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Wait, What? Ep. 36: Sexy Sinestro


Hello, friends. I almost managed to screw the pooch on this deadline too, but things came together, I was able to find a little patch of editing and uploading time, and…here we are. Sexy Sinestro Time!

So, as I mention in my intro, WW? 36 is our almost-didn’t-happen shortcast which goes to prove that even when Graeme and I are both exhausted and overworked and have sworn that we’re not going to talk comics, we can and will still have something to say about comics. Consequently, however, we media res the hell out of this one, cutting in very late on our discussion and cutting out kinda early.  (It’s like good screenwriting advice as applied to podcasts!  Next up,  Graeme and I will start discussing comics but by the third act, comics will be discussing us!  Admittedly, my screenwriting knowledge is shaky, but apparently the perfect screenplay is structured like a Yakov Smirnoff joke.)

Still–we manage to talk DC’s Doomsday event, Dan DiDio’s Outsiders, Fear Itself, Ultimate Fallout, and Green Lantern: Secret Origin wherein we do indeed discuss–all too terribly briefly–Sexy Sinestro.

Those inclined should be able to find it on iTunes (hopefully by the time this post goes live) or you can listen to it here:

Wait, What, Ep. 36: Sexy Sinestro

As always, we hope you enjoy it–and thanks for listening!

5 Responses to “ Wait, What? Ep. 36: Sexy Sinestro ”

  1. “Get out of my way, dumbass!”–sounds like Sinestro understood Hal Jordan pretty well to me.

    And the part with the dogs was tremendously cute.

  2. As much as I do enjoy the long, winding podcasts of old – I usually listen to them on my iPod when I’m doing the dishes or other chores – I have to say that this might be your best one yet. You guys really hit a lot of topics and were chock full of info in a very short amount of time. Good job, dudes.

    I had not heard that bit about Odin for FEAR ITSELF – Graeme’s right, the first issue makes a LOT more sense in that context. And Jeff’s “Odin as grifter” impression was priceless.

  3. The juxtaposition of the words “Sexy Sinestro” and a little kid in a GL costume is kind of creepy.

  4. I thought the exact same thing at the end of Fear Itself! Where were they going?! Maybe they just walked into another pantheon’s hangout? Just chillin with the Egyptian gods… I don’t know.

    And if I may play Marvel’s/Devil’s advocate, The Hulk is one of those good-guy-who-most-people-think-is-a-bad-guy characters, he did declare war on the earth like, 5 or 6 months ago in Marvel time. Does The Thing still freak out the public? I don’t know.

    Nice podcasting, sirs.

  5. I can’t say whether or not not Nick Spencer really deserved that exclusive (though I am a fan) but I’ve got to tell you: Spencer and Cafu’s THUNDER Agents is the one of the most exciting new superhero book I’m reading right now. Only Parker’s Thunderbolts can compare in terms of quality and promise.

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