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Wait, What? Ep. 113: Technically Difficult

Jeff Lester

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A page from Shotaro Ishinomori’s Kikaider, which we didn’t even discuss this week but which I kinda adore, nonetheless…


You may not care.  In fact, you may be relieved but either way, Graeme and I will not be talking one another’s ear off this week so there won’t be anything for you to listen to from us next week.  Maybe you can get out of the house for a bit?  Go for a walk?  Realize that although it’s probably too late to do that “52 books  in 52 weeks” you promised, you can maybe still get in 48 in 48 weeks?

Either way, we are here today, gone tomorrow (by which we mean: next week).

As for that “here today” part–show notes after the jump!

Yeah, we had all kinds of technical problems again…sorry about that.  Maybe one day soon, we will try tech solution Omega…but I’m not looking forward to that too much, to be honest.  I’m hoping we can come up something a little bit better than using an atomic bomb we worship as a god to blow up the planet…

0:00-8:49: Hello! 113 is apparently an unlucky number?  Graeme reports on the bounce houses in the sky, and also a story about a prison break that seems very Beagle Boy-esque.
8:49-27:47: ‘Comic news’ is a great term because most people would say it’s neither.  Nonetheless, we discuss the new column by Bob Harras and Bobbie Chase (which they call B&B, but I sort of wish they’d titled “Two Bobs and a Weave”), the news of writers getting pulled off their books before their first issues are even out, etc., etc. Sadly, we have a dose of  our infuriatingly intermittent tech problems plaguing us a bit during this conversation (that eventually builds to a somewhat hilarious obsession on Jeff’s part about whether or not he’s rocking in his chair too much, or at all).  Our apologies.  Poor DC–once we’re done with that, we grouse about their really bad covers, lately.  Also, Jeff has a metaphor for the New DC that probably reveals a bit too much about his family past, maybe.
27:47-41:17:  And because Marvel doesn’t get a free pass (except when they do), we also discuss the upcoming Thanos Rising miniseries and compare/contrast with DC’s Birds of Prey debacle.  Also, Jeff tries to start an urban legend where if you look in a mirror and say “Mark Badger, Mark Badger, Mark Badger” three times, a Batman miniseries appears. A discussion of how much “there” needs to be there for a comics news story to be a news story…
41:17-41:38: Intermission (Jaunty)!
41:38-53:30:  Comic books!  Graeme and Jeff discuss New Avengers #2 by Jonathan Hickman and Steve Epting; and Jeff talks about how Marvel is creeping him out a little bit.
53:30-1:00:09: Captain America #3!  Graeme isn’t reading it; Jeff is, but is somewhat troubled by Cap being less of a Kirbyesque Cap than a Milleresque Cap, and later, while editing the podcast, is a little horrified that this is a complaint he actually made with his face.
1:00:09-1:05:53: Graeme has read the latest issue of Daredevil and then an advance ARC of Paul Pope’s The One Trick Rip-Off.  After more techie problems, we decided to jump just a bit early and come back with a different (and more reliable) mic.
1:05:53-1:06:15: Intermission (Jazzy)!
1:06:15-1:08:17:  Round Three!  Graeme has noticed something about the latest Marvel solicitations that suggests they’re not reading them especially closely.  He also has good news about Avengers Assemble #14?
1:08:17-1:14:57:  Batman #16 and Batman and Robin #16!  The Death of the Family stuff is just intensely, baroquely fucked up in a way that reminds Jeff of another Batman book that may not be what Scott Snyder and the Bat-team had in mind…
1:14:57-1:23:42:  Issues #5 and #6 of Black Kiss 2!  It’s the grand wrap-up of a this mighty odd sequel from Howard Chaykin.
1:23:42-1:42:13:  Questions, finally!   Al Ewing asked: Where do you stand on:
1) Vodka And Coke;
2) Christmas Crackers;
3) Dennis The Menace vs Dennis The Menace And Gnasher;
4) Big sacks with ‘SWAG’ on them vs Big sacks with ‘$’ on them;
5) The ‘aggro style’ UK comics of the late seventies;
6) Hi-style design-heaviness in US superhero work – could the design sensibility of a David Aja or a Johnathan Hickman replace the hem-hem ‘design’ sensibility of bendy spines and porn poses and upskirt angles if we all wish really really hard?
7) Bad Machinery/Girls With Slingshots/Dinosaur Comics
1:42:13-1:56:19: Mo Walker asked:
1). If you could put together an Avengers/Justice League style team comprised of Kirby characters, who would make the cut?
2). What are your thoughts on series 4 of Misfits?
1:56:19-1:59:40: JohnK (UK) asked:
1) A revival of Quality’s BIG BEN – The Man With No Time For Crime by Al Ewing and J Bone – Yes or No? QUICKLY! Yes or No?
2) Biggest Loss to Comics’ archive: ROM, ATARI FORCE or MICRONAUTS(original runs, natch!)
3) Who really owns Marvelman (in less than 10 words)?
4) a) Was “Jimmy Broxton” the artist on KNIGHT & SQUIRE a pseudonym? b)If so, who for?
1:59:40-end:  Closing comments.  Extra apologies.  A notice is made (as it was above) that next week is a skip week and so we will not be around but shall return the week after that.

