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Wait, What? Ep. 10.1: Scott Pilgrim Vs. the Podcast


Well, it was probably inevitable, wasn’t it? I mean, I even went out of my way to get this image because I know both Graeme and I used it as icons at one point or other….

(At least you can feel comfortable knowing that the image is actually somewhat relevant to our podcast, unlike those of you vexed by not hearing anything about that amazing Lois Lane cover from last post.)

Anyway, this is the advantage of our new improved Wait, What? turnaround–instead of having to wait eight weeks to hear about a topic that everyone got tired of six weeks prior, you can know hear us talk eleven days later about a topic everyone got tired of thirty-six minutes after the box office was released!

Wait, What?, Ep. 10.1: Scott Pilgrim Vs. The Podcast

(Though I think, as always, Graeme has some great things to say, regardless.)

Tomorrow:  Installment 2 of Episode 10, which will be chock-full-o’-comix.  Hope you stick around for it!

4 Responses to “ Wait, What? Ep. 10.1: Scott Pilgrim Vs. the Podcast ”

  1. KICK ASS had a damn near $100 million dollar box office ($48 million domestically, $47 million international) on a budget of $28 million. The DVD debuted #1 on the sales chart, selling 1.4 million copies its first week of release. It’s got a 75% “fresh” rating on Rotten Tomatoes (which isn’t great, but it’s far from awful). Yet this is not the first time I’ve heard it referred to as a “failure”, perceived or otherwise.

    What possible criteria are the film’s detractors using to call it a failure? As much as I loved the living hell out of SCOTT PILGRIM (I thought it deserved to be the “sleeper hit” of the summer as well), at least it’s haters can point to a dismal box office and say, “See?”

  2. I saw it yesterday, it having opened here in the Yook this week. Astonishingly, I was not the oldest person (35) in the theatre (second).

    I won’t spoil it for anyone else over heah, but this is what I liked and didn’t like about Scott Pilgfilm:

    Magical Realism
    The opening titles
    Kim Pine
    Scott Pilgrim
    The Manslut
    Demon Hipster Chicks
    Young Neil
    Lynette Guycott
    The economics of time
    Envy Adams
    Envy Adams’ jacket
    What I can only assume is some kind of reference to Final Fantasy, where apparently repetitive extended animations are deemed an acceptable substitute for interactive gameplay
    Sexual politics
    That one fight that didn’t work for me in the book
    Chekov’s Gun
    Julie Powers

    Three people walked out part way through to get snacks. Then they walked out again and didn’t come back, or possibly changed seats. The urchin bastards behind me thought RED looked shit. There was mess everywhere. I wanted to kick everyone in the balls. EVERYONE.

    (“Green?” The hell?)
    (Oh! Yes! Totes!)


  3. You had to defeat Graeme’s evil ex-es?

  4. Ryan Reynolds is pretty brilliant at what he does; I’ve somehow followed him since Two Guys, a Girl, and a Pizza Place (with Nathan Fillion!) and he’s a master of the reaction shot, but I suspect Green Lantern is going to be a humongous bomb.

    (But I thought the same about Avatar.)

    They’re putting all their eggs in that basket, and I expect the basket to turn out to be a chum bucket. (That metaphor makes no sense.)

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