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Wait, What? Ep. 100: Year Zero

(One of my favorite hundredth issue covers, by Joe Staton and Dick Giordano for DC Comics)

I don’t know why, but for a moment there… I was very afraid this episode wouldn’t end up existing?  I think because, you know, you say something is a thing, as opposed to just being business as usual, and the next thing you know there’s a certain nimbus of expectation around it, even if only to yourself?  Sometimes it  seems like that kind of nimbus makes the best kind of target for capricious fate…

Anyway, enough of that “and then he tore his eyes out in the fifth act!” musing, join us behind the jump for show notes and celebratory waffles, yes?

0:00-8:24: Graeme brings a message to piss Jeff off…from the future!  What can it be? Hint: Before Watchmen is involved.  Laughs are had and the distance between qualified and unqualified is considered.
8:24-20:54: And on a related note–time for some red-hot sexy DC New 52 Issue #0 talk.  Batman, Inc. #0, Batwoman #0, Wonder Woman #0, Supergirl #0, Justice League #0, Earth 2 #0, and OMAC and DC Universe Presents #0.  Warning: Graeme has read 38 of these by now.  I mean that’s…wow.
20:54-46:59: ASM is being cancelled!? Jughead is going on hiatus?! (A reference to) cats and dogs living together under the same roof?! What the hell is happening?
Also, Graeme has the chance to have some quality time with the listeners. Also also, in the coming attractions end of thing, we discuss how Bendis’ X-Men is shaping up, in light of Avengers Vs. X-Men #11. Additionally, we run down Professor X’s CV. If you want to guys remembering off the top of their heads the names of Hank McCoy and Bobby Drake’s old girlfriends, this is where you want to be.
46:59-54:59: Mattotti and Zentner’s The Crackle of the Frost.  We actually talk about it, finally!
54:59-1:13:33: And from there, Jeff and Graeme go on to discuss Jennifer Blood, as conceived by Garth Ennis and executed by Al Ewing.
1:13:33-1:22:51: And from one crime book to another, we also talk about Stumptown issue 2.1 by Greg Rucka and Matthew Southworth. With special guest appearances by John Updike and J.D. Salinger!
1:22:51-1:30:24: And from there we got to Dave Stevens’ The Rocketeer?  I think it says something great about the current state of the comics marketplace that we can talk about three different type of pulp stories that are still a long ways away from superhero books.  Also, it’s Graeme’s turn to take a powder while Jeff gets to talk directly with the listeners.
1:30:24-2:16:04: Phone calls! From listeners!  We have them, and they are awesome.  Many thanks to Voodoo Ben, Alex, Robert G., Sean Witzke, J.L. Blair (whose call did not survive the round-the-world treatment, sadly and whom I initially misidentify, to boot) and Derek (or Garrett?).  Though most of the calls are just well-wishes, we do tackle a suggested topic–Jim Starlin at Marvel in the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s–at some length, as per Alex’s request.  Who says this isn’t the Golden Age for Whatnauts?
2:16:04-2:26:31: Jeff, whose attention span is crushed, all but leaps in mid-answer from talking about Hank Pym to discussing Bloodshot.  Graeme, for his part, has been catching up on old issues of Milestone Shadow Cabinet issues. Add ’em all together and you get…Chaykin’s Black Kiss 2 #2?  Not really, but we end up talking about that as well as well as the pretty brilliant (non-comix, though there’s a chart or two) book by Jarett Kobek, If You Won’t Read, Then Why Should I Write?
2:26:31-end: And then, because it wouldn’t be a Wait, What? podcast without goofy technical difficulties, Graeme turns into the Lord of the Flies again, a clear sign to sign off. (Although we also manage to praise Bandette #2, Double Barrel, the xckd strip Click & Drag, and Dustin Harbin’s Boxes before we’re done).  At one point, I’m laughing while Graeme is talking, and it just sounds like there should be the sounds of a building burning down and maybe some backmasked electric guitars…which is maybe the most fitting way to celebrate our hundredth episode?  Lord only knows what we’ll sound like by episode 150….
Anyway, you should be able to find it on iTunes (although there’s now that whole bullshit separate app for Podcasts, can you believe it?) as well as your RSS feeder of choice.  Alternately, you can take a swing at the audio pinata below:
Wait, What? Ep. 100: Year Zero
And then next week…Ep. 101?  (Man, I gotta go fan myself on the divan at the thought of it!) In any event, whether this is your first time listening to Wait, What? or your one hundredth, we hope you enjoy and thank you for listening!

