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Wait, What? Ep. 19.2: Something like a (Holiday) Phenomenon

Jeff Lester


This ep. is remarkably close to our holiday ep., what with Graeme talking about the five pages of his imaginary Jack Kirby S.A.N.T.A. book, and us answering questions about our favorite Christmas stories, and also its near-appalling audio-girth, since this ep. is where we answer questions submitted to us on Twitter.

At just under two hours, it’s got a little bit of everything for everyone (or maybe a whole lot of everything for everyone) including five very-insidery minutes toward the end that I almost cut but thought it was worth leaving in. It went up on Itunes last night (albeit with the incorrect time–thanks for head’s up, Ben Lipman) and you can also listen to it here:

Wait, What? Ep. 19.2: Something like a (holiday) phenomenon

I came dangerously close to using dogs barking Jingle Bells as our opening music (and playing sleigh bells throughout) but man, are recordings of dogs barking Jingle Bells not what they used to be:  it’s like people record ’em on the electric keyboards at the mall.  As Kanye would tell you, that’s no way to cut an album!

Anyway, we hope you find the time to listen, that you enjoy, and that you’re having yourself some Happy Holidays!

4 Responses to “ Wait, What? Ep. 19.2: Something like a (Holiday) Phenomenon ”

  1. Why exactly is this titled “19.2” and not, you know, a round number? At almost two hours long, is it really a continuation?

    They say brevity is the soul of wit.

  2. I totally had that record as a kid! I don’t remember anything about it except that cover. I’ve seen the audio files available online, but it might be better to just let it lie.

    The ‘T’ in S.A.N.T.A. would probably stand for “tannenbaum.”

  3. – I had a different reaction than Graeme to ASM #648/9, but it could be because I read it from a different perspective.
    I dropped out pretty early on into BND – around ‘5 Ways To Die’ – and tried tried these two on a lark.
    I can imagine it seemed incredibly forced if you’d been following the book, but as a new reader, 648 was the perfect jump on issue.
    First we got a good action sequence setting up Spidey’s relationship with the other heroes.
    Then, when it started setting up new plot lines, it gave a glimpse of what the status quo had been, before setting up what was new – made it really easy for me to felt caught up.

    – I also disagree with you guys about Batman: The Return.
    I really enjoyed the issue – I’d never considered it as a jump on issue, more of a primer for where the books were going.
    And reading it as a book whose existence was to launch new plot lines, and tie all the books together, I think it worked really well.

  4. 1. OBSESSIVE COMPULSIVE NERD ALERT: As the only living fan of the Phil Urich Green Goblin series– aside from that guy who made a website about it twelve years ago or whatever– I’ve gotta point out that he’s Ben Urich’s nephew, not son. But this is an awful idea. Still, I like the think tank plot, and the general sense of “moving pieces” Slott’s new issues have to them. This is the most interested in Spider-Man I’ve been in fifteen years, and I didn’t know any better fifteen years ago. (I’m still not going to stick with it, because, well…)

    2. I will pay you ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS for a S.A.N.N.T.A. comic.

    3. I liked Batman: The Return. It’s like an episode of Brave & the Bold filtered through a 90s Image Comics perspective, but, dang, that Milleresque opening with the “big old bastard bat” and the Dubai sequence? Great first half to it. Then there was some weird fight scene with robot suits that was so dimly colored I couldn’t make anything out, and a very abrupt end. Detective Comics wasn’t bad, but it felt more like an early-90s Batman comic I’d pick out of a cheapie bin, rather than something I’d pay three or four bucks for nowadays. Batman Inc #1, meanwhile, was almost the exact kind of Batman comic I want to be reading.

    4. I’ll watch Greta Gerwig in anything (and have!).

    5. Comics-to-TV-shows: I demand Gotham Central, and also Daredevil and Lightning the Super-Dog.

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