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Wait, What? Ep. 140: THX-1138 GIVING

Jeff Lester

 photo de0961cb-26be-4fa6-bfd9-a27180b8bde2_zpse36de14a.jpg
It’s Tom Scioli’s American Barbarian family at a feast–that’s pretty Thanksgiving-y, right?

Yes, and hello! Maybe not as late as usual, but probably twice as rushed as I managed to survive Thanksgiving #1 last week and now have to start packing and planning for Thanksgiving #2 this week.

So: behind the jump, show notes of a somewhat speedy kind and the actual podcast itself. Join us, will you not?

00:00-13:36: This is the third time we’ve recorded together in a week, so we are a bit punchy and Graeme is very busy!  Initial topics covered under the “holy cow Graeme is so busy” rubric: CGI werewolves vs. practical effects werewolves, how scary Dr. Who should be, Fakesgiving, Batsgiving, Guy Fieri Tex Wasabi, and more.
13:36-28:02: Returning to the subject of Batsgiving — what’s up with that? Jeff asks Graeme.  Stephanie Brown, Catwoman’s butt, genetically designed DC artists, Lois Lane: A Celebration of 75 Years, the challenge of weekly comics, and more.
28:02-34:12:  Comics we’ve read!  Scooby-Doo Team Up #1 by Sholly Fisch and Dario Brizuela! (Yes, this is a book we both read.)
34:12-39:12: Harley Quinn #0 by Jimmy Palmiotti, Amanda Connor, and a slew of artists. Also discussed: Deadpool, Ambush Bug, humor in superhero books, redrawn page confusion, and more…
39:12-42:09: Batwoman issue #25 by Marc Andreyko with art by Trevor McCarthy, Andrea Mutti, Pat Olliffe and(!) Jim Fern. Discussed: putting your best foot forward, making trite things triter, speedily padding out your show notes entries with inessential list items.
42:09-46:45: Sex Criminals #3 by Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky.  Discussed: Jeff being wrong, Jeff being terrible, humor in non-superhero books, top ten tips to a ineffable, non-flabby butt, more tips for list-padding, etc.
46:45-54:53: Time for Graeme’s Agents of SHIELD update—Update! it’s still terrible!  Also mentioned: Heroes, X-Files, fantasy TV flashes in the pan, etc.
54:53-1:00:24: Afterlife with Archie #2 by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and Francesco Francavilla! With a bonus Gray Morrow black & white story that felt like actually felt like a generous bonus. Interestingly, despite the lesbianism and implied incest, we discussed neither, nor did Jeff mention the nagging feeling he had that he was reading brilliantly repurposed Glee fanfic, nor did we talk about the importance of discussing all the things that could have been discussed but weren’t when trying to make one look like one’s giving others their money’s worth with regard to show notes, etc.
1:00:24-1:01:23:  American Barbarian by Tom Scioli!  Yes, we’ve raved about this book before but Jeff is raving about it again since, in an uncommon display of reverse serialization, Scioli is offering digital issues of the webcomic-turned-graphic-novel at .99 on Comixology.
1:01:23-1:10:36:  Avengers: Endless Wartime by Warren Ellis and Mike McKone.  Graeme read it, Jeff did not and his narrative strategies for show notes puffery has run out.  Perhaps he should try pulling a card from the online Oblique Strategies deck! Hmmm, the strategy is “What wouldn’t you do?”  And so the second half of U2’s career is explained.
1:10:36-1:18:33:  Essential Captain America Vol. 7 by various and assorted.  And a possibly crazy plan is possibly maybe hatched!  Seriously, I should sit down and figure out if it’s even doable, this thing we came up with.  It seems pretty crazy.
1:18:33-end: Closing comments! Corrections and Amendments!  A bit of shilling for Jeff’s book (with the best stuff done by Graeme, unsurprisingly)!  Another link to our guest appearance on House to Astonish!  And best wishes to you for a happy Thanksgiving, while acknowledging we will not be back next week!

Well, there we have it. That was smartly put together and annotated, wasn’t it?

Episode is live (or liveish) on iTunes, and also available right here, by gum:

Wait, What? Ep. 140: THX-1138 GIVING

As always, we hope you enjoy and thanks for listening!

14 Responses to “ Wait, What? Ep. 140: THX-1138 GIVING ”

  1. No reason why this should matter, but: you don’t put out a holiday-themed piece of promotion the day before the holiday in question.

    This doesn’t change the fact that a butt is the focal point of that picture.

  2. I would love hear your thoughts on Mike Carlin’s interview on the Nerdist Comics Writers Panel. There’s a lot of lamenting the lack of humor in comics, but it’s coming from a guy who has gotten a lot out of the grim ‘n’ gritty 90’s. It illustrates this strange schism DC seems to have, and have had for perhaps 20 years now. There are people there that wish for a brighter take on these characters but they produce work from the perspective of “well, the fans want gritted teeth. Faybok, let ‘er rip!”