If all of this sets your glands a-salivatin’, then feel free to pull up a stool and being listening now!

Wait, What? Ep. 113: Technically Difficult

As always, we hope you enjoy and thanks for listening!

51 Responses to “ Wait, What? Ep. 113: Technically Difficult ”

  1. Yes, Micronauts ran too long. But like every series that runs too long, there are some additional minor peaks reached after slogging through the intervening swamp lands. (Mostly: almost none of the on-Earth material worked for teenage me.)

    Rom was about the right length. Shogun Warriors either never launched properly, or was cut off too soon.

  2. THE SCORE is the Jones/Badger series you’re thinking of, from Piranha Press. I don’t recall what was actually said publicly and what was just rumored, but there was something about DC wanting some changes in the material and Jones and Badger getting promised a Batman mini (presumably RUN RIDDLER RUN) in the negotiations to get the changes made. The whole story never made much sense to me, so I always assumed there was one big piece missing in the middle of the puzzle that would make sense of it.

  3. What’s the appeal of the Wasp? Never really read her, but at a cursory glance I don’t see anything that great.

  4. Graeme, if youre reading this and you havnt done so already, email Lauren.

    Re: people trying to adopt Aja’s style and only being able to mimic the surface.
    Isn’t this the story of any type of creative endeavor since the beginning of time? Personally Id rather low-mid level comic artist copy the surface elements of David Aja rather than the surface elements of Brian Hitch or Jim Lee.

    Then I again I dont read Marvel or DC comics, so what I care what theyre doing.

    Re: DC shuffling creators.
    If they keep this nonsense up people will stop trying to keep up and we can return to the silver age where noone had any idea who was writing which issue.

  5. re: New Avengers #2 – the “confirmed confirmed confirmed” bit was coming from the three Infinity Gems they had at the table (Tony said “three’s enough for verificiation” — and I think the colors match up).

    Also, my take on the threat was that Black Swan had destroyed the other Earth, preventing *that* universe from colliding with “ours”, but as the dominoes keep falling, another one’s going to come along, and *then* they’ll have eight hours to prevent it. Not that they’re still under threat from the first one.

    It does feel like everybody but Cap jumped to the conclusion of “we’re probably going to have to destroy every other Earth that comes along” a bit quickly, though.

  6. I just want to hear Jeff going “Yeah” and swearing a lot while Graeme talks about Action again. That might have been the funniest thing in forever.

