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Wait, What? Ep. 12.2: “The podcast goes, ‘Tweet, Tweet!'”


So…there we go.  Much better image; much worse title.  It all evens out in the end.

In ep. 12.2, Graeme and I finishing yakking about “The Whede,” and then move on to answer questions submitted to us on Twitter about criticism in the industry, Mark Waid’s comments at the Harvey Awards, what’s going to happen to Vertigo, our five favorite monthly titles currently being published, and more.  Special thanks to @taterpie and @jamesmasente for their groovy questions.  We may do it again soon!  (Especially if I don’t get more comics read today….)

It’s up on Itunes (though I notice there’s a bit of a lag when it comes to actively downloading the puppies for you) and you can also listen to it right here, right now:

Wait, What?, Ep. 12.2

Thanks as always for taking the time to leave comments both here and on Itunes–even though I don’t respond as much as I would like (and I’m sure the same is true for Graeme), it’s always appreciated!

10 Responses to “ Wait, What? Ep. 12.2: “The podcast goes, ‘Tweet, Tweet!'” ”

  1. I NEVER respond to comments. I’m terrible like that. But thank you everyone who says things, especially if they’re nice.

    (And about that “We should do it again someday” – We’re recording another podcast today. Leave questions here, and if we run out of things to say – Always likely – we’ll probably answer some.)

  2. 1. Would Lenil Yu have to redraw SUPERIOR if we all chipped in to buy a name for the lead that could not possibly be borne by a Caucasian actor – I MEAN, character? And who wants to kick in for Rra Phuti Radiphuti?

    2. What should be the punishment for getting Spider-Man’s mask wrong – one spoke up, two spokes down, webs bowing towards the bridge of the nose?

    3. What are the core themes of Green Lantern? Have they been lost in the midst of rampant proliferation?

    4. That, but Hulk.

    5. That, but Wolverine.

    6. That, but Batman, and will Batman, Inc. be a metatextugasm of unimaginable proportions that will not only awake the DC Universe, but propel it through puberty out to the other side, where it will settle down and marry Harris Comics and have babies, ironically starting the cycle all over again?

    7. In short, gentlemen – why are all these bloody comics about, charitably, Family, and less so, Franchise?

    8. Which superhero/villain should be the next to get a famchise – i.e.: a girl one, a kid one, a pet one and an alien with the face of a farmyard animal one?

    9. Will the new digital comics revolution be a level playing field, or does it run the risk of becoming a neo-Direct Market?

    10. And, you know, okay, let’s ask this: how do you consume digital comics, chaps? Where and what are you reading – by choice, not out of any professional obligation – and on what devices? Does/did the inital outlay affect your decisions in this regard?



  3. Hmmm. We may have to do a full “Craigcast” just to get through most of those, Matthew. But, yes, I think the “why family/franchise?” question is a good one…

  4. You know, I have Skype…and things to promote…


  5. I think the current understanding is that Hibbs will kill us if we let anyone on as a guest before him, but we’ll keep it in mind, certainly.

  6. I got greedy!

    to be fair, I don’t think I’m even reading five comics, right now – let alone five comicsnotgraphicnovelsnotmanga – so I couldn’t have answered that question.

    That said, the comics I have enjoyed in the last month have been Mike Dawson’s FREDDIE AND ME, which is just wonderful, and ACHEWOOD, which, man. If I had money for his tip jar, I would be ding-ding-ding.

    And I re-read the early Brand New Day comics – the ones where MJ comes back and it’s all new villains – and while I am a big believer in “theme” as a thing to drive the creation of characters, these comics, where the villains are just crazy idea after creepy idea after crafty idea, are so much more enjoyable than the more recent Gauntlet story. There’s a terrible attrition at work – or possibly amnesia – and characters fall by the wayside all over the show, often for not-so-great reasons, but the overall effect is one of almost breathless motion.

    And Jackpot is my favourite superhero design (from Marvel/DC) in forever. But you’ll never convince me that Carlie should be anything more than a friend to Peter, gamine new ‘do or otherwise. She’s like, Allison Mack’s Debra Whitman.

    And with that.


  7. Quick notes about the status and evolution of Vertigo,

    1. Sean Murphy’s OGN “Punk Rock Jesus” is confirmed to be published via Vertigo, and in black and white to boot. So Vertigo’s OGN push isn’t imaginary.

    2. Calling for the the death of the Vertigo pamphlet thuogh is, I think, a bit premature. However there does seem to be an emphasis now put on not starting up an ongoing just for the sake of it. I think Berger is pushing folks to do projects that might once have just been shoved straight into serialization in straight OGN form now.

    And you guys are SO right about where Wildstorm is these days. Jim Lee’s little pet imprint indeed.

  8. Oh, and I was reading Colin’s Too Busy Thinking About My Comics long before he was approached by Sequart or the story was picked up by Rich ;)

    His old pieces about Aquaman are great!

    I believe he has had quite some career as a teacher, so that may be the source of his tendency to go on just a bit…

  9. Ever think about writing a review or two instead of just advertising your podcasts?

  10. Forget writing reviews! Podcasts are where it’s at! I love listening to them and often, you know, you’re reviewing comics in the podcast! Keep it up!

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