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Wait, What? Ep. 111: Things That Go Wrong…

Jeff Lester

It’s….not easy to explain. Trust me.

Oh, man.  Remember all the questions you guys asked us and we didn’t get to?  Well, don’t say we didn’t start 2013 right!

After the jump:  Show notes,  no more terrifying photos, still kissing with saliva, etc., etc.

0:00-12:00:  Greetings!  Before the comics talk, Graeme and Jeff catch up with what they did during the holidays.  Unsurprisingly, Jeff got sick and moped.  Even less surprisingly, Graeme worked. And worked.  And worked.  Other exciting topics covered:  inadvertent tech problems, deliberate tech problems, Cocoa Pebbles, Cocoa Puffs, and Cocoa Krispies and Honey Monster, the Sugar Puffs mascot.
12:00-29:03: Jeff talks about the first season of American Horror Story, which is another “what we did during the holidays” topic, and that leads into a discussion about things that go wrong, TV, and includes mention of The West Wing and Agatha Christie’s Tommy and Tuppence.  And, just as we almost start talking about comics, we swerve and talk about Misfits about which, in a weird reversal of the status quo, Jeff is caught up on and Graeme is not.  Also, you will never know how much coughing I had to edit out to make this sound at all listenable, but it was kind of a lot.  Some of them I had to keep in so we could (sort of) hear Graeme.  Sorry about that.
29:03-36:16:  Graeme lists the comics he’s read! Hey everybody, we’re talking about comics!  Well, starting to talk about comics! Well, almost…starting to…talk…
36:16-36:52: Intermission Uno!
36:52-38:52:  Hey, who has two thumbs and has been interviewed again by Canadian Television? This guy….Graeme McMillan, whom we all know.  Yes, CL Cool Graeme (Canada Loves Cool Graeme) is burning up the airwaves.
38:52-56:58:  Comics!  We were supposed to talk about all those books Graeme listed so of course…we don’t talk about them.  Instead, we talk about Amazing Spider-Man #700.
56:58-1:05:35: And from there, we talk a spot of news–the promotions of Bob Harras and Hank Kanalz over at DC. Also, those great lists of CE’s top-selling books for 2012.
1:05:35-1:05:50: And so…we finally get around to talking about the list of comics Graeme bought!  Or….do we? (Hint: we don’t).
1:05:50-1:06:38: Intermission Two!
1:06:38-1:07:23: And we’re back…and the sound is a bit hinky for some reason? Have we thanked you for continuing to listen to us recently?  We really should!
1:07:23-1:23:23:  Remember that list of comics Graeme mentioned way back when?  Here it is! A delightful batch of old issues Graeme picked up at his local comic book shop’s sale: Batman and the Outsiders Annual #1 (1984); DC Comics Presents #60 (Superman and Guardians of the Universe);    Machine Man #10 by Marv Wolfman and Steve Ditko; Micronauts Annual #1 (1979); Mr. Miracle Special by Mark Evanier and Steve Rude (1987); and the DC Comics Mystery In Space DC Presents One-Shot (2004) featuring Elliot S! Maggin & J.H. Williams III, and Grant Morrison & Jerry Ordway.
1:23:23-1:39:12: Also, something comics-related(!):  Graeme and I talk Final Crisis since both of us (weirdly enough) had re-read it in the last month or so:  ccontinuity, the New 52, reverse time, and issues of race, are among the subjects of our conversational hand-wringing. Then…techpocalypse forces us to cut things short in mid-convo and try again.
1:39:12-1:39:32: Intermission 3!
1:39:32-1:42:35: And we are back! (After a few failed attempts, which were a bit on the crazy-making side of things?)  So it’s back to more Final Crisis talk–where are those Batman issues?  What about the Legion of 3 Worlds?
1:42:35-end: And now on to some quick chat about new comics–Flash #15 and its amazing second half by Francis Manapul; New Avengers #1 by Jonathan Hickman and Steve Epting (including a shout-out to Abhay’s fantastic commentary on Hickman’s Secret); Sachie-Chan Good!! by Akira Toriyama and Masakazu Katsura (which inspires Graeme to recount the “Miss Universe” pitch from the Downey Files podcast); Batman Inc. #6; Saga #8; Wonder Woman #15; Fatale #11 by Brubaker and Phillips; Prophet #32; Godzilla: The Half-Century War #4; Witch-Doctor: Mal Practice #2; and (digitally) the first volume of Kikaider by Shotaro Ishinomori (sooooo good!)  And then a little after the two hour mark–we are finished!  For now. [Cue ominous music…]

