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Wait, What? Ep. 15.1: Breaking News Broken

Jeff Lester


So I’m in New York for the month and Graeme is, you know, doing his thing (I just swapped an email or two with him and wow does it sound like he’s trapped in a special circle of hell right now) but we still managed to carve out some time to get on the hooberbloob and talk and so we managed to make you this thing and here it is:

Wait, What? Episode 15.1

(And it should also be on Itunes, for those of you who swing that way.)  It was recorded all the way back on Thursday, October 7, so those of you who are comics-news-savvy can probably figure out a bit of what we talked about….

And, hmmmm. I’m posting this a little late on Tuesday, so let’s say I’ll post Episode 15.2 on…Thursday?  Like, earlyish Thursday? And then we’re hoping to talk next week and I hope to turn that around a little faster… Although, you know, I’m in New York! It’s a miracle anyone finds time to get to anything they scheduled.

Hope you enjoy, and thanks for your patience!

5 Responses to “ Wait, What? Ep. 15.1: Breaking News Broken ”

  1. Actually….I may have spoken too soon about the Itunes thing: looks like I once again added one line too many somewhere in the RSS feed and it’s not updating on Itunes properly. (maybe.)

    I’ll fix it in an hour or so. Sorry!

  2. Welcome back, guys! Always a pleasure to listen to you two B.S. about comics and the industry. So now what’s your reaction to Marvel’s price-cutting venture – which I believe is something like “*mumble mumble*won’t be releasing any NEW books at $3.99*mumble mumble*not really ADDRESSING the issue that most flagship books are already at that price*mumble mumble*….”

    I was thinking about picking up AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, since they’ve settled on a creative team; but they’re squeezing the price bump in under the January deadline, so I’m opting out.

  3. Hey guys! Great to have another episode to listen to! I’m popping it on the ipod right now for the drive to work. Looking forward to listening.

  4. I hope your predictions for Vertigo prove to be wrong. I believe this would have dire consequences for the industry.

    Question, didn’t Berger talk in San Diego about the original DC titles w/ the exception of Hellblazer going back to the DC banner? Forgive me if I am horribly wrong (and please correct me because I am really curious) but, isn’t this the area (with the notable exception of Y) where she had had the most impact at Vertigo? Animal Man, Swamp Thing, The Dreaming, Madame Xandadu, House of Mystery…

    And Pornsak Pichetshote getting canned especially at the tail end of Daytripper’s run is completely a$$i9!!!

    DC is skating on the iconic nature of their creations alone. Innovation is just something they have left to one or two talented breadwinners (I am looking at your GM) since the beginning. Everything else always seems to be on auto-pilot just to keep the property alive until one of these guys gets interested. To my mind this is the very reason vertigo was created. To have a smaller imprint that could be dedicated to the quality introduced with the Moore age British Invasion and their progeny.

    For DC to usurp Vertigo’s power to keep that creative energy alive isn’t only a loss to us fans but a message to the industry that this expectation of quality is unsustainable.

    I personally don’t see it happening right away but Vertigo is apparently losing some pulling power over at DC and if they aren’t given the full backing and support of the larger corporate strength that is available I believe it will be hard for them to survive for long in todays market.

    Also how many other publishers of non-superhero material will suffer without Vertigo holding the line and paving the roads?

    I started reading comics solely due to Vertigo’s content and I am pretty sure I would stop buying DC from the direct market altogether after their demise, and possibly merely with the end of Karen Berger’s tenure. It will make a nice set of tragic but meaningful bookends.

    Really curious about any and alls reactions.

    Hopefully the rumours of Vertigo’s demise are as exagerated as the rumours of the industry’s demise, and all this talk is for naught. I think Vertigo is among the most important conversations we can have in the community closing out the aughts though.

    Thanks as always for the show!!!!

  5. “isn’t this the area where she had had the most impact at Vertigo? Animal Man, Swamp Thing, The Dreaming, Madame Xandadu, House of Mystery…”

    Swamp Thing, Animal Man, and Doom Patrol made their “impact” before the Vertigo imprint was created. Sandman reigned both before and after.

    Madame Xanadu and House of Mystery haven’t really made any discernible “impact” that I can see.

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