32 Responses to “ Wait, What? Ep. 100: Year Zero ”

  1. Oh man, the link should be to http://theworkingdraft.com/media/podcasts/WaitWhat100.mp3 . . . hopefully commenting will link it so I can download it before work!

  2. Thanks Alex! You saved my Tuesday.

  3. Joe Stanton?

  4. @Alex: Alex, you have saved Christmas! Thanks, I’ve corrected the link. It’s a long story as to why it wasn’t right but…thanks!

    @Murray: Arghhhhh. Also: fixed! Also: Thanks!

  5. Congrats guys!
    Heres to 159 more :)

    Love Graeme’s idea of Steve Englehart doing the ‘New Avengers’, particularly Hank McCoy’s thought balloon.

    You guys seemed amazed on the episode to learn that you have listeners living abroad, so just letting you know I live in Sydney, Australia. Your influence spreads all the way down here, it is inescapable.

  6. Thanks for the many many accidental but wonderfully entertaining glimpses into your lives.

    I think it’s very true to say that I came for the McMillan but stayed for the Lester.

    And since (fellow country man) Dave Clarke mentioned it in the above post – I’ve been listening here in Japan since the first episode.

    Your influence is indeed akin to sinister Hydra-like tentacles.

  7. Greatest 100th episode of a podcast ever!

    Guys, you have no idea – I have been saying for years, without a trace of irony, that Ron Swanson is the greatest character in the history of television. To be associated with that character in any way is seriously one of the greatest compliments I’ve ever receieved. Thank you. :)

    Also, I think the arguement could be made that THE INFINITY GAUNTLET is the greatest company crossover Marvel has produced. Hearing you gentlemen speak so highly of Jim Starlin was a real treat. My ESSENTIAL WARLOCK has been on order for ages – my kingdom for better shipping!

    And Graeme, I have to call out you in particular – your love and enthusiam for 2000AD were a large part of the reason I picked up a digital subscription, a decision I have never regretted. I haven’t had the pleasure or opportunity to pick up aany of the collections, but I’m keeping my eyes open.

    Finally, since everyone else is doing it and I want to be one of the cool kids, I hail from Texas. Please don’t hold that against me. :)

  8. Massive massive congratulations on 100 podcasts, guys!

    Now, if I can only find the time to listen to another… :)


  9. Congratulations, fellas!

  10. Ah, Jim Starlin. I think I own 99% of his entire comics output. I may be missing an issue or two of Dreadstar, and maybe some of his real early fanzine work.

    I believe Starlin left Thanos partly because of the semi-concurrent Warlock mini by Greg Pak. I think he was not allowed to use Warlock because of it or somesuch, which led to harsh feelings. If that’s how it went down, the idea of Starlin not being able to use Warlock because another editorial office had dibs is more than a little silly.

    If you dig Infinity Gauntlet, please make sure you read Thanos Quest and 34-39 of Silver Surfer (or really, thru 50, but 34-39 are key) alongside it. All of it is top notch. Infinity War is… okay and Crusade can definitely be missed. Infinity Watch is okay, but is largely just a shoulder book to those crossovers. Then, in the 2000s, you have Infinity Abyss and Marvel The End, neither of which struck me as stories that NEEDED to be told. I barely remember them, really… which I guess says it all. Those led into the Thanos series.

    Don’t tell Jim Starlin, but, even as a big fan of his work, I liked the Keith Giffen issues of Thanos better (and they serve as one of the two lead ins to Annhilation, along with the Drax mini).

    Starlin’s work for DC often times felt flat to me, with the exceptions of Cosmic Odyessy and Batman.


    Re: New Stumptown – Ah, Jeff Lester’s torrid love affair with Greg Rucka continues. It’s interesting that you mentioned the Updike v. Salinger kerfuffle because, while I haven’t read enough Rucka to even consider that he might fit in with a true Iconoclast like Salinger, the less quoted portion of that review goes something like –

    Updike: “When all reservations have been entered, in the correctly unctuous and apprehensive tone, about the direction [Salinger] has taken, it remains to acknowledge that it is a direction, and that the refusal to rest content, the willingness to risk excess on behalf of one’s obsessions, is what distinguishes artists from entertainers, and what makes some artists adventurers on behalf of us all.”

