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Wait, What? 11.1: We’ve Got Soul, but We’re Not (Seven) Soldiers…


Yep, it’s true–somehow Graeme and I are still managing to make time, talk, record, edit, and upload episodes without utterly descending into utterly braindead gibberish noises–I mean, sure, Episode 11.1 starts off with us talking about the weather (and Wolverine!) but we also talk about the Final Crisis hardcover, New X-Men, and Graeme’s re-examination of Seven Soldiers is really interesting, excited stuff. You can grab it off Itunes or, if you prefer, listen to it here:

Wait, What?, Ep. 11.1

My apologies to those of you who’ve been kind enough to leave feedback in the comments that we haven’t had a chance to respond to directly (VoodooBen, I’ve been meaning to give you a direct response to your Kick-Ass question for days now….) but I wanted to let you know it’s much appreciated by both Graeme McMillions and myself…

Anyway, thanks for the feedback and for listening and we should have another installment for you soon!

15 Responses to “ Wait, What? 11.1: We’ve Got Soul, but We’re Not (Seven) Soldiers… ”

  1. Best episode of any comics podcast I’ve heard in quite some time. But then I’d love a podcast just devoted to the examination of Morrison’s work.

    I quite liked Graeme’s take on Morrison’s post-7S work, especially the idea that 7S is his great structural-comics hurrah. He seems to have been working far too much on Hollywood and other media stuff (18 Days, Sinatoro, etc) to really be able to subsume himself in writing comics in the old ways he used to. Shame really, as that approach seems to have produced the greatest of his work. If I was forced to really make a decision about it, I’d even go so far as to say that Morrison’s best comics really are past him at this point. I’d absolutely love to be proven wrong though…

    But hey, I’ll be happy as long as we get Seaguy v3.

  2. Re: metacomics – a suspicious mind might wonder whether that applies to Batman Inc. It comes out at a time when not even loner heroes can escape the franchise/family bandwagon. Incredible Hulks, The Brown Ring, Thunderstrike, the return of Superboy, Three Spider-Men and a Baby, Rescue, etc. – somebody’s got cookie-cutter-superhero-arrhea*.

    (Twilight of the Superheroes wouldn’t have been that great, you know. We dodged one, there, I think.)

    This new Empire of the Bat comic is just following a trend. Or possibly killing it with logic. I dunno.

    Re: Seven Soldiers – I wonder if they didn’t split the stories up in order to make it harder to cherry-pick favourites. If you’ve got the series collected separately, then there will be people who avoid certain parts of the story, for whatever reason. This way, there’s less chance of missing out on crucial plot points.

    X-Men First Class sounds boggin. Xavier’s going to have hair! SHAVE YOU YOUR BONCE, ROB MCELWEE OR WHATEVER YOUR NAME IS. And daemons from the daep sounds frickin’ daft.




    Did Emma Frost really Do the Worm with Norman Osborn? What is the deal with that? Is he the new Dick Dastardly? Is Alex Ross painting it?

    (seriously: what is the fascination with Norman Osborn’s wandering walloper?)

    Sterling work, chaps! Thankee!


    (* – haven’t they just written themselves into a corner with all these proliferating puissapoids? What happens next? Do they really expect to get movies out of these secondary and tertiary echoes?)

    (oh, well. Just as long as I get to do my Wolverine sitcom. Vic Mackey must be free, surely.)

  3. I love podcast theme music.

  4. Holy crap! I got namechecked on the main page! I’m seriously honored. :)

    Now to go listen to the actual new podcast.

  5. Another great podcast guys, thanks!

    Jeff, if you enjoyed Adamantium Men, check out Volume Two: Insane in the Brain. It features bombs made of human brains, a giant nutcracker clamp, and a disemboweled man strangling Wolverine with his own entrails.

  6. Interesting podcast.

    I had a different experience to the two of you with Final Crisis – I first read it in hardcover form, and thought it worked fine.
    On the CBR message boards, there was even a swing in the comments on the series – it had been getting a bit of a bashing, until the HC came out, and suddenly those threads all ran positive.
    (Then again, I guess people more pre-disposed to liking it are going to buy it as a HC).

    I totally disagree with McMillions on what should have been in the collection – I thought Submit worked fine as a fun bit of action in the middle of the story.
    Just gave us a chance to see how those left viewed the new world order.
    Also disagree that Requiem should have been in the collection – I found that to be a really slow, totally unnecessary story, which went totally at odds with Morrisons plan to have Martian Manhunters death be quick and shocking.

  7. I was going to make a joke how you should do seven unrelated podcasts that secretly add up to one Critical Epic.

    But I think you might be trying that already…

  8. I love getting comics stuff from the library. Toronto’s become great for that, with the public library having over 5000 items in their circulating collection (with anywhere from 1 to several dozen copies of each item, some really odd choices of books they stock in depth), plus over 2000 single copies in a non-circulating collection (with some overlap on the circulating collection, but a lot of unique items, especially more expensive books like DC’s Archives). I’ve read tonnes of stuff I’d never think of buying, and sometimes find something really good I end up buying.

