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Wait, What? Ep. 40.1: Anniversary Babies


Okay, I admit it: the title doesn’t really fit with anything Graeme and I mention in this first installment of our 40th podcast. However it is appropriate to when this post goes live–the Tenth Anniversary of the Savage Critic website. It’s kind of a big deal for me as I’ve been here since the site went live (although with much more distance for the last five years or so) and I hope to be here for a while longer yet. I could go on about my feelings for some length–being raised a Spider-Man, I’m pretty much guaranteed to be able to fill one to two pages with internal monologue (though I never did get the hang of that web-swinging thing)–but I’ll be merciful and spare you all.

Instead, lemme just say that I did bust the proverbial hump to get this first installment edited and uploaded in time for the big day and we hope you enjoy–in it, Graeme and I talk Time Masters: Vanishing Point and the work of Dan Jurgens; the publicity and marketing of Flashpoint #1, how the heck something like Spider-Island comes about, and I use an extremely inappropriate metaphor to describe Avengers 12.1 (actually, two extremely inappropriate metaphors now that I think of it). Should be available on iTunes by now, as well as the RSS feed for the podcasts, *and* you can listen to it right here, right now:

Wait, What?, Ep. 40.1: Anniversary Babies

We hope you enjoy, and thanks for listening! Crack open a long box in celebration of the anniversary, will you?

5 Responses to “ Wait, What? Ep. 40.1: Anniversary Babies ”

  1. Loved the episode, especially Jeff’s vitriolic rant on Avengers 12.1. I’m sure what the event crossovers will evolve into would become loosely based upon whatever summer superhero movies that are to be released. We’re seeing it with the Cap and Thor centric Fear Itself. Green Lantern having a major crossover last year probably kept that from becoming this year’s must-read event.

  2. Hey now, Graeme McMillan and Jeff Lester! I care about Captain “SHAZAM!” Marvel! And ,no, I don’t want Geoff Johns anywhere near it , cheers. That Jeff Smith MONSTER SOCIETY OF EVIL book should be a perennial and if it isn’t it’s because it isn’t shelved with the kid’s books and is instead shelved in the ghetto reserved for comics with spines. I’ve actually been in bookshops and I’ve seen with my own eyes where Tin Tin and Asterix are shelved! Comics? Sometimes they are for kids – so put ‘em where kids can see ‘em! Want me to tie your shoes, too, DC?

    Fellas, that sausage factory stuff was depressing. It’s such a crucial and obvious point isn’t it? The Companies need to fill this many books – now go and fill them. I think we all know this (I am being presumptuous here) but we automatically recalibrate to the more pleasant image of a bunch of big chums in a smashing treehouse producing comics because its all just such a jolly big lark! In fact I like to imagine the (quote) Marvel Architects (unquote) dressed in tuxedos and frolicking in fountains, playfully knocking each others little hipster hats off and high fiving each other in slow motion while dollar bills and TV contracts fall on them like a happy rain. Why won’t they let me play with them!?!

    Oh, Jeff. Jeff. Jeff. Jeff. That was little symphony of spleen. Oh, I liked that. I liked that a lot. And, yes, it’s the contempt isn’t it? Contempt that rises off these books like stink off a dead dog in the Nevada desert at high noon. It has, for me, been an unpleasant presence for years as far as that guy’s concerned. My only futile hope is that posterity will sort it out and hail him as the Joe Gill of the 21st Century he so clearly is. (Which is not a knock on Joe Gill; he had to write a lot quickly so that he could eat given Charlton’s parsimonious rates.) Oh, Jeff, that whole “his own personal Glory Hole” riff was genius. Buy yourself a waffle for that one.

    I thank you both very much indeed.

  3. For me this was an awesome explosion.

    Jeff is gently going on in his NPR ready dulcet tones and Graeme is just poking, poking, poking…

    It reminded me, after a fashion, of this:



  4. J_Smitty_: I should probably disagree with the connection, but that clip is so damn enjoyable, I find myself unable to. Thanks!

  5. I dunno- I bought Avengers 12.1 and didn’t recall being all that bothered by it. Nor did I really recall anything about it either, so I pulled it out again, and found the art did seem phoned in (but I’m usually only lukewarm towards Hitch anyway) and the story is really only a continuation of the series. Since I’d been reading Avengers for 6 months it wasn’t a big deal to me, but as a new reader I can see where it would be maddening.

    That being said, have there been ANY of these .1 issues that have worked as intended? I can’t think of any, but I’ve maybe read three, at most.

    I also found the idea of a $25 sampler really odd– I assume it was at least hardcover? I’ve just borrowed two different Fantastic Four hardcovers from the library that I’m mystified as to how they could be at all successful, sales-wise, without substantial library sales. I’d love to know what Marvel’s library sales look like.

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