    That’s a delectable bit of praise with a lot of foresight about the changing landscape of literature.

    I remembered the gist of that passage but in searching for its exact quotation I found this article from the New York Review of Books.


    In that article the author mentions the brilliant and somewhat counter-intuitive use of harsh contemporary criticism as an indication that the work might actually be very innovative and quite ahead of its time. It’s tough to find something mainstream that hasn’t been ingloriously fawned over (troubling) but does anyone in the thread have something that feels so out of step that it might actually be a forerunner of things to come?

    Re: DJ_Convoy and Cosmic Odyssey – I love that series. Great Batman – Great Superman – Really great John Stewart and Orion. M I G N O L A! Definitely a miss on Death of the New Gods but here – isolated from the universe at large – it’s a great bit of work.

    Re: Rocketeer – “Unnamed pulp hero pastiches doing the heavy lifting…” I really like your mash-up analogy and I think if I had just chalked it all up to being very much like a Girl Talk album I would have saved some time. Also, it should be pointed out that Mr. Gillis doesn’t get paid for those records.

    Gentlemen, I would have called, should have written, etc etc. but you’ve been good companions on many a long, grinding night / morning of “Time to make the donuts.” Thanks so very much!

  12. Not a complaint, but:

    Did anyone notice that the GM & JL vocal tracks didn’t seem to line up quite right? There were moments when it appeared that one was responding to another before the other had finished saying what he was saying.

    I know these guys are close but this verges on telepathy.

    Just curious about this pointless technical detail, but it was a mightily enjoyable conversation regardless!

  13. @RF: Yeah, I have no idea what was happening there but I noticed it in the editing but couldn’t figure out a way to fix it. As mentioned above, there was a *lot* of echo and before I edited it, there would frequently be this gap of about two seconds between when Graeme would finish saying something and I would reply. And yet other times, you’re right, it would sound like Graeme was replying to something before I’d finished saying it. So the sound quality was way more fuxxored than I would like…Knowing Graeme and what a trooper he is, it wouldn’t surprise me if he put up with a 2+ second delay for the entire conversation and neither mentioned it nor went insane.

    Hopefully, we’ll have better luck with ep. 101.

    @everyone else: I want to respond more to everyone’s comments (I was totally digging hearing where everyone is listening from, of course) but I’ll be away from the computer for the next 7+ hours. Please don’t let that stop anyone from commenting or chatting among one another (of course), but I wanted to at least let you know that all the comments up to now are tremendously appreciated!

  14. The brightly painted and ever laughing peoples of Britain have joined as with one heart to wish both Mr Jeff Lester and Mr. Graeme McMillan the heartiest of congratulations upon reaching this milestone event with their respective sanities intact!

    For Ep. 101 are you going to conduct the ‘cast with a cage filled with rats on each of your bonces? Hmm, maybe just get smashed on cheap gin? Easier to clear with the Health & Safety wallahs, I expect. Pip pip!

    The very, very best to you both, Well done! Jolly well done!

  15. Well, seeing as how the Mother Country has chimed in her approval, we Dominion folks would like to add our humble, more restrained, and unfailingly polite voice to the chorus of consensus celebrating 100 episodes well-done.

    A lifetime supply of Alpha Flight, along with a spiffy certificate to that effect had been planned, but we are still waiting on final approval of the french translation. Maybe next week.

    But seriously, kudos both. Your love and passion for comics, in a media corpus filled mostly with angry, entitled blowhards, is something I enjoy being part of. Not to suggest that you are trying to destroy comics to save them, but rather that you want comics to be the best they can be. And, I guess more importantly for me at least, you will call bull when they are not. We should expect no less of our critics, just as we should expect no less from our art.

    As Harlan Ellison once famously noted: “we are all told from the moment we open our eyes, that everyone is entitled to his or her opinion. Well, that’s horsepuckey, of course. We are not entitled to our opinions; we are entitled to our INFORMED opinions. Without research, without background, without understanding, it’s nothing. It’s just bibble-babble.”

