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Wait, What? Ep. 121: Gilded View

Jeff Lester

 photo 5E3A629E-A54B-4884-98E6-1460BC90AC28-8923-000010541BE34CED_zps4e7b381d.jpg
Erroneously called ‘Barbarian Romance’ by Jeff throughout the hours that follow.
Image, I believe, by Corey Lewis for Brandon Graham; Apologies if that link is a jerk.

Oh my god, it almost doesn’t matter what hour of the day or night it is, my next door neighbors WILL NOT FUCKING SHUT UP.

After the jump: show notes just the way Thomas Hobbes would like ’em: nasty, brutish and short.  (Actually, just short.)

Sorry, I’m angry and terrified about the bombing at the Boston Marathon.  My best wishes and condolences to everyone involved.  It feels weird just rolling this forward but the show must go on, right?

0:00-2:32:  We go right from greetings to tech problems to Age of Ultron in under two minutes!
2:32-28:14: Comixology, Apple, and SAGAgate!  Our least favorite controversy ever? Maybe!  Our favorite issue of SAGA yet? Almost certainly!
28:14-42:24: Comics! Graeme has read the Avengers Assemble AU issue written by Al Ewing and has things he quite enjoys.  Jeff talks about Age of Ultron #5, but in more of a light overview kind of way and not in his standard “Haters gotta hate and god am I a hater” kind of way.  Graeme has recently reread Bendis’s Siege event and compares it with  the AoU pacing…
42:24-48:59: Jennifer Blood #25, writing credited to Al Ewing but it’s not.  (What the hell is up with that, Dynamite?)
48:59-1:01:22: Batman & (Red) Robin #19 by Peter Tomasi and Patrick Gleason: the term Haney-rific is used.
1:01:22-1:07:16:  Batman #19 by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo: the term “Cronenbergian body horror” is used (but lightly, which may not count).  The four page preview of Lazarus by Greg Rucka and Michael Lark also gets some love from us.
1:07:16-1:07:37: Intermission One!
1:07:37-1:30:56: Jeff talks about how great the Whatnauts are. (Big props to Voodoo Ben!) Also, for those of you unsure about our status as hunters & gatherers.I’d like to say we smoothly segue from there to Archer & Armstrong #9 but it’s not smooth even slightly.  Graeme has some information about reaction from Quantum & Woody‘s co-creator, Mark Bright. Also discussed: Tony Bedard, Joe Casey’s Sex, and Dive Bar by friend of the podcast Dave Clarke which you can read online.
1:30:56-1:46:34: Finally, Jeff gets around to talking bit more about what he digs about the Hulk, a point that was supposed to have been made several podcasts ago — so thanks for waiting!). We cover the concept of a character’s iconic era; the return of the Marvel 700 giveaway; Ditko; Bendis; Abhay; and more.
1:46:34-2:01:38:  Also on Jeff’s mind these days:  Barbarian Revenge (as Brandon Graham might put it).  More specifically:  The Chronicles of Conan and Thundarr The Barbarian. So of course, we talk about Roy Thomas, John Buscema, Kamandi, uggs, Steve Gerber, Jack Kirby.  Is it any wonder Jeff is almost slobberingly rhapsodic at the end of it?
2:01:38-end:  Closing Comments! More Age of Ultron talking because — well, honestly, I’m not entirely sure why. And Zeb Wells! And Richard Nixon! Also, this is the penultimate episode before a skip week so take note.

And, on the off-hand chance you read all that and want to listen to the podcast [Note to self:  put episode link above show notes?], well, it’s probably on iTunes, fingers crossed, and you can also listen to it below:

Wait, What? Ep. 121: Gilded View

As always, we hope you enjoy and thank you for listening.

19 Responses to “ Wait, What? Ep. 121: Gilded View ”

  1. What? How dare–? I’ll see you in court you…you…barbarian!

  2. Reaching back to the episode last week, here’s a new interview with Starlin on the new Stormwatch: http://www.comicbookresources.com/?page=article&id=44933

    It just amazes me how much the popularity of Stormwatch (and Authority) is misread. It is also incredibly strange how this is a reboot. I thought you guys were just joking last episode, but he even points out that this is a complete overhaul that disregards all the previous issues.

    I don’t know. For me, this would’ve made thing a bit better if it did star Captain Comet as the new Stormwatch recruit, but even then it feels like a completely misread of what made Stormwatch popular (or at least readable) in the past.

