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Wait, What? Ep. 34: Fools Before The Fools’



Just barely made it in under the wire–kinda ironic, considering I had the week off.  And yet as sometimes happens when you take a vacation during a big comics convention, you can spend almost as much time recovering as you do shuffling through longboxes and whatnot.  (More, obviously, in my case.)

In any event, here’s Wait, What? Ep. 34 for you: almost ninety minutes of comic book flava recorded by Graeme and myself on the day before Wondercon.  We talk Moyasimon: Tales of Agriculture, Finder: Voice, Thor, Butcher Baker #1, Wonder Woman, Jimmy Olsen #1, and Marc Guggenheim’s recent Justice Society of America.  Really, it was worth the wait (for those of you waiting, anyway.)

By the time you read this, it should (maybe?) be on iTunes.  You can also listen to it right now and right here:

Wait, What, Ep. 34: Fools Before The Fools\’

Oh, and speaking of iTunes–for those of you who listen to us and enjoy us and haven’t given us a review on iTunes?  If you wouldn’t mind taking a second to do so, I’d appreciate it.  I’d like as many people to be able to find and try the podcast as possible, and I think a recent review always makes for a good impression, you know?  Just a totally optional thing, if you feel like doing it…

Anyway, we hope you enjoy and, as always, thanks for listening!

7 Responses to “ Wait, What? Ep. 34: Fools Before The Fools’ ”

  1. I would listen to a podcast worth of Graeme dying stories.

    Err, that was meant in the best possible way.

  2. What about “heir” Graeme?

  3. Thanks again for the podcast.

    Just finished reading the latest issue of cap and while I like brubaker I really want another writer on the book. Perhaps it will get a shot in the arm when it gets a co-writer and new artist. I feel like iron man, secret avengers and cap have all be dissappointments of late. And ff 1 was visually a disappointment. Epting is like the ant-Kirby.

    Really enjoyed chew and hex this week. And about to read latest uncanny xforce and batman Inc for the second time.

    Always been a fan of finder – was voice as good as dream sequence?

  4. Oh god, Jeff, the cat…

    I don’t know what was more horrifying– the part with the cat or the part where Graeme says “Pasqual Ferry was replaced by Sal Larocca”…

    I just read Batman Inc. 3 and 4 this morning– I liked those more than anything he’s done previous. I just that he’s completely turned Batman into Seven Soldiers with those two issues– not just with the rapid dead team beginning to 3, but the same “Time to assemble the weird heroes with detailed unseen histories to fight the nebulous coming threat” formula. That’s just a pretty good formula for a mainstream superhero comic book. I liked Seven Soldiers way more than Batman so I’m happy he’s heading towards his strengths… Nice performance by Chris Burnham in 4…

  5. Not that I’m loving Gugenheim’s run on JSA… it’s really not been a great run of issues. And the art! Oh the art! I can’t tell if it’s the colouring or a new style by Kollins, but it doesn’t work for me.
    But in Gugenheim’s defense, I think that Jesse Quick is the one in red (and even though she’s hanging with the JLA now it’s not completely unreasonable to imagine that she would come to the JSA’s defence if they needed her), and the character in the Liberty Belle costume is Jesse’s mom, the original Liberty Belle. Ideally, this difference in character might have come across in the art (with Libby maybe appearing twenty or thirty years older than Jesse) or a line in the dialogue explaining why the two characters are around, but maybe that will come in the next couple of issues.

  6. “Oh, and speaking of iTunes–for those of you who listen to us and enjoy us and haven’t given us a review on iTunes? If you wouldn’t mind taking a second to do so, I’d appreciate it.”
    Done. And happy to do so. Thanks for the podcasts, gentlemen.

  7. George: that’s a tough call. I adored the first half of Dream Sequence and was coolish on it by the end. (And as long as I’m coming clean, I’ll confess to have never finished King of The Cats for some reason.) So it sounds like you and I may have very different tastes. But Finder: Voice did remind me of Dream Sequence in that it has a similar “unique-setting-gives-a-sort-of-genre-story-approach-a-wicked-twist” feel to it.

    (Even if that makes no sense, the book is still worth checking out.)

    Abhay: Oh, how I wanted to cut that cat sequence like nobody’s business, lemme tell you. I don’t know why I’d thought Graeme had gotten another cat since Luna passed but obviously I did.

    If it turned out Batman was assembling a new group of Seven Soldiers (even if they were all Batmen) and Morrison played with all the rules he set up for that, I would be kinda delighted. I assume that’s not what you’re saying is literally happening, but still…

    Murray: Thank you for the review! Super-appreciated. And I think someone else made a similar point (maybe on Twitter?) about the Jesse Quick/Liberty Belle thing. I may check in with Graeme, but thanks for pointing that out.

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