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Wait, What? Ep. 129: Idol Speculation

Jeff Lester

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A nifty piece of fan art from the crazily talented Adam P. Knave. Thank you, Adam!

We are back!  To do that thing to your ears that you insist you like!  (Really, you like it? Really?)

After the jump — show notes!  That thing I do to your eyes that…maybe is helpful?  Even the way I do it, maybe?  Join us!

(Ugh, I’m so old: looking at photoshopped me with those shoes, I’m all, “Man, I look like Bob Fosse!”  Sad, sad, sad.)

0:00-18:54: Greetings! Apologies! Alternate theme songs! Prepping from SDCC!  Graeme tells us what kind of stuff he’s looking forward to — and, equally as important, dreading — at this year’s Con.  Also covered: the upcoming geek lifestyle program brought to you from a somewhat unlikely source; Blair Butler and more.
18:54-29:34: Is Marvelman coming back at this Con?  Will anyone care? Will Jeff be able to get halfway decent prices for his copies, or has he entered the greedy speculator phase of his comic reading career far, far too late?  Also, Jeff unburdens himself about his shady contribution to Internet discourse.  And that leads, in its odd way, to discussion of the latest Marvel event and the new Inhumans series.
29:34-41:34:  And that leads to us talking about Gaiman’s changing credits on Guardians of the Galaxy, DC being less bitchy in public than Marvel, but still doing stuff like cutting Ales Kot loose from Suicide Squad. Is DC trying to bring back its Silver Age in the worst way possible?  Or do they just not know how to grow creators?
41:34-50:14:  Compare and contrast:  Graeme has read the two collections of Nick Spencer’s Ultimate X-Men and has some things to report back on that experience.  He also read the Superior Foes of Spider-Man, also written by Nick Spencer.  Since Jeff hasn’t read Morning Glories and Graeme has, Jeff grills Graeme about the A-B-Cs of N-I-C(k).
50:14-57:49:  Whoever had 49:10 in the holiday pool for when Jeff would want to start talking about 2000AD, pick up your winnings at Window No. 2!  We talk about Laura Sneddon’s excellent article about Zenith, Hillary Robinson and Chronos Carnival, and giving Jeff a chance to vent about his obsession with the Leonard Zelig of the comics industry, Michael Fleisher.  And just as we talk about one of the best pieces to happen to comics in the last two weeks, things go a bit pear-shaped, leading us into…
57:49-58:10:   Intermission One!
58:10-1:04:54: Where we were?  Oh, right.  One of the best things to happen to comics in the last two weeks?  That would be Jim Steranko joining Twitter.  Are you following @IamSteranko?  You really, really should.
1:04:54-1:11:01:  Neither Graeme nor Jeff attended the Image Expo. Did that keep Jeff and Graeme from talking about it? Oh my, no.
1:11:01-1:17:53: What do Game of Thrones, Dead Snow, and The Fantastic Four have in common?  And what does all of that have to do with The Boys?  Jeff has a hurried, stammery story that will connect the dots for you!
1:17:53-1:30:14:  And to continue from that last talking point, Jeff (a.k.a., Mr. Up-To-Date) finally finished reading all of The Boys by Garth Ennis, Darick Robertson, John McCrea, and Russ Braun (who Jeff, because he is daft, refers to as Dan Braun at least once, much to his shame now). Spoilers ahoy!
1:30:14-1:52:01Batman, Inc. #12!  What’d we think? JLA: Tower of Babel! Which one of us has only now just read it? The second Prophet collection!  Which other one finally read that and what’d they think?  Bandette and Batman ’66! Did one of us read them and love them, or did both of us read them and love them? The Private Eye!  Who’s going to sound like a douchebag talking about the new they discovered to read the latest issue by Brian K. Vaughn and Marcos Martin?  Pick up your pencils and begin.  You will have slightly less than twenty-two minutes to complete this part of the exam.
1:52:01-end:  Closing comments! Promises to return that hopefully will not sound hollow to thy ears! And, of course, Exclamation points! Exclamation points for everyone!!

Um, what else?  I just saw Pacific Rim today.   I wasn’t the only one  weirded out by how much that Australian dude looked like Geoff Johns when he put his baseball cap on, was I? No?  Just me?

