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Wait, What? Ep. 33: Your Little Glowing Friend


So here we are with Episode 33 of Wait, What?, ready for your listening pleasure.  We took George’s comment to heart and did our best to give you a podcast of only the stuff we’re positive about.  Admittedly, we don’t entirely succeed 100%–sorry, Fear Itself: Book of The Skull–but we  tried very hard.  Consequently, you get to hear Graeme and I wax rhapsodic about Classic G.I. Joe, the Captain America Jack Kirby Omnibus, Bakuman, Bucko, and more.  Or, well, hmm.  Actually maybe that is it, though there is some other stuff in there that’s not really book reviewing though not much–we kept things to a very manageable just-over-an-hour.

It should be on iTunes by now if I’ve done everything right.  Or, should you feel compelled, you can listen to it here:

Wait, What? Ep. 33: Your Little Glowing Friend

We hope you enjoy and thanks for listening!

6 Responses to “ Wait, What? Ep. 33: Your Little Glowing Friend ”

  1. I watched Justice League when it was originally airing, I was in middle and high school at the time, and as much as I loved the show, I never felt compelled to pick up the comics because of the show. When I got into comics in college the fact that I loved the Justice League show so much actually prevented me from getting into DC’s output because it was so different from the show, some times radically so as with characters like the Question. That could just be me though but I’ve always wondered whether the different portrayal of character’s across different mediums turns off potential readers.

    Moyasimon is amazing but Kodansha hasn’t announced whether or not they are continuing the series so there might not be any more volumes beyond the second.

  2. Although I was let down Graeme stuck with the plan and didn’t rip into Book Of The Skull – I got excited when he brought it up, hoping to see it torn down – you’re talking stuff up worked on me!
    Read an loved Bucko, and just picked up first to volumes of Bakuman.
    Only partially into Bakuman, but loving the hell out of it – Pluto and 20th Century Boys didn’t grab me as much as this has!
    Cheers Jeff!

  3. A couple thoughts…I read the Project X: 7-11 manga (as opposed to Cup of Noodles one) and really liked it. Would love to read the cup of noodles one if I ever come across it and the Nissan car one as well.

    I think the JLU show (which I loooooooooved) would have pulled in more comic readers if there had been a comic that reflected the tone, storytelling tropes and art style of the cartoon on the stands that was stocked by stores en masse. I know there was a DC kids comic in line with JLU, but I’m sure if I want into your garden variety LCS and said I liked the JLU comic, what should I read, you would have been handed JLA which was NOTHING LIKE THE CARTOON.

    Bucko is really terrific, is it not? You should add a link to the site up above. Something like this http://www.buckocomic.com/

    Thanks as always guys. You make my commute go more quickly and will surely be sainted for this or re-incarnated as something terrific or whatever aligns with your beliefs.

  4. Thanks for the great recommendations. Spending money on comics is better than dropping series like secret avengers and iron man…

  5. Eric: I’ve also wondered about that. Certainly, when I was a young fanboy, I was annoyed that the Hulk was David Banner on the TV show–I sorta figure it would work for other similarly inflexible young minds in the opposite direction.

    And thanks for the head’s up about Moyasimon–that’s especially a shame because the story is so leisurely (which I’m sure is part of its charm).

    Ben: I’m *really* glad to hear you dug Bakuman–it totally has me in its grip, still. So knowing it’s working for you too is gratifying.

    John: If the new corporate structure at DC means we have a better chance of the stuff we see in our media actually reflecting the stuff we see in our comics (and vice-versa), I think it’ll be a far better thing for the industry, overall. My worry is, based on the Green Lantern movie promos and, I dunno, the JSA on Smallville, is that DC will work harder to make our media more like the comics than vice-versa.

    And I’ve been dying to read that 7-11 manga for years now–I heard it was much better than the Cup O’ Noodles manga, which was hilarious in its way but really lackluster in its execution.

    George: Obviously, Graeme and I agree with you. (I doubt there was a Marvel fanboy that wanted Brubaker’s run on Secret Avengers to be awesome more than me.) But we do the best we can with what ends up in front of us. (Which admittedly, in my case has been 30 year old Ghost Rider comics.) Thanks for the feedback, and we’re glad you dug it!

  6. Jeff,
    Coolly enough, I picked up the 7-11 manga at my local library, which made it an even better read.

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