As I’m a bit out of practice, a bit sick, and staring down the barrel of an early wake-up call, let me just cut through the niceties and say: it’s good to be back!  (Hold up, brain: isn’t that a nicety right there?)  And blah blah blah blah iTunes, but also right here, and so on:

Wait, What? Ep. 111: Things That Go Wrong

Ah, but no worries we will be back next week–here is to a Happy New Year to all and, as you may have guessed, we thank you for listening!

17 Responses to “ Wait, What? Ep. 111: Things That Go Wrong… ”

  1. I laughed out loud at “CL Cool Graeme.”

  2. Thanks, but I could have done without the “Misfits” discussion, because I don’t know what the fuck that is, and your podcast failed to adequately explain what the fuck you were even talking about. You assumed your audience knew what you were taking about. Never a good idea. Too much dextromethorphan Jeff (or not enough)? In fact, your negative review made me not want to even consider wasting my time on what sounds like total shit. Thanks for that, though as Jeff suggests, I could have easily skipped over that waste of time by following the show notes. I would rather listen to Jeff cough than discuss “Misfits” (whatever the fuck that is… and I still don’t care.)

    Jeff’s theory on Final Crisis being relevant to the New DC 52 also sounded like a fever dream brought on by too much dextromethorphan (or not enough).

    And thank goodness you gentleman didn’t entertain those boring and stupid waste of time questions you subject yourselves to any longer. Those are always the worst podcasts, mostly because the questions are stupid and beneath your doped up intelligence.


  3. Sorry you didn’t like some of the show Robert. Maybe, in addition to providing a free show you can start and stop as you please, one of the hosts will supply time codes allowing you to see what is discussed, meaning you can skip past the parts that don’t interest you. Maybe one day that will happen.

  4. @M&S: Thank you! It was very much a spur of the moment thing.

    @Robert G: You are starting 2013 with your pugilistic spirit intact, I see. You are, at the very least, right about our discussion of Misfits–I think because we’d mentioned it in passing on a few other discussions, I thought it’d be the kind of thing people would be up to snuff on? But that is kinda absurd.

    Anyway, I blame the vacation rather than the dextromethorphan. With luck, we’ll get a bit sharper as we get back in the swing of things. (Although we will be answering those questions!) Hope you’re having a good new year.

    @Dr. Timebomb: I appreciate the support and defense, but Mr. G. has proven himself enough of a true Whatnaut I think we can chalk this up to post-evil-2012 blues and move on…

  5. Well, I kind of fuzzed out at the Misfits talk because I gave up on the series for the lame reason that I didn’t like any of the characters and couldn’t get past that. I say “lame” because that’s about the critical level of “it wasn’t happy people doing happy things” (which was the sole criteria one friend of mine chose movies by).

    Though, funny, I just reread Final Crisis, too. I’m curious about the Absolute Edition but, really, $100? And I’ll chime in that I still find it really engaging, with or without annocommentations handy. The fractured nature of the narrative (plot beats pop up and disappear, characters have only a rising arc, and so on) can get cute and frustrating, but are justified on that meta level mentioned in the podcast — the Crisis is eating narrative. It still boils down, for me, to: Morrison actually managed to make me feel like something was at stake. For all the cosmic tsuris that, say, Thanos can stir up, rarely is that real sense of “bad, seriously bad shit”. Maybe it was the interesting reformulation of Anti-Life, being not just to Kirby’s lack of choice/free will to the explicit listing of components, such as depression and self-criticism, that we each feel sometimes, that grounded the cosmic in our everyday struggles and losses (and wins) with ourselves, and our lives. Made me understand how Darkseid could be scratching away at the edges of each of our consciousnesses.

    Or, uh, maybe I’m reading too much into it. Hey, 2012 was kind of a rough year.

