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Wait, What? Ep. 42: Cry for Just Us


Finally! Because Graeme demanded it–Wait, What? Ep. 42 is out and in it, Mr. McMillan and myself talk our changing perceptions of the our the Green Lantern and X-Men: First Class movies, review Batwoman: Elegy; Wolverine: Insane in the Brain; Superman: The Black Ring; Mr. Wonderful by Dan Clowes, centennial issues, and, yup, a reconsideration of Cry For Justice. It’s an hour and forty minutes of verbal nerd-fu, delivered in audio Shawscope

You can find it on iTunes, or on the ‘cast’s RSS feed, or you are hereby invited to listen to it here and now:

Wait, What? Ep. 42: Cry for Just Us

As we mention, there’s going to be a bit of a gap between this episode and the next as I’m taking a brief vacation to Portland, where I will have the pleasure of hanging out and talking with Graeme sans Skype and sketchy wi-fi connection, but we hope you remember to tune in for us in a fortnight or so…

We hope you enjoy and thanks for listening!

3 Responses to “ Wait, What? Ep. 42: Cry for Just Us ”

  1. As long as the entire comics universe is running around grasping at straws allow me a suggestion.

    Now, this all hinges on your level of coolness with casual blasphemy. Still interested? Read on!

    I think Jeff’s new casual exasperation exclamation as it pertains to McMillan wit should be “GodGraemeIt.” “Oooooh, Graeme,” had a good run but you’ve got to lure new listeners! It’s got edge and in the immortal words of The Simpsons network execs, “Zazz.”

    Nice one gents, you and Hibbs on hiatus as the biggest comics news in years breaks? Conspiracy. I demand a podcast from in front of the waffle window.

  2. I am totally with Mr. Jeff Lester on BATWOMAN: ELEGY. The art is a visual delight and it is clear that JH Williams III worked his buns off to such an extent that I feel honoured, rather than inconvenienced, to have had to type out his unwieldy name in full. But. As visually intoxicating as it was it didn’t really work in a sequential storytelling way for me. But, y’know, it was still glorious. You can’t take that away from J H Williams III. As for Greg Rucka, yes, he does do his research doesn’t he? But his stuff largely leaves me cold. Too much perspiration and not enough imagination for my palate. GOTHAM CENTRAL was pretty good, though.

    Like Mr. Graeme McMillan I am more interested in the introduction to CRY FOR JUSTICE than CRY FOR JUSTICE itself. (CRY FOR JUSTICE? Don’t re-assess it; bin it.)There’s a really horrible fascination in how pompous these intros to clearly bad books can get. I mean; thought memories? Thought memories?!? Does the writer also imbibe liquid water perchance? Or perhaps I rush to mock too eagerly; perhaps the thought memories were to be complemented by muscle memories (“I cash the check and I spuff so hard my testes clench with a vigour such that they resemble nothing less than twin old men gripped by rage. Ah, mem-o-rees!”) but these were nixed at the last second.

    Thanks for the chatter, as ever.

  3. I felt the same as Jeff in regards to Batwoman – pretty, but kinda dull.
    I always felt like I was on the back foot with the story, and not in a good way – I had no idea what was a new idea we weren’t meant to know about, and what I just didn’t know from having no interest in Rucka’s bigger DCU story.

    And also with Rucka, I went from reading Whiteout, Queen And Country, and Gotham Central, into reading his Wolverine.
    I think that book is why I’ve never been that excited about him writing superheroes – that Wolverine was really terrible.
    Wolverine versus a real world-ish militia/gun smugglers?
    With nothing but the needs of the story to make them a big threat?
    I didn’t even realise Wolverine’s actions at the end were meant to be worrying, until the seventh issue was just Wolverine talking about why his actions were worrying.

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