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Wait, What? Ep. 25: The Power To Let Power Go


Why, yes, I did yoink this image from Chris Haley’s totally awesome Kanye + Comics tumblr, why do you ask?

As I think I mentioned last week, this conversation was recorded before Wake, What? and so some of the things alluded to there will now totally make sense if you listen to this here.  Graeme and I discuss the (at the time super-recent) casting decisions for The Dark Knight Rises, the Thor relaunch, Batman, Inc. #2, and the backmatter discussion between Fraction and O’Malley in the latest Casanova.  We run a little long–okay, more than a little long–but we hope you think it’ll be worth it.

Unless I’ve screwed up my own RSS feed yet again, you should be able to hear it via Itunes.  And of course, we are always pleased to offer you the opportunity to listen to it here:

Wait, What? Ep. 25: The Power To Let Power Go

Thanks for listening and we hope you enjoy!

23 Responses to “ Wait, What? Ep. 25: The Power To Let Power Go ”

  1. Screw Kanye, but that’s a great image.

  2. -Marvel relaunching Thor lets them get the bonus of a new #1 in comic shops and a hardcover of Fraction/Ferry’s Thor in time for the movie. Jeff’s right in that it’s a cynical move, and honestly, the sort of thing that rubs me the wrong way. I don’t care about numbers at all, but how is this anything but gaming the system?

    -I never noticed the Thor/FF parallel before. Amazing.

    -Jeff, how good are those Amazing Spideys? There’s this stretch that’s probably a year on either side of the death of Gwen that’s just great to me.

    -“Fraction has become Kanye West” Ha. I don’t quite buy it, but I like your reasoning.

  3. It’s not listed on itunes, but the ‘BD Montgomery method’* of downloading a podcast from here, starts it downloading on itunes!

    In a way, it’s perfect for a podcast about comics – I love the product, but you’ve gotta do some work to get it!

    *From comments of last podcast.

  4. cant you guys go back to text based updates`?

    not listening, because audio files are super inconvenient when you just wanna get the info youre interested in.

  5. Yeah, the BD Montgomery method is working for me, too. Weird. But cool.

  6. So there is a place for us who like Kanye and Comics.

  7. Meltzer’s totally in on the joke with Decoded. His crew, though? I don’t think they are.

    That one guy–the professor?–who scribbles in his notebook all the time? What the fuck is he writing, seriously? Dude, they’re getting it all on camera.

  8. mckracken: “not listening, because audio files are super inconvenient when you just wanna get the info youre interested in.”

    For those of use who commute and hour back and forth to work each day, they’re pretty awesome.

  9. FYI – Having a problem with getting it through iTunes again.

  10. Once again, another great episode. Was wondering if in-between Decoded episodes, did you experience the bizarre mess of a show, The Cape?

  11. That there is a new Thor comic (a new #1 or a new collection) coinciding with the release of the Thor movie isn’t cynical, a grand failure or devalues the previous storyline, its basic marketing.

    and to parse hyperbole by going back 30 years to prove it wrong (its never been done before/yes it has) is to expect a change in promotion where none has ever been promised or exhibited.

    I’m surprised it amounts to little more than a shrug from longtime readers or industry observers.

  12. So, what’s next for Marvel? They have thoroughly burned out the new #1 issue and the whole .1 initiative seems still born in that Secret Avengers is solicited this month with a .1 and a fill-in team. And variants are so commonplace as to be the norm. So how exactly do you think Marvel will try to artificially build sales next? Cover gimmicks? Alternate interiors? Curious what you think….

  13. So you’re the one holding up my delivery of Hausu, Jeff! Well, not really.

    I have Netflix’s one disc at a time thing. I get through about 7 or 8 a month, so they’re not making any money from me.

  14. “FYI – Having a problem with getting it through iTunes again.”

    Us the BD Montgomery method – open itunes, but then download it from this website.
    As soon as the download starts in the web browser, the itunes will start downloading as well, and keep going after you cancel the web browser download.

  15. I remember when Savage Critics used to have these things called reviews . . .

  16. There it is. I was beginning to worry.

  17. http://is.gd/Es0G82

  18. Ben,

    After I posted my comment I tried your BD Montgomery method and it worked. Thx.

  19. A.L. Baroza – you just made my whole family laugh. Cheers, sir!

  20. I think Flashpoint may be confined into one alternate reality because Johns doesn’t want to step on the toes of Multiversity which is also supposed to come out this year.

  21. Rick,

    I wouldn’t think it possible to “bite” a multiversal concept by using the concept of the multiverse. An infinity of infinities, yes? Cue navel gazing and fingernail examination.

    What are the odds that Flashpoint was developed as a Multiversity title, originally?

    And kudos on finding me “thepriceiswrong” sound effect, Baroza. HEAVY ROTATION.

  22. “What are the odds that Flashpoint was developed as a Multiversity title, originally?”


  23. Grant Morrison at a story retreat dealing with the return of the multiverse waaaaay back:

    “So, we’re bringing back the multiverse!”

    Geoff Johns:

    “Hmm, maybe I could…”


    Geoff Johns:

    “So, you know, I’m just going to go ahead and do this f’ing story.”


    “No, really, I’m almost ready to start telling multiverse stories. Just gotta do one…more…thing…with…”


    “Yes, yes, Batman. It’s fine, I’ve got it.”

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