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Wait, What? Ep. 106: You Are Number Six.

Jeff Lester

At Graeme’s Behest: the cover to Colder #1

Yeah, that’s a pleasant way to get your Tuesday rolling, eh?

Anyhoo, very truncated version of things this time around, I’m afraid but after the jump…show notes!

So yeah, I’ve got a trip that I’ll be on for a few days which means I’m trying to write this AND pack AND panic AND forget the one thing I’m not going to remember until I’ve been the road for two hours.  But am I letting any of that get in the way of bringing you this podcast?  I say thee: nay!  (Though, verily, I shall admit to assing it by half…)

Oh, and I got a big upgrade on the recording end of things but unfortunately it may be why there’s a bit of crackle in the opening of the podcast.  Sorry about that–I hope to have that figured out by next episode…

0:00-41:19:  Greetings!  The small talk is eensy-sized this time around as we get right into the topic of the news that day–the pending cancellation of Hellblazer at Vertigo and the launch of Constantine over at the DCU. Graeme brings the facts; Jeff brings the wild conspiratorial speculation.  (Also, Jeff was a little behind the curve this week, so feel free to create a quick & easy drinking game where you take a drink every time Graeme informs him of something of which he was unaware. You will be feeling no pain in absolutely no time at all.)  Is Vertigo effed in the ay?  Maybe. Is that as bad for the marketplace as it would’ve been ten years ago?  Maybe not.  Somewhat tangentially related: whatever happened to the NuMarvel generation of creators? Why does Aardvark Books in San Francisco have the used graphic novel section that it does?  And other questions lead us into…

41:19-41:54: Intermission 1!

41:54-1:08:21:  For an early birthday present, Jeff picked up a digital subscription to 2000AD and Graeme has been keeping up with it lately, and so much discussion ensues over issues #1806-1808. Spoilers ahoy (especially for #1808). Want to hear us talk Judge Dredd by Al Ewing and Henry Flint; ABC Warriors by Pat Mills and Clint Langley; Brass Sun by Ian Edgington and I.N.J. Culbard; Low Life by Rob Williams and D’Israeli; and The Simping Detective by Simon Spurrier and Simon Coleby?  Then this is the thirty-seven minutes for you! ( Oh, and if you’ve never seen the original Prisoner–spoilers! at 1:00:36-1:01:36.)

1:08:21-1:11:19: Then, at the very tail end of things, Graeme discusses Action Comics #14 by Grant Morrison, Sholly Fisch, Rags Morales and Chris Sprouse.  Because he just couldn’t bring himself to wait until after…

1:11:19-1:11:42:  Intermission 2!

1:11:42-end:  Since Graeme has been to the store (and Jeff hasn’t), he leads with reviews, in alphabetical order, no less, of Colder by Paul Tobin and Juan Ferreyra; Earth 2 #6 by James Robinson and Nicola Scott; Iron Man #1 by Kieron Gillen and Greg Land (and also AvX: Consequences); Stumptown v2 #3 by Greg Rucka and Matthew Southworth; Willow Wonderland #1 by Jeff Parker and Brian Ching; and, outside of alphabetical order (and our natural laws of time, space, and arguably taste), the X-Men: Iceman hardcover collecting the miniseries by J.M. DeMatteis and Alan Kupperberg from 1984.

Jeff, by contrast, is utterly flummoxed by the digital comic Batman: Li’l Gotham by Dustin Nguyen and Derek Fridolfs and happily shares the flum with everyone.  And while we’re on the flum tip, Jeff also explains his preparations for reading Marvel comics in a legit non-piratey way as well as his first current Marvel comic in a long time: Captain America #19 by Ed Brubaker and Steve Epting.  Also, the book that really knocked him off his chair: the third issue of Ethan Rilly’s Pope Hats:  a stunningly strong piece of cartooning and storytelling that is completely worth your time and cash.

[Stealth bonus #1: we also talk about Sean Howe’s amazing Marvel Comics: The Untold Story a bit more toward the end.]

[Stealth bonus #2:  Rather than edit out that bit about my Skype pic, here it is in it’s teeny-tiny glory:]


[Stealth bonus #3:  You’ll know it when you hear it…]

Again, apologies the show notes are so sparse this time around.  To make up for it, I put this up into the ether a little early so you may have already seen the podcast already on iTunes.  But if not,  you are certainly encouraged to have at it below:

Wait, What? Ep. 106: You Are Number Six.

As always, we hope you enjoy and thank you for listening!


14 Responses to “ Wait, What? Ep. 106: You Are Number Six. ”

  1. Please pitch **Corps: Blimey!** now go go go go go

  2. Have some codes for Jeff to pass on (AVX mini and an Avenging Spidey done in one). Is there a particular e-mail address I can use?

  3. Can I say, I didn’t notice any extra ranting about Superman Earth One in the show notes. Kotaku wasn’t enough hate! I haven’t listened to the show yet, but I will be very disappointed if there isn’t at least 10 minutes dedicated to hating on JMS and that book

  4. Re: the slow quiet death of Vertio and Image books needing editors
    Isn’t the easiest solution to both these issues just for Kirkman to hire Karen Burger at Skybound?