  7. Comic book science is always going to sound like nonsense if you focus on it for too long; the trick to making it work is to making the story about something other than the science. Had Kirby been telling the same story that we see in New Avengers, he would’ve sold it with over-the-top energy and bombast and larger-than-life characters; Ditko would have used psychedelic imagery to create a sense of reality coming unmoored; Starlin would have steeped everything in surreal, paranoid, existential dread. Hickman, however, just has Reed Richards giving a powerpoint presentation while a bunch of other guys in costumes sit around a big table squinting and making worried noises. It’s such a detached, sterile kind of storytelling that there’s nothing to hold onto other than the gibberish and arbitrary mock-science, which falls apart at the slightest scrutiny.

  8. I really need to get hold of Hookjaw and Shako.

  9. Good day! As ever I am all to pot time-wise so I haven’t listened to the(no doubt!) splendiferous sounds Mr. Jeff & Mr. Graeme have found the wherewithal to emit this week.

    So, if they mentioned this already I apologise. But if anyone would like to know more about the savage nonsense of ACTION! then this is a right good site and no mistake:


    Aggro-babies unite!

  10. Note to Graeme: Email Lauren, k?

    M&S is right and well said on comic book physics, but (speaking as someone who hasn’t thought much about quantum cosmology since MIT a couple of decades back) I find Hickman’s main sin in this area not only his ignorance, but that he doesn’t realize he’s ignorant, which means he doesn’t expend the effort of what M&S describes. There’s not even handwaving, let alone the magnificent “go ahead, tell me this impossibly large creature can’t talk in space” sense of it’s all beyond our ken.

    And it’s not like Hickman can’t be arsed because he’s busy building compelling and believable characters and interactions.

    The worst example was his Oppenheimer-based comic — just go read any of Oppenheimer’s essays and you’ll see a deeply conflicted, possibly evil to some effect, brilliant, and searching character. The Hickman version was sinfully dull and head-slappingly wrong on technical issues that Hickman had to toss out.

    I mean, if it were the… what do we call pre-New52 DC? OldDC? I tend to think of it as “the actual DC”. Anyway: if it had been in the old DC, we could easily have heard something like, “As you know, all our universes can coexist because they’re on slightly different vibrational frequencies: once one universe is touched by the collapsing neighbor, it starts to resonate and fall ‘out of tune’, which means…” and so on.

    And then the Superman would build a big-ass tuning fork, the Flash would act as a frequency generator, and we’d reset the whole thing, rebuilding the harmonic walls and saving the whole day. After the skies went red for a bit.

    And I can’t believe you passed on putting Kirby’s Jimmy Olsen as an adjunct member of the Kirby League. Snapper who?

  11. Oh, p.s. — good podcast, as always.

  12. While I like Hickman, for the most part, I keep thinking that New Avengers is Hickman doing Crisis on the Infinite Earths, but with the New Avengers instead of the entire DCU.

  13. Sometimes I can’t tell if you guys are kidding — or playing up your natural crankiness for comedic effect. In any event, nothing could be clearer to me than the fact that it was the Infinity Gems confirming everybody’s identities with those little CONFIRMED deals. And I’m speaking as someone who hasn’t thought much about Infinity Gems since I was at MIT.

    Speaking of Dan T. and his kind-of-amazing #humblebrag entry: are you referring to Manhattan Projects with those Oppenheimer complaints? I realize that that book ain’t everybody’s cup of quantum, but I don’t think he’s really shooting for verisimilitude. I expect there’s very little serial killing in ol’ Opp’s essays, for instance.

    Anyway, fun podcast, however, despite the mysteriously malfunctioning microphone.

  14. You know, sometimes I love you guys, but it’s kind of surreal to hear you guys spend 40 minutes discussing how DC’s really hurting freelancers, in real time, as opposed to Marvel, who may or may not have screwed over Joe Keatinge but at least he still has another gig with them…

    and yet, Jeff Lester still feels it’s more moral to buy a DC comic than a Marvel comic.

    I’m having real trouble doing the math on that. The Kirby estate and their heirs deserve their due, no question, but maybe since I’m a lifelong Marvel fan and I’m used to being one of the bad guys, but… c’mon, Jeff. If you can buy something like Batman and Robin, you can buy Hawkeye, for chrissake. Get off your high horse.