  6. Graeme!

    Your description of Future Tense (UK anthology of Rom, Micronauts, Conan and Machine Man!) and the related VALOUR (reprints of Thor, Dr Strange, and….DEVIL DINOSAUR!) makes me so jealous. A weekly package of pure awesome for a mere 35p!

    All the best in 2013, gents.

  7. Holy shit Jeff!!

    Mighty MORPHINE Power Rangers!!! (1hr:40ish)

    Man! I’d watch that show !
    (and collect the inaction figures)

  8. I recently bought the 3rd season of Misfits on iTunes (mostly cos I felt bad about watching the first two on youtube) and found it completely pointless.
    It seemed every episode picked a character to focus on and would occasionally spin over to the other characters as if to go “oh yeah, those guys are still here too”.

    Hope you feel better soon Jeff

  9. The mascot character for Cocoa Puffs is Sunny the Cuckoo Bird, who yells “I’m cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs!” everytime he sees a bowl of that cereal.

    Just in case you were still wondering.

  10. Evanier and Rude’s Mister Miracle Special is perfect comics! It’s my favorite Rude, and what Graeme said about him not being as Kirby as Rude’s been known to be is one reason why. Sometimes it feels like Rude can’t find his way out of the other end of the Kirby cave and still be himself, but in MM he feels fully formed.

    Ear to ear smiles when I read that comic. Thanks for reminding me of it, guys.

  11. Hey guys,
    I just wanted to clarify something about Final Crisis. From the discussion it made it seem like you two thought Morrison wrote the Run one-shot, but it was actually Matthew Sturges.
    Graeme, i was a little disappointed that you didn’t talk about the Mystery In Space one-shot a bit more since i had recently read it this weekend and it’s a book that seems to have been lost to history. I found it to be an interesting failure but it’s always fascinating when Morrison tackles books at a meta-level like that, juxtaposing a standard Strange action story with commentary political climate surrounding the character’s creation, and I thought you’d have a bit more to say on it.
    Regardless, keep up the fantastic work guys

  12. Another vote for Mystery in Space talk. I actually consider it one of my favorite Morrison pieces, although I will admit to admiring what it tries to do more than what it may have ended up being. Still, I felt his and Ordway’s comic made the case that behind these space-age stories, there was this down-to-earth, real life story that had a vibrancy all its own. I think that was important to do.

  13. Hey Mike – Sturges wrote the Run spin-off mini after Final Crisis, but we were talking about the Morrison-written, Matt Clark-drawn one-shot from the middle of the mini. I think it’s called Submit? I can’t remember, did we call it Run in the podcast? If so, we are idiots.

    And the Morrison Mystery in Space… I keep coming back to it, and it makes me want to re-read Supergods, because I suspect parts of the metacommentary ended up in there. Hmmm.

  14. I always thought Final Crisis would have been a better segue to the new 52. If you just had Seven Soldiers, Final Crisis, and the New #1s, it would read better than Flashpoint in which Barry basically murders the Post-Crisis DCU. But then you have Superman murdering the Post-Crisis DCU by wishing it wrong, so maybe that isn’t the best way to read it.

  15. In retrospect it is a try-out for Supergods, yes.

  16. Graeme, I know you and Jeff have talked about Suicide Squad in the past. Have you made it to the Janus Directive crossover (with Captain Atom and Checkmate)? It features the end of The Force of July (with everyone but Major Victory dead within the span of four issues), and is pretty much the only interesting thing that happens with them after that one Batman and the Outsiders annual.

  17. Great episode. I’ve had the first series of Misfits for ages and still not gotten to it. Me day.

    I have watched the first season on American Horror Story and almost gave up, it really is a kitchen sink drama in that they throw everything in there in the hope something would stick. The last couple of episodes were better than expected, but for goodness’ sake, they didn’t manage one moment that creeped me out.

    I vaguely remember Tommy and Tuppence, though I think it aired as Agatha Christie’s Partners in Crime here in the UK.

    My favourite Marvel UK comics were the sideways ones, Titans and (deep breath) Super Spider-Man with the Superheroes, which turned the A4 pages on their side to squeeze in two US pages on each side.

    I’ve always hated Sugar Puffs, they smell like wee that’s been left in the bog overnight.

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