    Re: 2000AD
    I picked up the PDF of 1807 because of all the good buzz I was hearing about it and thought it was groovy. Love the simping detective art and the crazy shark in a suit. ABC Warriors is a bit much for me though. Gonna go back for 1808 next payday

    Re: Training grounds for new creators
    Surely web comics cant be discarded for this. Thats how the Atomic Robo guy got start (name escapes me at the moment), and Kate Beaton.

  5. True story: I gave that Iceman miniseries to J.M. DeMatteis to sign at Baltimore con in 2008 and he was all like, “Aw geez, this was embarrassing. I’m sorry if you didn’t like it.” Apparently he doesn’t have that high of an opinion of it either.

  6. @tim: If you want to send those to waitwhatpodcastATgmailDOTcom, that would be very appreciated, sir!

    @Matt T.: Oh, man. You took my dumb joke and turned into dumb gold! That really would be fantastic.

    @Matthew Ishii: You will be disappointed. I’ll try to remember to goad Graeme about it when we record this week.

    @DaveClarke: Yeah, definitely go back–I’ve been digging it and I haven’t picked up this week’s issue (which Graeme liked lots). As for the training ground, I think webcomics are great for some more compact forms of storytelling (closer to daily and sunday strips) but there’s still a jump between those and pacing a 20-22 book. And while those with talent can make that jump, I do think having people learn those chops while inside the sausage factory itself is helpful.

    @Dan Coyle: That’s a great story about JMD! I’m surprised he was willing to color your opinion about it that way, though…

  7. Hey, what ongoing webcomics that break the strip format have you guys liked?

    I mainly bring this up because some of my favorite webcomics are Gunnerkrigg Court and Bad Machinery, neither of which really attempt that one page structure. I do read them in batches, which makes a difference. I also like Homestuck, but I’ve been on a break for about a year. It’s a really taxing read to follow day by day.

    I agree with Jeff’s flum regarding Lil Gotham.

    And doesn’t Dark Horse fall into the Vertigo category, in regards to Vertigo being a place to own your work while still getting a salary? I’m not too clear on the models of various publishers

  8. I have a caveat to the comment that the nu52 waves have seen diminishing returns – the 2nd wave contained the most interesting books of the line: Batman Inc., Dial H and Earth 2. More books like those and things would be gravy.

    My cynical side thinks that maybe Vertigo is getting shutdown as it’s been under performing as an IP farm since it’s early days – the most success they have is with Moore’s work and characters, which they own, and Gaiman’s catalogue and characters, which they own. Maybe a numbers man looked at the overall returns and saw no point continuing with it all if it’s never produced anything else on par for successfully exploiting since those early days.
    I think Vertigo ceased to be the major training ground for new and interesting talent awhile ago, and Image has already taken it’s place. All of the Marvel Architects except for Aaron started at Image (and several are heading back there), Kirkman started at image, Kieron Gillen and Jamie Mckelvie started there, Brubaker and Phillips have found a larger audience there, Brian K Vaughn is having success there, James Stokoe, Brandon Graham, that guy who did Non-Player and a bunch of other exciting new artists have books coming out from there. I think Vertigo is so empty because Image has replaced it as the exciting comics line. (Grant Morrison and Howard Chaykin dipping their toes in certainly helps the argument).

    It’s a shame $2.99 books don’t have download codes, because Jeff is going to miss out on most of the good stuff Marvel do.

  9. I’m going to make a crazy prediction just in case it turns out.

    The new training ground for new comic creators is Extreme Studios.
    Liefeld gave Brandon Graham as much room to do whatever he wants (including bringing on friends to do backups) as well as taking away a lot of the finacial risk for him and it resulted in one of the most talked about books currently running.
    If he keeps it going, and finds more indie guys and gives them work for hire gigs with zero boundaries, you’ll see some interesting experimentation come out and we may get some new big names out of it.

  10. Totally agreed on Pope Hats #3, and the beard looks excellent.

    Also, (and I don’t know if it’s only recently come back into print or what) Pope Hats #1 is available from adhouse. Unfortunately, issue #2 is out of print.


  11. Top show, chaps. Codes for three of today’s Marvel Now! books sent by Twitter Direct Message – read ’em or don’t!

  12. I’m sad to see “Hellblazer” go. 300 issues is a hell of a run for a comic in this day and age, especially one with such a baffling name. Now that it’s over, can someone tell me why DC named the magazine “Hellblazer”? I’ve never understood it.

  13. re: Hellblazer, DC planned on calling it “Hellraiser”, and at the 11th hour learned that Clive Barker had beat them to it and had to come up with something in a hurry.

    If you want to sample the current 2000 AD, their online site put up the 1st episode of Cold Deck for free here:

  14. In the discussion of Vertigo, I believe Graeme mentioned that Saucer Country is ending, but I can’t find any verification of that. Is it for certain? Cornell is leaving Demon Knights and will be writing something new for Marvel, but claimed on his blog a few days ago that he will still be writing Saucer Country…

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