  15. If it makes you feel better, your “Technically Difficult” episode was technically difficult for me as well. I downloaded it from the iTunes store, and it wouldn’t play. Then I downloaded it from your link here, and it wouldn’t play. Then I made a copy of that file, and, Success!

    RE: Question #86B (or whatever it is) Really? No love for Atari Force? Not even in the running? OK, yeah, I would’ve picked Micronauts too. But still, comparing the Mantlo toy comics, Micronauts had a great beginning, and a great finish, and a bunch of meandering uneven crap in the middle, while ROM kept chugging along in its consistently above-mediocre state. And as a kid buying an occasional issue of ROM as it was coming out, it seemed Marvel was really trying to sell the shit out of ROM. Look! We’ve got these hot new inkers! You don’t like them? Now we’ve got Bill “frikin” Sienkieviecz inking it and doing painted covers! Guest appearances by Marvel superheroes don’t strike your fancy? Let’s seed the Dire Wraith threat into other random Marvel titles! Still not sold? What if Ronald “frikin” Reagan guest stars and tells you how real the Dire Wraith threat is? You’re still not buying it? Well, now you’ve gone and disappointed “Medium-Sized” Sal Buscema who really tried with all these new inkers, but the good news is Steve Ditko’s drawing it now! Still not impressed? OK, P. Craig Russell’s gonna ink Ditko! I mean, was Hasbro really on their ass to sell more copies or did Jim Shooter just have a hard-on for this book? Perhaps Sean Howe’s ROM: The Untold Story will reveal all.

    Sorry about the ROM-rant, but in regards to whether you should finish the questions: Yes! I like the mix of news commentary, comics reviews, and then questions. I think the podcasts in the past where you just answer questions grow tedious. Viva Variety!

  16. I, for one, appreciate Jeff’s willingness to go through this “Should I, Shouldn’t I” thing in real time.

    So many times the last two years I’ve gone to the shop and thought, “Jesus, I shouldn’t be here.”

    Now, I’ve continued to go but I’ve modified my buying – including dropping Marvel entirely. My drop off had more to do with specific “bad vibes” I picked up from online interactions than anything related to past sins. Basically, I decided certain people in Marvel were assholes and wouldn’t be getting any more of my money – even indirectly.

    40 weeks of no Marvel (books I was subbed to and I assume would have either continued or been swapped) adds up to a savings of $560. By April of next year I’ll be painting my house (of ideas? No.) with Marvel savings.

    While Jeff has placed the treatment of employees – both past and present – near the center of his position on Marvel it is by no means the only rung on the ladder.

    Although, if you’re really getting your hopes up the gang’s comments about the state of DC post Levitz (add in the diminishing of Vertigo) may see an eventual dismissal of this particular zero sum game for Jazzy Jeff.

  17. I meant this year. I’d been thinking of 2013 as next year for so long…time flies.

    Also, Hell yeah for Atari Force. Garcia Lopez was on another level.

  18. Hey everybody, Dan Coyle is telling someone to get off their high horse. Yeah the same guy who detailed how “Michael Mann would make an awesome Punisher movie” to me in all seriousness, in real life, at Baltimore comic-con in 2007. Yeah Jeff, get off your high horse, because Dan Coyle, who if you remember used to run a website, but for the past – oh five years or so – has simply showed up in Savage Critic and 4thletter comment sections when someone badmouths his favorite toys. Get off your horse Jeff, how dare you not share the same feelings as someone who makes it his life to say “how dare you not read Hawkeye” in the comments (please change for slightly okay big two book depending on year).

    But he also said “sometimes I love you guys”, so it’s all okay!

  19. I didn’t go to Baltimore in 2007, I never ran a website, and I’d never say Michael Mann would make an awesome Punisher movie.

  20. And I’m not reading Hawkeye; I just can’t understand why, if treatment of freelancers past and present is such an issue with Jeff, that he doesn’t kick both DC and Marvel to the curb. Is it just some Marvel Vs. DC thing? Because I don’t see much difference between them.

