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Wait, What? Ep. 14.2: Superfast Jellyfish


Yes, we talk Gorillaz…and also One Moment In Time, superhero offspring, photorealistic comics, Alex Maleev, the digital marketplace, and more questions from the fine people on Twitter in our tightly wound superfast forty minute installment. It’s on Itunes waiting for you and it’s also here for your listening pleasure:

Wait, What?, Ep. 14.2

Interestingly, due to Graeme’s Tony Stark-like lifestyle, this is the first week in, um, I dunno…about a month and a half?…where we won’t be recording. So, no podcast next week for sure, and then we’ll see how things come together after that–maybe a biweekly thing while I’m visiting the Big Apple? We’ll piece something together, I imagine.

17 Responses to “ Wait, What? Ep. 14.2: Superfast Jellyfish ”

  1. Regarding digital…I agree that we can do without day-and-date releases if that will help comic shops survive, but what I’m hoping will become the norm soon will be consistently releasing each issue digitally, a set number of days/weeks after the print version comes out.

    Right now, for example, Morning Glories #1 is on Comixology…does that mean future issues will be, or is it just to promote the first one? Last I checked, Comixology had Codebreakers #1-2 and Graphic.ly had #1-3…will either of them have the complete four issues, and if so, when? Maybe this information is out there somewhere, but it’s not clear, and it’s one of the things that’s kept me from jumping headfirst into digital.

  2. Haven’t read the last part of One Moment In Time yet, but yeah, it’s pretty silly. Unnecessary, when the version we all had in our head was much less reticulated.

    But there is no way in Mephisto’s clatty red gusset that Gwen Stacy would ever have ended up with Peter Parker. She really didn’t have it in her to cope with Spider-Man – even with Daddy’s approval (and what woman would go out with a boy her Dad was that enthusiatic stuff? Fucking none, son).

    And leave us not forget the Sins Past debacle. That all still happened, post-BND. Oh man, imagine that precious little prolapse with a post-BND Gwen Stacy!

    Ahell. Ano. Gwen was aburrido in the lido. Why would they bring her back when they already had such new and novel love interests as “Her Story Was Over In 1987, But Her Bod Is Smashing” and “Petra Parker, Phorensic Pscientist!”


  3. I had been ranting about hero-offspring for a while (on my blog http://ozbot.typepad.com/marvelflipside/marvel-child-watch-2010/ ) at least from the Marvel perspective. I just posted about the “big bad” in Young Allies, where I speculate that “progeny” is the new “mutant” in the sense that it’s a creative shortcut to making new characters, but in the long run will make more problems by turning the Marvel universe into a very different place if it’s not done more wisely.

    As for One Moment in Time… well, I just don’t have the time to rant about *that!*

  4. Yeah, I’ve been noticing that and thought it was interesting that it seems to be at least partly a fakeout in YA. The Secret Warriors characters are mostly supervillains’ kids too. (When was the last time somebody just, I don’t know, got zapped by radiation or something charmingly implausible like that?)

    And of course, the Hulk has three adult children. (That we know of. In addition to his entire supporting cast being turned into Hulk-like monsters now.)

  5. Just saw y’all pimp quote on the back of ‘Bad Night’. Good job.

  6. Hey, also, can you ban Matthew Craig from your site? That would be great if everyone started doing that.

  7. Heyyyy…what did I do?

    (I mean, you’re right, but not for any reason you’re thinking of)


  8. You write gigantic obsessive cutesy unsolicited opinion pieces in the comments of a bunch of sites I like to read, sometimes five in a row. They’re really a pain to scroll through if I’m trying to follow an exchange in the comments. I tried reading one once and, well, that was even more painful.

  9. Honestly, John, you should(n’t) see the stuff I leave out.

    I really, really would like to give this stuff up. Because look what it’s gotten me: a guy I don’t know getting het up with me. I’m sorry, man. Really. I try not to be like other internet commentorrhetics and be mean about people – and no, that’s not a reference to you – or knee-jerky about things, although in the latter case I am often guilty.

    All I’m doing is taking part. Playing. As best I can. I know I shouldn’t. I know that all the hours and words I waste here, and have wasted over the last nine years, hoping people will smile or laugh or remember me when they see me at comic shows or in the pub, would be much better spent getting better at making comics. And over the last little while, I have tried to dial back what I say and where I say it. I don’t post at The Beat or CBRblogs, anymore. Comics Alliance and it’s unreasonably spiteful comments system have driven me away. And as much as I’ve come to enjoy reading 4thletter, I find myself hesitant to say what I really think about some things.

    But my mind is constantly racing, ever jumping from one lilypad to another, and myriad pressures here and in the real world cause me to seek out distractions such as this. And Graeme, in particular, I consider a friend, even though we never really talk. So, as with House To Astonish, here I am.

    I am honestly, truly sorry if I’ve ever caused you to enjoy this experience any less, and…you know what?



  10. Matt, brevity is the soul of wit. Try is sometime.

  11. *Try IT.

  12. Hey Matt,

    Post how you like, where you like.

    Stuff them if they don’t like your style – variety is the spice of life.

  13. Q for future podcasts: I apologize if this has been done before, but to what extent have “marvel zombies,” the people who blindly buy every marvel title, been replaced by “creator zombies,” people who buy everything five or six authors do?

    I ask because I suspect the two practices are more similar than they may at first appear. It seems like the principle behind both is the same: you’re buying a shared universe, except it’s the Moz-verse or the Johns-verse or even the Hickman-verse. I also ask because this is my MO at the store, and I feel like I still get burned fairly often, and suspect it’s made me a more conservative comics-buyer.

  14. I actually had a subscription at a store that did not include one title name and instead was “All xxxxx author”. Bendis, Ellis, Johns, Morrison, Millar, etc. This was about 5 years ago. After about a year of that I saw how much *crap* I bought and learned my lesson and definitely became a more conservative and selective comics buyer. I’m still a sucker for Morrison though.

  15. Also, keep posting Matthew Craig. If somehow your opinion/long-windedness annoys me, I have this neat little scroll bar on the side I can use to skip past your post.

  16. Yeah, you keep posting Matthew Craig! Don’t ever flinch in the face of The Internet – it’ll skin you and wear you like a novelty hat.

    Luke asks a totally spanktatstic question there. I, myself, am largely a Creator Zombie. There are quite a few creators I’ll buy anything by. Which is why I end up buying GI Joe: Hearts And Minds. O, Howard Victor Chaykin, I wish I knew how to quit you!

  17. On characters aging…

    I don’t know that Dick Grayson becoming Nightwing is a big problem – don’t we usually assume it’s been 10-15 years since they all started?
    The big problem I see with ages in the Bat-mythos is Jason Todd.
    Jason came after Dick had left – even if he was older than Dick when he started (or was he also 10?), he was younger than Dick in the comics, presumably by a few years – but he is now also an adult.
    So there’s not just one ten year old in the story aging into his twenties, there’s another teen who came after that character aged, who has grown into his twenties.
    That ages them all a lot more, in my opinion.

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