  3. Jeff – it was my pleasure. Graeme is right, you’re in for an amazing read.

    Regarding Saga 12: another fantastic issue, even if I did see that ending coming the moment the author character switched up the conversation. I screamed aloud when I saw that we were heading for another skip period. Graeme, I think you make a really good point about how this story was a) sensationalized by the comics press in a way that I think is extremely detrimental to its credibility, and b) even if the story turned out to be true – i.e., Apple HAD chosen not to run the comic because of its graphic content – that on-panel ejaculation is worlds away from “gay sex”. Your point is well argued, and I hope other comics journalists show such clear thought in the future.

    Regarding Bendis: I loathed, loathed, LOATHED the first issue pf All-New X-Men. I loathed every stupid line of dialogue, I loathed every panel of (admittedly gorgeous) art. I trashed it for half an hour at my LCS, and damn near gave up reading Marvel Comics between that and Uncanny Avengers. But I kept reading, because I am an X-Men junkie, but I wouldn’t buy it, because I had a shred of dignity. And every issue got incrementally better. Not a lot, but enough to actually notice. And then issue 6 hit, and Kitty Pryde spent a whole comic talking to Jean Grey, and…it was pretty good. Good enough that I actually went into the next issue without the vitriol I’d been bringing to the series. Good enough that I paid cash money for Uncanny #1 to see where Bendis was going with all of this. And now both Uncanny and All-New are on my pull list, I’m truly enjoying reading X-Men comics for the first time in…god, three years? Interesting post-script, I picked up All-New X-Men #1 on the Marvel 700 sale. It’s still a shitty comic.

    Regarding Batman #19: it took me eighteen issues to realize I am not enjoying Snyder’s Batman run, and the Capullo (sp?) art is no longer justifying the four dollar price tag for me. This was the first issue I didn’t buy, but I read it (Byrne-stole it, it use the archaic vernacular). I’m glad you guys enjoyed it, but it only reinforced how glad I was that I’m down to one Bat-book a month (is it just me, or is the Chew-guy KILLING it on Detective?)

    Regarding Archer and Armstrong: I would argue that A&A is the best comic Valiant is putting out, and gun to my head, probably in the Top 5 of books I read monthly. But having read all nine issues, I barely have a memory of what happened in each issue. I deeply enjoy the book when I’m reading it, but like you guys mentioned, nothing really sticks. So I guess the question is, how many people are willing to pay four dollars for the comics equivalent of a souffle? Especially when that same four dollars (or hell, three bucks in Saga’s case) will buy you a comics steak from the same rack?

    Regarding the Hulk: I would argue that the character’s quote-unquote “iconic” era – for better or worse – was his TV show in the seventies. That’s the reference point EVERYONE comes back too, even most comics fans, and I think we are culturally just now starting to turn away from that, thanks to Whedon’s portrayal of the character in The Avengers (which actually has it’s own set of problems – that take works for a movie where Hulk is a supporting character, but it falls apart in a comic where Hulk is the lead). I actually liked Waid’s take initially, but after four issues, it kind of fell apart for me. Mostly because Banner KEEPS TESTING everyone around him, then repeating the series pitch as exposition.

    Regarding Thundarr: the show was before my time (I was totally a He-Man/Thundercats lad), but listening to Jeff rhapsidize about Thundarr, Kirby and Conan was a pleasure and a delight.

    Also, apropos of nothing, question for Graeme! Because I kept meaning to ask on your Formspring, but consistently forgot that existed! Besides the Master Cleanse Diet, what other “cleanse” diet(s) have you tried? Do you have any recommendations for a newbie to the cleanse idea?

    Jeff, your Nixon impression should be a feature of every podcast from now on.

    Comments! I almost never have them, but when I do, you can’t fucking shut me up! This was a hell of an episode, guys. Keep it coming.

  4. Jeff’s Nixon impression should be just as much a fixture of the podcast as Graeme’s lovely sign-off.

  5. As to ol’ Jade Jaws, the “Hulk Smash”-talker had the longest unbroken run by far, methinks.

  6. Thanks for the kind words about my comic Jeff :)

    Not quite understanding the controversy over the Saga saga. Its not like they were getting money or something out of not selling Saga#12 of iOS devices so it seems entirely possible that it was just miscommunication over guidelines. But at least I got here Graeme say ejaculation over and over again.

    Re: Iconic eras.
    Isnt the Hulk not having a iconic era and constantly having to be reworked a good thing artistically? Sure for a corporation trying to sell T-Shirts or a fill-in writer trying to earn a paycheck its not so great, but isnt it better for us as readers?
    Its something that seemed to work for Jennifer Blood and Prophet.

