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Wait, What? Ep. 40.2: Earth JKGM


It’s the wrap up of Episode 40, with Graeme and myself answering questions from listeners on Twitter. (Really good questions, I should add–the kind of questions you want to get when you’re fully rested and you have the breadth of your comic knowledge at the tip of your fingers. Sadly, I was kind of stressed and I’d just eaten a Twix PB bar and the comics seemed so very…so very far away…) Our least favorite characters, our favorite writers or artists not getting any work, truncated runs we wish had been properly completed, and much more…all wedged in to a hair more than an hour.

Savvy types who have us on iTunes and those following the RSS feed can grab this fine bit o’ podcasting now. Or you can listen to it right here:

Wait, What?, Ep. 40.2: Earth JKGM

We hope you enjoy it, and (as always) thanks for listening!

7 Responses to “ Wait, What? Ep. 40.2: Earth JKGM ”

  1. Wally West should and shouldn’t be in that JLA because he is a card carrying member of THE JLA coupled with the Animated Series kinda locks him into peoples mind as the A-List Speedster.

  2. Jack Knight went through a slow character change.

    BPRD has for years been way more interesting than any superhero book Marvel or DC has been releasing. The new hardcover compilations are a great way to start.

  3. The new BPRD hardcovers are definitely great way to get into the series, which is how I did it. The series is also pretty new reader friendly as well.

    I haven’t seen anyone really suggest this, though I haven’t been looking, but Canterbury Cricket seems to me to be the Flashpoint Ambush Bug. Not sure why DC would go that way though.

  4. I’m totally on board for DOCTOR DOOM, M.D.! What’s the Diamond Order code? Or is it just on Earth JKGM?

    Earth JKGM sounds like a splendid place to be! I have been punching reality in order to make it conform to this dreamy set-up but as yet – no luck! SILVER STAR! I love SILVER STAR! Whenever I read SILVER STAR I feel I have been given a comic from an alien world where they use English words but they all have different meanings. It’s a unique experience! “C’mon, crazy lady!!!” Indeed! It was so touching when Jeff Lester was trying to accommodate JK’s wishes in his hypothetical JKGM comics and Graeme McMillan just slapped him in the face with the wet fish of: “He’s DEAD, Jeff!” Oh, you guys!

    Woo, Graeme McMillan! Judge Dredd is a superlative example of a slow and subtle character change over a long period of time. Maybe the best? Evers? Luke Cage from gansta rap bad ass to bland TV sit-com Dad? About as silky smooth a transition as you’d expect given who was involved, I guess. What about Jason Todd? Fear not, effendis: I jest!!!

    Not to steal Jeff Lester’s signature move but: Sighhhhhhh. John Smith is totally neglected. I think his American output ended up being that one Hellblazer (in the launderette?) issue and the SCARAB series way back when. Although NEW STATESMEN did get a TPB a long time ago too. I wonder why he never caught on in the mainstream (that’s a joke for people familiar with his work)! Not reading 2000AD anymore (no reflection on it, it just had to be) deprives me of John Smith and Judge Dredd. Sometimes I am a fool to myself. Anyway, John Smith! Ch-ch-ch-check him out, kids!

    Sadly truncated series that had a kind of ending but I wish had naturally ended? Simonson’s ORION, Hall and Watkis’ TRIGGER, Gerber/Skrenes & Hurtt’s HARD TIME, Moore and Gibson’s HALO JONES, Giffen and Doran’s REIGN OF THE ZODIAC, I’ll stop there, huh?

    Let the hating commence! DC: I hate Red Tornado and Hush. Marvel: I hate Spider-Woman and Boobz Ultron. With the proviso of: A good writer could change that.

    Walt Simonson STAR WARS comics? On The List! My spawn is totally about STAR WARS. He’s all about The Luke Skywalker so I guess those DH reprint volumes would be perfect. Chaykin, Infantino and Simonson? Hmm, maybe Dad should keep them safe from jammy hands for a bit. When Dad can afford them, natch! Thanks for the reminder!

    “The reader wins!” was hilarious. This listener, for one, won. As ever, my thanks to the both of you.

  5. I just want to say how much I love Jeff Lister for his creation of Earth JKGM. It’s a place where I don’t just want to live, it’s where we always should have been living.

    I’m very tempted to draw Dr Doom, MD: “Prattling fools, it an aortic arch aneurysm, as only the superior intellect of Dr Doom would know!! Now cower before Doom, open your mouth and say ‘Ah!'” Actually, could some internet wag with more time than I simply find some old Dr Kildare newspaper strips and mash up the art and dialogue with old Kirby Fantastic Four strips?

    Regarding the art not always looking like Walt Simonson in his Star Wars run, I recall reading an interview somewhere that Simonson primarily did layouts, with Tom Palmer providing the finished art, primarily because Simonson was looking to improve his storytelling abilities and didn’t want to get distracted by rendering everything properly.

    And I agree with John K(UK)– Trigger was criminally truncated. Other comics I’d have liked to see through to their natural conclusion would have been Casey’s Wildcats; Ellis’ Demolition Jones (although strictly speaking that was never cancelled, and simply went missing in the ether); and from the looks of its sales for the first two issues, Xombi.

    Oh, and Gerber’s Howard The Duck. It never should have ended the way it did, and when Gerber revisited him in the Max series last decade, it should have been continued. And no-one else should ever be allowed to write Howard: he was too much his creator.

    I know it wasn’t in this episode, but while I’m here can I add my voice to Jeff’s for his praise for Ross Andru’s Spiderman. While he lacks the storytelling ability of Ditko, the romance and design of Romita, or the dynamism of Kane, he makes up for it by giving a sense of place to his stories. Before him, New York was strangely generic in Spiderman, while he very much turned it into a backdrop that grounded the fantastical elements in exactly the same way that Romita grounded things with soap opera. It’s very much a shame that such grounding seems to be missing from many comics today.

    Being a UK resident, and never around on Twitter when you ask for questions, may I ask a couple hear? Firstly, why do you think Steve Gerber was never given Amazing Spider-man to write, and what do you think it would have been like? And secondly, although this is more an observation: while recently rereading all the Essential Spider-man volumes I came up with the theory that all writers since issue 150 have not been influenced by Stan Lee’s run, even though they may think they have, but actually by Gerry Conway’s run. His long term storytelling and more importantly, killing off Gwen Stacy and positioning Mary Jane as partner is something that seems to have influenced far more writers than Lee’s version in its own way. Discuss!

    And when will you two get around to The Great Gerber Defenders Discussion™ that has been promised for so long?

    Sorry for the long post. Now I’m off to try bending reality in a Flashpoint stylee so that the world doesn’t just become Earth JKGM, it always was. TARUU!!

  6. Jeff- that was an amazingly well thought out continuation of Kirby’s career. Now I want to read the books from Earth JKGM!

    As for books I’d love to see continued, top of the list has to me Gaiman & Buckingham’s Miracleman. I’d also have loved to see Zulli’s Sweeny Todd (also with Gaiman, I think) that almost appeared in Taboo.

    I also want to echo the votes for BPRD. The early trades collect a series of one-shots, so there’s a slow build to the ongoing story. Once the main story gets going there’s the bonus of Guy Davis on art.

  7. Characters who changed over time – how about Sue Richards or the Wasp? They’re almost unrecognisable from their original roles and personalities.

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