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Wait, What? Ep. 22.2: Greetings From the Fuuuuuuture!


Yes, after some delay, we are back with the conclusion of Ep. 22.2. We hope this has given you a chance to catch up and that you will enjoy our many fine podcasts to come.

The above image *does* get discussed in today’s episode, by the way, and I’d like to give a shout-out to Brian Cronin at the always-awesome Comics Should Be Good for doing the heavy lifting on this one. Maybe 2011 is the year where Jeff actually posts relevant images for the podcast posts?  Hey, it could happen, right?

Anyway, for a podcast from the far-flung future of 2012, we covered a lot of old school ground (and most of it very Marvelish as well):  Arcade, Doc Doom, Odin, Man-Wolf, Aaron Sorkin’s Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip…(apparently, I confused that entire series with the Saturday Night Live issue of Marvel Team-Up but apparently that’s common).

It’s making its way through the Itunes pipeline now but you can listen to it below, right here, right now:

Wait, What? Ep. 22.2: Greetings from the Fuuuuuture!

Thanks for your patience!  We hope you enjoy!

14 Responses to “ Wait, What? Ep. 22.2: Greetings From the Fuuuuuuture! ”

  1. What’s up with Arcade’s accent? Where’s he supposed to be from?

  2. I always supposed Irish, by way of the Chris Claremont school for accents.

  3. Really? I always thought he was supposed to be from the South.

  4. Because I got curious, Wikipedia suggests he had backstories that place him as growing up in either somewhere in Texas or LA.

  5. You should have tried Studio 60 not being an American – we couldn’t figure out if SNL really had that status and if people actually cared that much about comedy shows in the US!
    I actually thought the show picked up a bit after the John Goodman two parter, Sorkin just went for broke.
    It left reality behind even more than before, and was really dumped – a snake on the loose in the studio, and two characters with feelings locked on a roof together – but it became a fun and funny watch.
    I think the final episodes Graeme mentioned was actually a four parter, not three.
    The first or last isn’t titled as such, but you couldn’t follow it without – and it involved the actors brother being taken hostage in Iraq, and his moral dilemma of whether he should wit for the army or hire mercenaries to free him!
    You sure that’s not in the book about SNL??

    West Wing is awesome!
    You gotta stop at season 5 – though I’d wait till after the story about the President shutting down government!
    Again, that storyline leaves reality behind, but is great fun.

  6. In one of the classic X-Men back-ups I recall him growing up a rich, spoiled, and I hasten to add abused southerner. Believe his father was an oil man in Texas. Also, calling your abusive father “Daddy” for many years prior to committing patricide (not to mention matricide) points to some…Claremontian back story tinkering.

  7. Breyfogle’s Batman was spectacular.

    In a similar vein Darryl Banks is another artist who can’t get a whiff of the big two for no good reason. He was on Green Lantern for something like 80 issues, designed Kyle, Parallax, etc… (by etc I mean there was also a woman and a kitchen appliance).

    Still, GOOD artist – no mainstream work.

  8. When Darwyn Cooke goes into selfpublishing and names his company CookeBooks, Graeme is due for some imbursement.

  9. There’s the Thing, up front and center, in the Fear Itself promo. Whoops! Safe to assume he survives the “Three” storyline.

  10. The real question about Arcade’s accent is how “yore” is supposed to be really different from “your.” I’m not hearing it.

    I really liked the Byrne counterstrike, because it so terribly misfires, in that it shows that 1)Doom’s armor is susceptible to visible scratches by a wooden stick and 2)Doom is willing to destroy valuable equipment in a tantrum (Doomhissy?) in order to impress the dignity of Doom upon… well, a ten year old, and other pieces of equipment.

    I really like the way Byrne’s page is laid out, though.

  11. “There’s the Thing, up front and center, in the Fear Itself promo. Whoops! Safe to assume he survives the “Three” storyline.”

    On the other hand, he is the only FF member shown, and Marvel have released fake out teasers before!

  12. Ben Lipman: Really, fake-outs in their big mega-event promos? Not that I doubt you, but I haven’t been paying that much attention.

    Seems a little counter-intuitive to me, to deceptively promote a character in your big summer event if he’s actually not going to be in it due to an inconvenient death. Why would they assume fans are going to reward them for being lied to?

  13. A.L. Baroza: I don’t quite get their thinking on the matter, but with Civil War, they had an Amazon listing for a book that never came out, making it look like Captain America was wearing the Iron Man armor.

  14. The last line that Dracula has about a vampire nation could also (hopefully) be read as sarcastic. “Vampire nation, now why didn’t *I* think of that.” That has to be worthy of a no-prize.

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