Anyway, it was far from a great movie (like I don’t even think there’s bus service between where Pacific Rim ended up and a great movie) but it worked for me.  I had an okay time with a few minutes of genuine nerd joy.  Weirdly, it reminded me of Battleship, another so-very-far-from-great movie, that also spent most of its running time trying to justify its own premise and really was entertaining when it wasn’t being terrible…the difference being that Peter Berg is just a tourist in nerd town and Guillermo Del Toro owns, like, a third of the shops there.

I mean there weren’t enough fights in the city for my tastes, and I don’t know how you can put Charlie Day in a movie and make him yell all the time and have it still be dull (because I think Charlie Day yelling is like one of the funniest things in the world). But, you know. As a bargain matinee on the big screen? Enjoyable.

Oh, right!  The podcast!!  I knew I almost forgot something!  It’ll be on iTunes soon, it’s in our RSS feed, and it’s right below.  We hope you listen and enjoy!

Wait, What? Ep. 129: Idol Speculation

10 Responses to “ Wait, What? Ep. 129: Idol Speculation ”

  1. Just realized listening to this… Bendis is Michael Fleischer.

  2. I don’t know. The rush to lionize Steranko’s twitter persona seems a little off-putting. We’re thrilled that he’s, at the time, a 40ish year old man slapping a 55 – 60ish year old man?

    Also, let me point out that he’s making fun of a guy wearing an ascot when he hasn’t been seen in anything other than a suit jacket and turtleneck in, like 30 years.

    He went on to tell a very heartwarming story about Jerry Siegel from a certain point of view (mainly the one where Steranko’s a hero and everyone else is a shit heel) but I mean we’re basically pointing and clapping while he regales us with prompted and overblown stories that are far closer to the kind of bragging Bob Kane was apparently doing in that hallway all those years ago.

    It’s a shame that this is the late stage of a guy with one of the greatest “self-made” stories I’ve ever seen. Telling old stories on twitter for barking seals and Matt Fraction’s Tumblr. It just seems very shallow and “at the expense of dignity” but you know “free country, disclaimers, hands in the air in mock surrender.”

    Do what thou wilt, ya crazy thelemites.

  3. Ah, the lonely tear that skimmed my face as Graeme laughed at the naivete of a person following a person on Twitter simply because they followed them …

  4. How are you going to sell your comics, Jeff? I’m hoping that you go with the classic “flea market booth” method.

  5. Read an issue of Morning Glories, in the teens, I think. Nothing seemed to happen, I didn’t understand what the story was about, or even the genre, really, and I am pretty sure all/most characters were not even ID’d by name. Such an unsatisfying read I thought it might be a Marvel event (Zing!) … Never looked at another issue.

    Wow, the @iamsteranko feed IS amazing. In a not entirely unweird way. Thanks!

    Jeff, your quick Pac Rim review is a great delight. I mean, it’s not Steranko quoting jazz standards, but what is?

  6. If wearing a suit jacket and turtleneck all the time is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

  7. Russ Braun did some of Ennis’ Battlefields stories too

  8. Man, you guys, what a great ep. Thanks for doing that!

    Jeff, is library lending covered in your Marvel boycott? After hearing the way you talked about The Boys, I’d really encourage you to get the trades of Fury MAX, if you can. It’s possibly one of my favorite Ennis works (and I’ve read a lot of Ennis comics).

  9. Good ep!

    I’ve also tipped Rich, had it been a story, and never heard a word, but I figured that’s how it would go – he still had to do the legwork, and all I’d done was spot a creator mentioning something dark about their employment opportunities no one else seemed to have noticed.

    Has anyone on Twitter asked Steranko about that time he tried to encourage everyone to chase Garth Ennis, Amanda Connor and Jimmy Palmiotti out of the comics industry, because they were helping the Taliban by spreading evil? http://www.comicbookresources.com/?page=article&id=419

  10. “Has anyone on Twitter asked Steranko about that time he tried to encourage everyone to chase Garth Ennis, Amanda Connor and Jimmy Palmiotti out of the comics industry, because they were helping the Taliban by spreading evil?”

    Not sure if anyone asked him, but going by his twitter, Steranko speaks highly of Palmiotti and Connor, and Palmiotti interacts with him there too.

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