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Wait, What? Ep. 18.1: Decompressed Podcasting.


Late, late, late.  Graeme and I recorded this the day before Thanksgiving and it took me a week to break out the virtual scissors and cut something together.  Sorry ’bout that.

So here we go, with what those in the industry call a “decompressed” first episode. I mean….a failed cold open? Graeme mocking me for complaining about the weather? Me mocking him for throwing out his back? Throw in Luke Cage and you’ve got an early issue of Bendis’ Avengers run, more or less.

Nonetheless, we do get around to talking Superman Vs. Muhammad Ali and Absolute All-Star Superman, and you can totally skip to the 16:55 point if you just want to get the verbal kicking and punching.  It is, or should very shortly be, available on Itunes, and/or you can listen to it here:

Wait, What?, Ep. 18.1: Decompressed Podcasting

(Keep your fingers crossed that I actually uploaded and coded everything properly…)

Thanks for listening and we hope you enjoy!  We should have more for you (much more!) super-shortly.

2 Responses to “ Wait, What? Ep. 18.1: Decompressed Podcasting. ”

  1. I believe the sun was poisoned, not “out.”

  2. Muhammad Ali, definitely. Superman obviously throws non-deadly punches. So that still gives Supe the edge since he won’t get tired or get hurt and he’s super fast. But Muhammad Ali dances around every normal speed punch and the judges can’t see the superfast ones. Superman scores 0 points by the end of the fight.

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