  3. Wasn’t expecting an episode, what a nice surprise!

    Funny about the Ellis/McKone Avengers hardcover. Nice try there, Marvel. I have weird hangups about hardcover comics anyways. Paperbacks still feel like comics. Hardcovers feel like either picturebooks or illuminated tomes. Hardcovers last many lifetimes though, so thank goodness Avengers: Endless Wartime won’t be lost to history.

  4. jean leon gerome ferris the first thanksgiving

  5. thanks for the shout-out fellas.

    goes to show: chaos always trumps two nerdy lawyers with a ‘plan’.

  6. Why am I living in an alternate universe where Warren Ellis was allowed to write Captain America again?

  7. Thanks for the show. I’m totally in the Graeme park on mixed case lettering, that was one of the big problems I had with Marvel’s Ultimates line – incest and murder and stuff in kiddie fonts was just weird. Someone sent me a link to a free read of the much-praised Ladder 44, but one look at the horrible lettering had me closing the iPad.

  8. Looking forward to Jeff & Graeme vs Avengers.

  9. Its a shame that there was no in depth discussion of Endless Wartime… I’m curious if anyone has noticed how closely it relates to Hideaki Anno’s End of Evangelion (hell, the white-immortal-alien-dragon-things-weaponized-by-government are out right called S2 units)

  10. Totally unrelated to this week’s episode, but thanks to the recent Dynamite sale I was finally able to read JENNIFER BLOOD Vol. 2 & 3 (the first 10 or so Al Ewing issues) based on Graeme & Jeff’s recommendations, and that was some enjoyable readin’. Really, really elevated Ennis’ initial run, exploiting some of the more … uneven elements to excellent effect. Really impressive job by Ewing, and really glad you guys shouted out this eminently missable book.

  11. Yeah, as far as I’m concerned, Ellis *only has* “lesser” work. For a while I thought, “I don’t know any other writer who’s so cocky and arrogant and yet has turned in so much obvious hackwork.” Then I realized: “No, it isn’t quite hackwork. He just can’t do much better even when he tries.”

    Also, I might have misunderstood what Graeme was saying there, but Thanksgiving always falls on the fourth Thursday. Everyone here knows that (except maybe Jeff). And why the “Batsgiving” spread being a week “off” or whatever would even matter…??? It’s like you guys are reaching really far just to have some perceived error to complain about. It’s a monthly magazine business. Who in their right mind would take DC to task for putting the Batsgiving spreads in comics a week or two early? It isn’t like every single person picks these up and reads them right on Wednesday. And it’s apparently a meaningful picture — so, should people who don’t want any of the titles that come out on the day before Thanksgiving miss out on seeing it? If they only put it in the books that came out on the day before Thanksgiving, you guys would be complaining and saying “What about the other readers? You’d think DC would have put it in every book during the whole month.”

  12. @wattan

    Agree very much on Warren Ellis. He has a staggering body of “meh” to actually quite awful work for a “name” writer. A couple of the most egregious examples I came across were his ORBITER (OGN with Colleen Doran, I believe) and OCEAN (with Chris Sprouse). Both are the kind of non-stories that make you want to tear out your hair once you reach the ends and realise you actually paid money for these experiences. Also, the much lauded, and admittedly highly “readable” TRANSMET was an absolute neverending hot mess in terms of story.

    The one massive exception for me is PLANETARY. I am starting to think there was some sort of weird alchemy at play with Ellis and Cassaday on that title as I find myself not even coming close to liking anything else that either of them have done nearly as much.

    Random aside: Cassaday, like Mike Kaluta, is a brilliant artist who consistently draws peoples’ heads just WAY TOO BIG. So does Gary Frank, by the way. Discuss???

  13. I think I’m a bit younger than many of you, so Warren Ellis is really in that perfect zone of writers who got me interested in the medium. I can embrace his shortcomings the way I see many in these parts dealing with (and often adoring) the work of maniacs like Don McGregor and Steve Gerber (et al).

    So the weird thing about that is: it makes me LOVE the hacky stuff. Like these days I’d rather read some dumb Moon Knight comic by Ellis than new Fell stories.* I really appreciate the sense of play and problem-solving he brings to corporate gigs he could clearly give a shit about.

    Having said that, I fully agree with the following statements:

    1.) Planetary is supergreat.
    2.) Cassaday’s heads are too big.
    3.) The AVENGING ENDLESSLY AND WARRING book was too slender and not all that wonderful.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    *I’d like new Fell stuff too, though.

  14. Even weirder, Fabok and Finch are from the exact same town in Canada…no joke. Maybe something to do with those cows Reed Richards hypnotized in Windsor, Ontario back in the 60’s

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