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Wait, What? 57.1: Ones Divided by Two

Jeff Lester


Howdy, everyone. My apologies in advance for such a rushed entry, but I’m actually taking a break from editing 57.2 and my concentration is a little bit on the “shot” side of things. Although I’m very happy San Francisco has decided to grace us with some lovely, lovely weather, my apartment is too hot in a “why doesn’t my brain work?” kind of way. (Now I know how the rest of the U.S. felt this summer…)

Anyhoo, Wait, What? 57.1! It’s very nearly an hour, and Graeme McMillan and I discussing not only the Miles Morales-based Ultimate Spider-Man #1 and the subime Daredevil #3, but also New 52 books like Deathstroke #1 ( with some spoilers), Red Lantern #1, Frankenstein, Agent of S.H.A.D.E. #1, Demon Knights #1, Suicide Squad #1, Green Arrow #1 and Justice League International #1, as well as discussion about the August estimated sales numbers from ICV2.  Also! A delicious waffles update!

[I feel like I should cue the Entertainment Tonight theme music here.]

Sensible lads and lasses undoubtedly uncovered this installment already on iTunes, but the rest of us can listen right here, right now:

Wait, What? Ep. 57.1: Ones Divided by Two

You’ll be happy to now the gripping finale is right around the corner, and, as always, we thank you for listening!

7 Responses to “ Wait, What? 57.1: Ones Divided by Two ”

  1. Graeme, you said that Rozum announced his problem wasn’t with Static Shock had nothing to do with DC or McDaniel, but you’re actually wrong. He was mum on McDaniel. He said it had nothing to do with DC or the character but he said absolutely nothing about McDaniel, so I think the problem was creative differences with him, especially since McDaniel was more than just an artist but was also a cowriter.

    Also, if it was a matter of personal issues, why would he still be soliciting new work? He’d be too busy for any new work. Yet he still is looking for work, he just doesn’t want to do it with McDaniel it seems.

  2. Thanks for the podcast guys.

    I also thought that last week was a stronger week for the DC relaunch. I don’t know if you have read it yet, but my favorite DC book last week outside of Batwoman was Superboy. I really enjoyed it. I’m not really interested in the Teen Titans so hopefully there isn’t too much of an overlap with that. Spot on review of Demon Knights.

    I picked up Uncanny X-Force last week in addition to Daredevil (my marvel books for the week). Loving the art (opena) on the last two issues on X-Force. The books just seems to work so much better when he is on it. That being said, it seems like Remender is close to finishing the story he started with issue 1. Not sure yet if I will continue reading once he is done.

  3. Headline:

    Bendis Phones It In In By The Numbers Shocker! :)

    Marvel, DC, hell, everybody have to realize that 3.99 for 20 pages (or even 22) is simply not good value… and people might not be willing to give the decompressed comics of the last few years a free pass any longer.

  4. Haven’t listened to the podcast yet, I’ll get to it.

    But I’m really curious now, given the cat pic above – can someone (briefly!) explain the blood-vomiting thing in Red Lantern? I glanced through it in the store and didn’t pick it up, but I noted the red goo around the critters’s mouths (which seemed to be just icing on the cake of 90s-style awfulness). At first I thought it was just a weird artistic choice, like when Jim Lee started drawing Cyclops’ visor smoking after he shoots – it had never happened before, there was no explanation that I can recall, Lee just thought it looked cool I guess.

    Is there an actual story reason for the blood thing?

  5. The Red rings replace your blood with plasma (like, star plasma, I guess, not blood plasma). You’re angry and literally frothing with this blood substitute when you’re a Red Lantern.

    Or something.

  6. Thanks DJ! It’s not your fault, but now I wish there was a way I could un-know that… Gross. It must smell. And I’ll bet nothing gets the stain out. And I hope they’ve stocked up on teeth-whitening toothpaste. And… oh god… must stop.

    Hey, and maybe you can explain why Cyclops’ visor smokes after he shoots when Jim Lee… oh, never mind…

  7. Never figured out that one. Cyclops’ secondary mutation involved steamy tear-ducts, I suppose. :)

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