    Keep on providing that research, that background and that understanding for another hundred guys. You may bring the jibber-jabber, but never have your brought the bibble-babble.

    All my best,

    — Corey (Ottawa)

  16. Hey, Johan from New Zealand here to wish you charming chaps a very happy anniversary. Sadly I was calling from some deep dark place at the bottom of the globe so my voice mail message was inaudible, so here’s a transcript of my call from memory: (imagine this in my voice which you don’t know what it sounds like).
    “Podcasters! It’s J***** here wishing you a heart felt pat on the back for the spectacular achievement of reaching your prologue to snack-sized giant-sized Wait, What no. 159.1 WAFFLE NOW variant edition or whatever the hell this episode gets called.
    Anyway, um, I think I’ve listened and/or slept through every Wait, What episode there is -except for that one on BritPop, which I just didn’t need in my ears- other than that, I hear it ever and miss it never.
    And if it weren’t for you chaps I’d know a lot less about Steve Englehart and fewer possibly apocryphal (or at least wildly inaccurate) facts about Matt Fraction —
    for this and much, much more I thank you.
    Hopefully your very special episode here will take the form of a clip show with you two fondly reminiscing about past episodes finishing in a montage set to the tune of Diane Keaton singing “seems like old times” or the superman theme — or will follow through with the Marvel numbering style and make it a bumper issue of reprint material at a high-high price.
    I’m sure it’ll be both spectacular and hilarious whatever it is.
    I also hope after last episode’s musings that Jeff pitches a story about Archina going on a journey to discover what America means to her, whilst wearing pigtails.
    Anyway, just want to say ‘well done’ there, you guys Engle my hart every week, except for those skip weeks which are just depressing…
    Here’s to another 159.1 episodes or so and to the eventual reboot of the show into “Wait, what now?”
    Well, the end.”

    I just hope the show does continue past this episode, what with this one ending with Graeme being possessed by Howard Chaykin’s cinema beast — I hear there are some pretty good exorcists in Poland if he’s still under the sway of Black Kiss 2.

    ~Julian from Melbourne Australia (should I include my area code?)

  17. I’d be very interested to hear what Graeme has to say about Ennis’ Boys exit interviews, specificially that “Hopefully I won’t have to write about them again” qualifier.

  18. Congrats on your 100th, IMO, you guys are the tops when it comes to comics podcasting. Always fun and thought-provoking.

    If I recall right (and I may not be), I think it was Bill Mantlo who first introduced other Infinity Gems besides the Soul Gem, with the character of the Gardener in a Marvel Team Up. Englehart later created the grand unifying theory of the Elders being the keepers of the Infinity Gems (and I think they may have been referred to as Soul Gems until Starlin) during his Silver Surfer run. It was a classic example of each writer building on what came before.

  19. So I listened to some of the podcast and, wait, what about those Show Notes? Everyone knows these are the best show notes in the business, right? I mean not only does Mr. Jeff Lester allude to Oedipus but I think it might even be a specific allusion to Dryden’s Oedipus? (Maybe? Bit rusty on the Dryden to be honest). The show notes are a post in themselves is what I’m saying! Better writing than most comics and that’s no lie.

    And Generous Graeme is darn tootin’ when he says some appreciation should be tendered to Mr. Jeff Lester for all his technical wizadry. He comes off all modest and like he’s doing the equivalent of changing a lightbulb with one foot in a bucket of water, but he always gits ‘er done! Hey now, but Gamboling Graeme undersells himself as ever! Every Kirby needs his Simon, every Don his Heck, every Richards his DOOM! Okay, maybe not that last one. You’re a package deal, guys!

    So, yeah, I skipped around because…time? And I appreciate the fact that you gave BK2 another shot; maybe even thawing to it? But it just wasn’t as funny as last time (Jeff: “Why am I not aroused! What is the point of this thing if it fails to arouse me! Fie upon you, Howard Victor Chaykin. Fie,I say!” Graeme: “I was GLAD it wasn’t on the digital best sellers chart! GLAD, I tell you!”)I will use you to vicariously experience the thing until my country no longer punishes ART!