    Coincidentally, I’ve actually been reading a lot of Grant Morrison that way recently, as I never really got into his work (of that first wave of British writers at DC leading up to Vertigo’s founding he’s the one I was coldest to). Nothing has really amazed me yet, but some of it is interesting. I had to struggle to get through the first SEVEN SOLDIERS book, so I’m in no hurry to get the rest. Couldn’t finish AZTEK. FINAL CRISIS was okay, but a lot of it felt like unrealized concepts just thrown in, or seemed to require a lot of prior knowledge (my knowledge of the DC universe is pretty solid up to about 20 years ago, very sketchy in the last few years). Didn’t care for MYSTERY PLAY, which I had high hopes for since I love Muth’s art.

    BATMAN R.I.P. was okay, unfortunately they only have that in the circulating collection, and it seems like you need to read the earlier books to really get it (and I do not get ending a Batman story with characters from Kirby’s Jimmy Olsen kidnapping Batman and using a plot device from Kirby’s Mister Miracle, though I guess in the grand scheme of things it makes sense, since that leads to FINAL CRISIS which ends with Darkseid using a power shown in Kirby’s Forever People. Do these comics make any sense to people who haven’t read the original Kirby, which I assume most of the readership hasn’t?). Maybe I’ll check those out at the non-circulating collection someday, although they might not be as good now that I already know the ending.

    Speaking of which, I’m half-way through ANIMAL MAN now (having originally dropped the book after one issue, and picking up the last few but never being inspired to go back issue hunting). Interesting, but I kind of wish I could read it not knowing the final revelation.

    So far nothing I really want to add to my own collection, but I’ve got a higher opinion of him than I did going in. Not sure how much more I’ll read, but the library has his Doom Patrol, Invisibles, 52, Superman and X-Men, plus a few JLA books and various one-offs (Filth, Seaguy, We3).

  9. Bob, I highly recommend Doom Patrol, it’s where he throws crazy ideas at us non-stop. I also always enjoyed most of his JLA because of his knack to boil down the essentials of the heroes in question in one-liners. (There’s some scenes with Flash and Green Lantern that make me hope he’ll write either one’s solo title someday–but in GL’s case it should be Kyle, not Hal)

    Seaguy and We3 are also really interesting reads, both for the art and story. I’d check out Vimanarama too, to get the full experience of reading his non-trilogy at the time :)

    I never properly read his Invisibles, that’s the one thing I still really have to get around to.

    And for something completely different, since Morrison is British and he’s veering off more into non-comics: how about him following up Steven Moffat one day as showrunner for Doctor Who? :D It’s got everything he likes: long continuity to play with, the ability to do any type of story, and a character that’s meant to be quirky pretty much all the time. (and he wrote the comics version, so there’s that)

    You know, since Neil Gaiman is writing an episode for season 6, they should really get Alan Moore, Grant Morrison and Warren Ellis to all do one episode at least.

    Oh yeah, I’m currently reading Final Crisis and as much of a fan as I am, it’s not grabbing me. I’m in the middle of the Superman 3D bit, it’s competent and all that but it’s not riveting, especially because of the knowledge that the consequences in the end are pretty much non-existent. Final Crisis seemed to bear no weight on the comics that were published during it *or* after it (which they were claiming it would the entire time during its original publishing run, but they’re only now getting around to Superman’s reaction to Batman’s fate–“Oh I can’t believe we missed that”, quoth the brilliant editor…)

    I still wish that 7 Soldiers would’ve been about the post-Infinite Crisis DCU, one where everything was new and different and fun to explore. Instead it just always stays same-old. No matter what someone like Morrison tries to inject, shared universes don’t seem to want any change (except the fake ones like “let’s turn every Hulk supporting character into another Hulk”, pfft)

  10. Anyone else having issues downloading these via iTunes? It keeps telling me it doesn’t appear to be a valid podcast?

  11. Anthony: thanks for checking in! I borked the feed by putting an ampersand in the description field for ep. 11.2 (I also had it pointing to two different fields). Give it a try now–you shouldn’t have any problems, but definitely let me know if you do.

  12. Just checked iTunes. Working now! Thanks, Jeff. As a huge Morrison fan, I’m pretty stoked to listen to this one.

  13. A great, great episode. I’ll have to go back and re-read New X-Men and Seven Soldiers now.

    Regarding Marvel’s cosmic stuff, I’d be more interested to dive into it in trades if I could easily figure out what order to read them in. I’m not asking anyone here to help me, but it seems like Marvel wants me to have to do some basic research to figure out the order. Bad Marvel!!! Bad!!!!

  14. I really think this is the best podcast you guys have done. Listening to Graeme wax poetic about SEVEN SOLDIERS – possibly my all time favorite Morrison work, competing with DOOM PATROL – was just a genuine treat.

    And seriously, here’s hoping X-MEN: FIRST CLASS resuscitates the franchise.

  15. @Peter Adriaenssens: Morrison *did* write the FLASH, issues 130-138 in 1997-98, which was about the time of his peak JLA years.

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