  21. If Jeff’s take on buying/boycotting Marvel were prescriptive – as in, if he were saying that no persons of conscience should buy Marvel – then I’d pick at him over inconsistencies in regards to his buying DC comics, Apple products, etc. But it’s pretty clear by now that this is a personal decision for him that’s governed, at least in part, by his own personal history with Marvel as a publisher, by his own idiosyncrasies, etc. I can identify with that just fine – not just in the general sense (I’ve talked before about being a shitty vegetarian who abstains from meat not out of any principled political sense – what good would one less person eating meat do in the face of a multi-zillion-dollar factory farm industry? – but out of personal guilt and discomfort – I’d feel weird eating chicken wings and then playing with my pet birds), but in a sense that’s pretty specific to comics.

    I think anyone who’s been reading mainstream comics for a good long while has gone through at least one period of quitting them, and the process of quitting them can be unique to an individual, but also follow a gradual shape. When I “dumped” comics back in the nineties, it was the result of a number of factors – the prices kept going up and up, the stories were getting increasingly lackluster, the few books I was still excited about were getting cancelled or having their creators pulled faster and faster, and I just reached a point where comic books just weren’t worth all the shit you have to put up with that comes along with them. (And when I started reading them again, I started doing so on a fairly different basis than before.) I think the process of quitting comics always entails repeated exposure to the uglier side of the industry, and so I identify with, sympathize with, and am interested in Jeff’s ongoing break-up with/quasi-reconciliation with/re-break-up with Marvel.

  22. Guys, everyone, calm down…I want to see a Michael Mann Punisher movie. Maybe not Michael Mann now, but Manhunter-era Michael Mann? Yes please!

  23. Q: If Jeff thinks it’s wrong to buy Marvel comics, why should he buy them?

    A: Because he buys DC comics, and the hands of DC are just as dirty.

    Q: So two wrongs make a right?

    A: _____________

  24. Talking of Dennis the Menace (the real one!), Graeme, have you seen that Dennis’s dad has been retconned? Suddenly he’s a teeny bopper, whereas his ‘real’ dad is now his grandad. I suspect Beanotown was visited by aliens on their way back from Silver Age Smallville

  25. I tried to listen to your plot synopsis of New Avengers but lost track of conscious thought and this reality at about the “Earth blew up the other Earth but was stopped so now the Earth’s okay except it’s doomed” and instead had Larry David proclaiming “It is just as you predicted Zigmond, the planet of our solar system incinerating! Like flaming lobes Zigmond! Like flaming lobes!” in my head, when I came to again, Jeff was strapped to a rascal scooter and being stuffed with this first 55 issues of All Bendis X-Men.
    What a strange episode this is.

    And, just to make the Misfits talk go on for yet another week, I want to point you chaps towards a fairly recent interview with Misfits writer/creator Alex Fitch on the Resonance FM Panel Boarders podcast in which he talks on all manner of matters that I recall being mentioned (maybe) on these recent Wait Whats: http://podcasts.resonancefm.com/archives/10197

  26. Jonathan Hickman’s Flaming Globes of Sigmund!

    I’m kind of anticipating, in a train-wreck sense, the Jeff-n-Graeme discussion of Avengers #3, which seemed to combine all the worst tics and habits of Bendis (terrible pacing, smugly chatty protagonists deflating whatever tension exists with their own dialogue, awkwardly anti-climactic non-ending) and Ellis (over-reliance on technobabble in place of plot, strained over-attempts at coolness in place of characterization).

  27. M&S, why on Earth are you buying this comic book you dislike so much?

  28. Surely that question is rhetorical?

  29. It’s not! And don’t call me Shirley!

  30. What, you’ve never seen a movie or TV show, or read a book, that you thought failed as a piece of art or entertainment, but failed in a way that was interesting enough to discuss with someone else?

  31. I mean, is the very concept of a negative review a source of puzzlement to you, since after all, why would someone bother to remark upon something they didn’t fully enjoy?