    As for Brian Michael Shakespeare’s X-Men…how long do you reckon until he can resist the allure of the maudlin no longer and has one of his time-tossed teens notice that the skyline of New York looks “..different..shorter…”. Cue 20 (or is it 19, or 17 now?) pages of wide teary eyes and bitten lower lips and…Eisners all round! I know, I know you are saying that the boiler suit X-Men are from the ’60s and the Twin Towers didn’t open until the early ’70s, but, y’know, Eisners! I bet he does it. I so bet he does it. A bet I am more than happy to lose.

    In the Joe Staton image adorning the podcast whose the guy in Yellow and red with a mixing bowl on his head? I think that’s a fantastic drawing that bit. Who is he? Rip Hunter? A Sea Devil? I’m asking who’s telling?

    I’ll try and catch more later. Thanks to the BOTH a youse!

  20. I feel bad that I didn’t call… Congrats on the 100th episode, and here’s hoping for many more. Definitely my most looked-forward-to podcast every week, and my favorite thing to listen to while i’m out walking my dog.

    Graeme and Jeff, your enthusiasm and love for comics always comes through, as well as the pleasure you take in talking to each other. Thanks so much for doing what you do

  21. @Johnk(UK): That my dear sir, is SPACE RANGER! who first appeared in Showcase #15 (July ’58), and was created by writers Edmond Hamilton and Gardner Fox with artist Bob Brown. You probably didn’t recognize him without his pink baloon pal, Cryll, the shapeshifter from beyond Pluto!

    I love that Silver Age something fierce.

  22. Man, how depressing would it have been if Graeme was being mauled by an intruder during Jeff’s encomium. Sure am glad THAT didn’t happen!

    Congrats on 100, guys, and thanks.

  23. AHHH Jeff’s Nightcrawler gives Graeme’s Wolverine a run for the money.

    The Crackle of the Frost really is gorgeous. These 2 pages are really amazing: http://www.flickr.com/photos/fantagraphics/7703151194

    Great podcast, guys! And while you both may disagree about which one of you is the best part of the podcast, I can tell you that the two of you make one great show and we are all lucky to have it. THANK YOU.

    (Kansas City)

  24. Thanks for a happy hundredth from the Kingdom of Leith, and cheers for the wonderful memories of that Showcase issue – it’s an entire Crisis in a single book (Lois, Angel and the rest were so brave and resourceful!).

    Ta to Graeme for answering my Formspring query about Steve Englehart, and to Jeff for just generally being a Chap.

    I’d disagree that the Starlin Marvel Team-Up and Two-In One Annuals needed to be accompanied by a reading of the few Thanos stories that came immediately before them; I came across them in (if memory serves) the black and white Marvel UK Rampage Monthly and Marvel Superheroes and got along just fine – back then, remember, editorial cared enough to have writers recap.

  25. Congratulations on 100 episodes! My Tuesday commute is my happiest commute.

    If you’ve finished the Dreadstar Omnibus, can I ask you how it reads? Where does it fall on the Wait What scale of comic book awesomeness? Is it another Casanova or West Coast Avengers? Or another (gah!) Fear Itself?

  26. Happy 100th, however you want to count it! I really get a lot out of each podcast, and kind of miss the old Comix Experience days since I moved to the East Bay.

    Much respect and love. Only a little resentment, but that’s because you guys are such a don’t-miss experience that it kills my productivity each time a new podcast comes out.

    Cheers and here’s to as many more as you can stand!

  27. @Corey (Ottawa): Ah, thanks! You and your Silver Age!

  28. Oh, congratulations.

  29. Congrats Graeme & Jeff!

  30. You guys should definitely read Mr. Blair’s VM aloud during the next podcast! That was pretty great.

    Also I finally ran into a waffle truck http://waffleamore.com/ here in the San Jose area and seriously only tried the liege waffles because of Jeff’s rantings. It was awesome. I considered making a VM about waffles but I hate talking on the phone so accept this comment again. And congrats! But mostly waffles. (Oh also I met someone in SF who’d eaten at the Waffle Window and I simply had to tell her about your podcast, she was baffled but it was okay).

  31. And a hundred more! No – a thousand more! NO! A MILLION! Wait, What? in the year twenty-one thousand, beamed directly into your brain by Cyborg Jeff and Nanocloud Graeme, the way it was always meant to be!

  32. I would listen to Nanocloud Graeme talk about the cleanse

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