual was terrible. Lazy story and lazy art. The whole thing felt like it was hacked out in 24hours. Can’t believe I paid $5 for that crap.”

    Wow. I completely respect your opinion but holy moly do I feel like I read a different Hawkeye Annual than the one you read.

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