  32. Why is there such a growing movement toward “negativity shaming” on the net? I notice it a lot in comic discussion sites but it’s a growing movement everywhere. I understand hating criticism that is not constructive, that is meritless, that is full of ad hominem attacks on the creator, whatever. But the idea of the very idea of negatively critiquing as just automatically wrong and invalid I don’t get.

  33. Re: why buy something you dont like.

    Cos thats half the fun, arguing with friends about it.
    Same reason people can write whole articles about one leaked photo from a robocop set.
    Same reason people nitpick trailers to death.
    Its not about enjoying the actual thing, its about being engaged in the discussion about it.

    Would more people have talked about Avengers #3 if it was a better comic? I would argue the opposite. Compare the amount of time Jeff and Graeme spent discussing Avengers #3 and Saga #9 (a couple of seconds).

  34. I don’t know– I’d much rather see Michael Mann make a Punisher movie post-Miami-Vice than pre-Miami-Vice. Pre-miami-vice, you’d guess he’d make something much more classical– he followed Manhunter with Last of the Mohicans, I think, which is hardly his most interesting movie, whereas post-Miami-Vice… what would that even be? There’s no telling. He’s more of a wildcard now, arguably…

  35. I’m somewhere in Ohio.

  36. Q: If Jeff thinks it’s wrong to buy Marvel comics, why should he buy them?

    A: Because he buys DC comics, and the hands of DC are just as dirty.

    Q: So two wrongs make a right?

    A: _____________

    To be fair, Dan also gave the option for Jeff to buy from neither company. He didn’t say the ONLY option was to buy from both companies. His point is, if it’s wrong, it’s wrong whoever is doing it, so punish both companies for it. If it’s not wrong at one company, then it’s not wrong at the other company, so then you may as well buy at both companies.

    I didn’t get the impression he was saying two wrongs make a right so much as he was saying they are either two wrongs or two non-wrongs, but pretending that one company is all right and the other one is wrong for the same behavior makes no sense.

  37. You guys need to relax. I didn’t intend to shame anyone or anything. I’m ALL FOR negativity: I listen to this podcast all the time, for instance. But Jeff gets ’em for free and Graeme’s a pro.

    But poor Moose has to go out and spend a whopping four bucks to not enjoy something, and gets precious little in return.

    So, no, it’s not “wrong and invalid” to come down on crummy art. It’s right and it’s righteous and it’s what keeps America strong. I was wondering about it more as a personal choice: why a person predisposed to dislike the crap out of a comic would part with real dollars for the experience.

    But I have my answer: to better kvetch in the comments to a podcast. Which is totally cool!

  38. My ideal Punisher movie is one in which the Punisher staggers around streets and blind alleys for two hours, crazed, frightened, and paranoid, communicating only in grunts and whimpers, gunning down random children, old ladies, subway workers, etc. that he decides are working for “the mafia.”

  39. RF: if what you’re really hung up on is the price tag, then rest assured, I’m not buying every single comic I complain about – I’m lucky (?) enough to have friends who suffer through that for me. As to why I read the first three issues of Avengers despite a strong dislike of Avengers #3? Well, I hadn’t read Avengers #3 before I read Avengers #1, had I – so there was no way to know that the ending of that story was going to be quite as crap as it was when it started out?

  40. Ah, so you didn’t hate 1 and 2 — you just thought the end of the story stunk. That makes sense.

    I thought it was a bit weird myself, though I didn’t have quite the train-wreck response you did. I was mostly confused by the fact that everybody was cool with these destructive gods of destruction going about their business (albeit on Mars) after they blew up a city of two back on Earth. They did blow up some cities on Earth, right? Did I dream that?

    In the plus column, I really liked when Falcon sent away the Pod-Birds with his bird-talking ability. Good thing they brought him along!