  7. Y’know, there needs to be a Nixon Hulk. DRUNK Nixon Hulk.

  8. Versus the Obamanation.

  9. I’m really, really curious to know what Priest thinks of the Quantum and Woody reboot. I’m not entirely surprised to hear that Bright’s answers were largely of the non-committal variety — I feel like I read somewhere that he had largely tired of the project by the umpteenth it’s-canceled-no-it-isn’t-wait-yes-it-nope-yep cycle. But if Priest hasn’t given this his blessing (ugh, sorry), I’m really going to have trouble buying any Valiant books going forward.

    (Even if he has approved the usage [and even if he’s seeing some money for it], I’m not sure how much interest I have in the book itself. While I loved Quantum and Woody, I think it was more because I loved the creative team than because I actually loved Quantum or Woody. I dunno.)

  10. My definitive Hulk is still Gail Simone’s Hulk:

    “All We Are Saying/Is Give Hulk Some Pants!”

  11. Lazarus 1 might not ship until June, but it’s available for preorder NOW. Ask your retailer to hold a copy for you before they place their Diamond order!


  12. Would just like to thank you guys for talking up Tomasi/Gleason’s BATMAN AND ROBIN run. After reaching the end of Snyder/Capullo’s BATMAN’s “Death of a Family”, I was feeling some serious disconnect from the Nu52 DC universe, particularly the Batverse. Thanks to the podcast, I tried to try out issue #18 of B&R, loved the art and colour, and started to back track my way through the hardcover and issues I could find, and am really loving everything about it. The genuine sense of relationship between Bruce, Damien, and Alfred are something I haven’t picked up on a superhero comic in a long time. Glad to have tried it out before the 11 issue long onslaught of whatever Zero Year is going to be.

  13. Canny show lads. I never saw Thundarr, and wasn’t a big Conan fan, but I loved the end of the Marvel colour run when JM DeMatteis gave Conan a sense of humour and supporting cast that didn’t eat hay

  14. This was an exceptionally amusing installment, gentlemen. Jeff’s “come on Graeme, we’ve got the possibility of hoaxing one another into an Eisner-nominated vaporware comic!” and then his “ME-OW” when Graeme zings him was possibly my favorite 40 seconds of the podcast so far, to say nothing of “but he’s a BARBARIAN” and the aforementioned Nixon.

  15. Quick note about @gary waaaay up at #2 comment. I misread that as “Captain Carrot”, laughed at my mistake, then wondered if that would actually be any better or any worse.

  16. @Voodoo Ben: My experience was much the same, although I didn’t think All-New X-Men #1 was all THAT bad. I thought the PREVIEW pages were bad, and I thought the overall concept was bad, but the first issue all-in-all wasn’t BAD, I don’t think. I usually loathe Bendis, or at least most everything he’s done in the last seven or so years, but his X-Men stuff is… pretty good. There are certainly missteps and imperfections, but not enough to really “go in” on him. Pretty much everything he ever did with the Avengers just pissed me off and annoyed me. And I only bought/read maybe 10% of his Avengers stuff. I can’t imagine what it would have been like to keep reading that crap week after week. And yet I find myself not minding his X-Men stuff even though it is, for one thing, similarly chatty at times. Maybe his dialogue has just gotten better, even during chatty scenes?

    RE: Snyder’s Batman. That recent “Batman” issue, and the one before it, were certainly a step up from the “Death of the Family”. But I’m still pulling the plug on my subscription right before the Zero Year thing starts. I mean, if even during “good” issues I get eye-roll-inducing stuff like The Reaper giving a lecture about the Victorian symbology of flowers, it’s pretty evident that Snyder can’t keep his logorrhea in check.

  17. I don’t know if my definitions were bad, but it’s a fair point that I was stretching them pretty hard where the Avengers were concerned. That’s fair…

  18. Oh, and Submit or Perish– isn’t that an academia thing? Like, what professors say to get tenure. Or is that… is that Publish or Perish…? Oh wait, no I’m thinking of Publish or Perish. (There was an episode of Family Ties where Alex’s favorite teacher yells that and Alex learns that teachers are flawed…)(FYI).

  19. Another great installment. These are always so full of win. I absolutely had to see Thundarr after this, so I checked and the local library system had a 2-disc set of 80s cartoons. One episode to be had: “Secret of the Black Pearl”.

    I think just seeing the intro was enough (In the year 1994, a runaway planet…) but I stuck it out for the full 30 minutes.

    I ended up watching an episode of Dragon’s Lair, Monchichis, Galtar and the Golden Lance and Kwicky Koala. I don’t think there’s any better testimonial that this was a decent Wait, What than enduring these cartoons haphazardly (along with subjecting my 12 year old) and not damning Jeff Lester for it.

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