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The Men With The “Oh God, Please Get Away” Voices

They said it couldn’t be done, and it nearly wasn’t – but look! The second (of two) new Wait, What?s, as recorded last Wednesday, in which Jeffrey Lester and myself continue to discuss comics, including a lengthy appreciation of Darwyn Cooke’s most recent effort, The Man With The Getaway Face, as well as shorter mentions for other works. We hope that you heartily enjoy this hour-plus of talking, even when we go off-topic and start talking about Doctor Who instead of just finishing up, like more professional podcasts would.

(Ideally, we’ll do these more often from now on, and try – fingers crossed – to keep up this pace of getting them up in a timely manner. Although, that said, my mother-in-law is visiting right now, so you’ll have to wait until I have a bit more freetime for the next one. I know, I know: I’m just immediately contradicting myself now. Sorry.)

9 Responses to “ The Men With The “Oh God, Please Get Away” Voices ”

  1. What, your Mother-in-Law doesn’t have opinions?

  2. I feel like that’s the perfect set-up for some joke straight out of the 1970s.

  3. You gentlemen are truly princes among men. I thank you a thousand times for returning to podcasting, as Wait What has been one of my very favorite comics podcasts out there (god, I can still remember nearly falling of a ladder painting the house out of such vehement agreement with Jeff regarding how Bryan Hitch Bryan Hitch has become).

    The combination of knowledge, wit, and downright ridiculous random digressions is absolutely perfect for the medium and your only real competition are some of the best episodes of Word Balloon (and Siuntres has creators on his, so it’s not really a very fair comparison) and The Splash Page (and in this case Nevett is often such a wet blanket that he’s not really very fun to listen to).

    One of the things that I think really makes the cast work so well is the obvious friendship and rapport you two have outside the show. That plus your considerable levels of self awareness regarding your own tastes and proclivities means that the attitude always stays very light. You two are usually quite magnanimous, even when giving a book or creator a complete shellacking.

    Keep up the excellent work gentlemen.

  4. All of your podcasts should include Jack Kirby, Doctor Who, and/or what Jack Kirby’s Doctor Who would be like.

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  6. Guys, I just wasted about two hours writing a response to your bit about new blood, Avengerglut, etc. It was making me sad, so I deleted it (all three drafts). There’s your blindspot.

    I have new superhero stories. I don’t know if you’ll like them, but I have them. I can also say without a shadow of a doubt that Ross Campbell’s upcoming Shadoweyes will be worth preordering at your earliest convenience. So I shall leave it at that, and get back to work.


  7. Agreed, Mr. Joe Kubert is a god danged colossus. About the writing – I think the art is intended to do a lot of the writing, if that makes any semblance of sense, he’s an artist first and foremost. But I’m biased. Joe Kubert rocks my eyes and has done for decades. Joe Kubert – eighty odd years and he hasn’t stopped dancing yet! I liked the whole weird “teeth” thing, don’t you ever change Mr. Lester!

    That Heck and Robbins were born at a time when they had to adapt (not too well) to the mainstream without the alternative avenues open today does their reputations no favours. You two guys delighted me with your even-handed appraisal of these two great but oft-disdained talents. Thank you.

    I’m totally buying that Showcase: Eclipso now. Toth! and I’m all revved up for that Cooke book. Someone who just keeps stretching themselves and gets better and better? They can have my money, straight up.

    The marketplace was good stuff, very interesting. depressing but interesting. Thanks again!

  8. thanks for the great feedback, everyone! Definitely appreciated!

  9. Late to the party here, but just thought I should pop in and say it’s good to have you back, gents.

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