  41. I thought the first two issues were plenty weak – why isn’t it a bigger deal that two cities have been destroyed? Why is the pacing so off in the second issue, which goes from “fight with the aliens” to a long and boring conversation with Iron Man and Captain America in which Iron Man manages to make the very simple proposition “let’s recruit some more Avengers” sound like a particularly bullshitty TED talk? Why are the villains so boring and one-note? There’s really nothing to recommend this beyond Opena’s art – but the third issue, with its deus-ex-machina anticlimax, was so terrible it deserves special scorn, which is why, as I noted in the brief comment that apparently ruffled your feathers so, I was looking forward to the possibility of Jeff and Graeme discussing it.

    And this has been another edition of “person A makes criticism of a thing, person B demands long-winded explanation of why person A made that criticism.”

  42. It was never my intention to demand anything, so I apologize if you felt so obliged. My feathers remain smooth and immaculately unruffled — my initial comment was more a light-hearted inquiry into the apparent consumer-masochism that some of us exhibit from time to time. But I hadn’t guessed the borrowed-copy-from-a-friend model, which is a perfectly sensible way to enjoy bad things.

    Now that we’re all friends again: I actually don’t disagree with anything you’ve said specifically about these first three Avengers comics. It’s my sincere hope that Mr. Hickman — a writer who has both thrilled (Secret Warriors, great stretches of F4/FF) and annoyed (nearly all of his non-Marvel stuff) me — will retroactively mitigate some of the flaws we’re finding in this first batch of issues with future ones. I realize many readers feel that bad comics is bad comics no matter what the long tail looks like, but I’m still on board to see what shakes out.

    And here’s hoping Falcon gets more Pod-Birds to talk to.

  43. with the Coachella line-up announced, I want a podcast of Graeme and David Brothers attending the Friday show: http://laist.com/2013/01/24/coachella_2013_lineup_announced.php

  44. @RobertG: Where are you now?

  45. Big news: Just read Avengers 1-3 in a one-er (as our Scottish friend says) and it was terrific. This is going to be one of those series that will be amazing if you let it.

    And would we really miss Perth anyway?

  46. How to fix a bad skype connection – keep saying “Hello? Hello? Can you hear me?” until they give up in frustration and say yes.

  47. Just wanted to shout out to James Woodward bach at #15, for his passionate ROM retroscpective. AWESOME.

    and RF@45: Nobody will miss Regina, SK either.

  48. @ RF – Perth is a nice looking city, so I’d miss it. Which is why it’s a shame they didn’t show it getting destroyed – it would look good for monster fights, and god knows we’ve seen New York, San Francisco, Vancouver, and London get destroyed enough times. But after this and All New X-Men #1, the brief at Marvel was mention Australian cities, but don’t bother actually showing them.

    @ Moose n Squirrel – I don’t often agree with you, but you’ve been preaching it the way I see it in this column section!

    @Dan Coyle – There’s no smoke without fire.

  49. Just now getting around to this ep, but something’s been bothering me…

    I know a couple of people have already pointed out the seemingly obvious fact that the “confirmed confirmed confirmed” captions in NA#2 were the Infinity Gems, but I think its symptomatic of a larger issue. With certain creators, Jeff and Graeme have a tendency to fail to really engage the text, assuming it’s stupid and poorly written, and as a result, claim major stupid, poorly written mistakes where none exist (commonly known as Armond White Syndrome). Same thing happened last episode with the observation from Fantastic Four #3 that “Reed never said that he suspected the other members of the FF were dying.” Except, yeah, he did. In both Fantastic #1 (definitely) and FF #1 (I’m pretty sure).

    I’m not saying this because I think Hickman’s Avengers stuff is great (it’s probably my least favorite thing he’s done for Marvel to date), but because this is my favorite comics podcast, and factual errors on your part portrayed as authorial faults drag the rest of the show down. For me.

  50. Do the Infinity Gems do weird computery-beepy noise voices now? Why would the Infinity Gems be confirming peoples’ identities? I mean, presumably if you’ve got the Mind Gem you can tell Namor is Namor by reading his mind, and if you’ve got the Soul Gem you can tell Reed Richards is Reed Richards by looking at his soul, but neither of those were there, right? Why am I wasting this much thought on this?

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