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Wait, What? Ep. 39.2: Hipster Cap


Hey, can I take a moment and mention that you guys are awesome?  (If this was happening in real life and you were Hibbs, you would say, “No.”)  As you’ll discover from listening to this ep., I read and quite dug the trade of Wolverine: Insane in the Brain, a page of which you can see above, “courtesy” of IGN, and I definitely owe that to listener/commenter Cory Nalder who mentioned it back in August of ’10 in a way that made me think I would enjoy it.  He was totally right.

That and recent reviews on iTunes from Anthony Casaldi and Dasbender on iTunes, as well as the discussions that pop up on our comments, just make me really aware how lucky Graeme and I are to have a place for our podcast, and a group of like-minded people that appreciate it and can help expand our (by which I very much mean “my”) horizons.  Thank you.

So. Ahem.  Yes, and but so here’s the conclusion of Wait, What? Episode 39 for you, wherein Graeme and myself talk Simonson’s Thor Omnibus, Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty; Wolverne: Insane in the Brain trade paperback by Jason Aaron, Yanick Paquette, and C.P. Smith; Moon Knight #1 by Bendis and Maleev, Thor #1 by Matt Fraction and Oliver Coipel, the aftermaths of Brightest Day and Justice League: Generation Lost….and our speculation about Flashpoint (I wasn’t quite nerdy enough to put this underneath our discussion, but I admit to being nerdy enough to seriously think about it). All in under an hour.

Perhaps you’ve already downloaded via iTunes. If not, why not listen to it here and now?

Wait, What?, Ep. 39.2: Hipster Cap

As always, we hope you enjoy, and thanks for listening!

9 Responses to “ Wait, What? Ep. 39.2: Hipster Cap ”

  1. Thanks for the reviews.

    In my opinion Insane in the Brain is better than what Aaron is doing now on Wolverine. Enemy of the State is still my model for a modern Wolverine story but I will take Insane in the Brain. Aaron’s new take on the X-Men is sort of my last ditch effort to enjoy it. Still really enjoying UXF though.

    Jeff I am not sure which issues of Waid’s Cap you have read but you should consider checking out the pre Heroes Reborn Cap by Waid and Garney. It is really great.

    My Simonson Thor has similar binding issues. It’s just too big. Enjoying it but not very far in. I have never read a Thor comic before this. I am surprised at how much I am enjoying Journey into Mystery.

    I am a life long DC fan but reading only a few of their books (Batman Inc, Detective, Xombi, Action Comics (but not the Doomsday story) and Secret Six). Geoff has killed Green Lantern for me and his Flash is not as good as his work with Wally West.

  2. Clearly Jeff has never listened to classic American Top 40, but Graeme has? Surely, my mind is broken and things will never be the same.

  3. Oh yes, Insane In The Brain and, in fact, that whole Weapon-X run (particularly the last one that ends with Deathlok quoting Neal Diamond!) was most excellent comics. Marvel obviously agreed with your perception and gave Aaron Wolverine and a (pretty) free reign. And it tanked.

    So it looks like they did some math; obviously there’s nothing wrong with his writing but, hey, howabout we take all the personality out? And so: Wolverine Goes To Hell. Which is a success. I don’t want to know what the lesson is there. I hope this is just a blip on the learning curve because I like Aaron’s work and think he could get pretty good indeed. However it would be worth his while to smuggle some personality into his mainstream fare pretty quick before he’s enshrined as comics’ Salieri to Moore’s Mozart.

    Man, that Thor Omnibus! Wait’ll you get to #350-353! Make sure someone with a key to your door is instructed to check on you the day after. Because you may just be awesomed into catatonic shock (it’s called Simonising!) and we don’t want the next time anyone hears about you to be because you were dripping through the floorboards into the downstairs neighbours’ soup. How much did Walter Simonson love creating those comics? A whole Hel of a lot. By Surtur’s fiery nappy! I swear I got a contact high off the pages.

    The highlight for me this go round (so far)has been Balder who vacillates between embodying Beckett’s famous “I can’t go on. I shall go on.” and being an epic swordsman in at least two senses (the ladies know what I mean, right girls!) “But you SHALL know me, madam. Indeed you shall.” Oh, Balder, did it just get hot in here?

    Thanks for the talky talky! (Although Mr. McMillan seemed a bit subdued didn’t he? Drink more water Graeme McMillan that’ll sort you out!)

  4. I’ve been loving Adventure Comics – and reading it as it comes out!
    Levitz writing about young people training to join the LOSH, with Phil Jimenez on pencils?
    I don’t really see how that’s a book aiming for the fringe.
    (Although, only having Jimenez on 2 1/2 issues makes it destined for the fringe).
    I’ve started getting the Legion monthly regularly, but only jumped on recently, so got most of the run off of ebay – reading in big chunks definitely lifts it up. The only problem with waiting for it in trade is that the first storyline lasted 10-11 issues, plus a few Adventure Comics spin-offs, but the trade only has six issues.

    With Moon Knight, I’d read zero publicity, as it was a total impulse buy for me.
    So I was thinking it was a totally average issue, with no plans of continuing, until I got to that last page – put a big grin on my face and gave me a chuckle.
    I was all set to keep reading, but hearing it may be leading up to the next crossover kills my interest somewhat.

  5. I was born in Jan ’66 and the Andru Spider-Man is the platonic ideal against which all other Spider-Men must be measured.

  6. Jeff,

    Glad you enjoyed Insane in the Brain, I totally get the Re-Animator comparison. The story is especially strange in its placement between the fairly straight-forward first trade and the Terminator riff of the third volume.

  7. Sep 69, and definitely feel the Ross Andru love. Amazing Spider Man 145 is one of the first books I remember owning (still have it). And those Stegron issues (165 and 166), the Tranatula, the Jackal…the man had some chops.

  8. Graeme, are you playing both sides of the fence? The notion of a “Road to the Age of Ultron Hardcover Edition” makes me believe you are part of Marvel’s sales team. :-)

    You can add me to list of people reading LOSH and Adventure Comics; I am enjoying both titles. Personally, I have always preferred to read a bunch of Levitiz issues in a row as opposed to a single one. Levitiz is quite methodical, but he always takes a lot of time to establish things (which is fine).

    Jeff, I believe your Flashpoint theory has merit. Barry Allen was not around when Superman and Lois got married. Barry has not had enough time to adjust to Lois and Clark’s status quo.

    On a side note, a Lois & Clark/Barry & Iris double date issue could be fun!

  9. Knowing you both love the Simonson, and love digital comics…I’ll point out the TwoMorrows has their “Modern Masters” Simonson book available as a pdf download for the ridonculous price of $5. It is absolutely worth every digital penny.


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