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Wait, What? Ep. 43: The Men from W.A.F.F.L.E.


Yes, here we are in “deep cover,” doing our best to pose as the type of fiends who would cause all kinds of trouble to the Doom Patrol.  Graeme McMillan and I are the men from W.A.F.F.L.E.!

(If the Waffle Window wants to make us official mascots, we’d bothBE  honored and thrilled….)

But since pictures are only worth a thousand words, and we have at least ten times that to offer you every week, here’s Wait What, Ep. 43 for you — everything you’d want to know about our takes on DC’s September reboot, with perhaps an Alan Moore imitation or two thrown in.  It’s an hour and fifty minutes of end of days frivolity, available to you on iTunes or right here, more or less right now:

Wait, What? Ep. 43: The Men From W.A.F.F.L.E.

Thanks for listening and, as always, we hope you enjoy!

9 Responses to “ Wait, What? Ep. 43: The Men from W.A.F.F.L.E. ”

  1. You know all this time I’ve been listening you two gentlemen totally sounded like you had beards and yet you do not!

    I don’t know if it will help with your FEAR ITSELF dilemma over whether the artist or the writer is to blame for storytelling failures but when I read INVINCIBLE IRON MAN #503 there was a scene where Bill Paxton is cradling his lover and the lover says: “Will you…Will you still love me. Even if I’m stupid?” And Bill Paxton replies: “Oh GOD no.” Which I thought was really quite harsh of him. Stupid people need love too, Bill Paxton! I know I do. Later I realised what the writer really meant but later was too late really.

    It was a shockingly bad comic from soup to nuts actually, which was disappointing as so many people had told me good things about it. Luckily the reason I bought it was for the Howard Victor Chaykin backup and that was okay. HVC looked like he was having fun and Edgar Delgado behaved himself. Which is something I know everyone was wondering about.

    As ever I enjoyed your chitchattery but there were some wierd animal noises on there that made me suspect that Jeff Lester had to leave so suddenly to go hunt squirrels while baying a the moon. Stay away from the supermarket knife display, Jeff-Wolf!

    Thanks to you both.

  2. I’m totally with Jeff on Greg Capullo. I think Capullo’s great, really terrific– he does that over-liney stuff, which … if you were around in the 90’s, I think it’s my knee-jerk thing to dismiss him or people who use that style. But when I went and looked at what he was doing closely, the stuff he did in Haunt at least– the thing is he’s been going for a couple decades now, so I think if you look past his style, his actually storytelling, at least for action comics, is really *fun*.

    He just has made comics no one would possibly want to read for so long– Haunt or Spawn or whatever? Who’d want to read any of that crap? He’s just not worked on anything but shit for most of his career, so I think people don’t put him in the top tier of that kind of artist, but… compared to a David Finch or Tony Daniels, Mike Deodata or whoever, he’s … for me, I think he’s light-years ahead of those guys.

    If you don’t try to read his comics and just look at what he does– the way he’ll compose his shots or lay out pages… It’s very clear that he’s not a guy whose limited by photos or photo-reference, so his shots are always very bold on the characters in the photo-guys can’t be.

    That’s the word I’d use for how he lays things out– bold. He’s not a guy you’d want on a Merchant & Ivory piece but everything he does has that early-Image energy and dynamics to it but by someone who actually seems to not be totally oblivious to the human figure… He’s very much a superhero artist, so when he goes grotesque, he goes VERY grotesque, and … It’s all very exaggerated and silly– he’s not going to change the way anyone looks at comics. But … I think unlike other people in that vein, he’s actually backing it up with a more solid foundation of … knowing how to actually draw shit.

    (I’m also a huge Rufus Dayglo fan. I don’t understand why everybody is sleeping on how great Rufus Dayglo is).

  3. I am quite upset with both ‘events’ this summer I kinda want Fearpoint. Since as of right now Flashpoint gets bogged right down to almost a halt with exposition to a degree that makes me scream “show don’t tell” and then I read Fear Itself and I want to take that back because it is all show not enough of the right tell to make the show matter.

    They are both very frustrating comics.

  4. Thanks for taking my questions! I think I may have had too much coffee, and I was in the grip of DC Reboot Fever, so I think I came off a bit more snarky than I intended.

    I do enjoy elseworlds/alternate universe stories, but I’m not as deep into the DC Universe as I feel that I need to be to really enjoy what’s going on. Maybe? I thought the end of Flashpoint #2 was HILARIOUS though, so I’ll stick around for 3 more issues.

    Fear Itself though… I think that maybe the real problem with Fear Itself is the massive scope of what’s going on. Captain America and Thor are “featured” in this book because they have movies this summer, fine. But in addition to breaking these two characters down so they can be built back up (classic pimp strategy, BTW), the threats in this book are:

    1. The All-Father (remember him?)
    2. Sin and her army of robot-nazis
    3. The Worthy, which is another 10 characters or so?
    4. Every single person in the world simultaneously freaking out.

    PLUS for the break-down arc for Thor he’s in conflict with
    5. Odin

    And Steve Rogers is in conflict with
    6. Established Chain of Command? Computers? Old people struggle with computers, so, sure, why not.

    That seems like a lot to deal with in a 7 issue comic book series. And how do you show on the comic book page that the ENTIRE WORLD is gripped by fear? That sounds hard to draw. Honestly, I had no idea that there was this “fear wave” until I read Herc. It wasn’t really explained there, but he was dealing with people in the grip of fear or panic or whatever. And Steve Rogers conflict is so vague that I’m not sure that I even have it right.

    So yeah, Flashpoint is fun but I can’t help but feel that if I had an entire lifetime’s worth of investment in DC comics I’d really be enjoying it. Guess that’s on me. It’s OK. On the other hand, Fear Itself seems to have completely abandoned it’s everyman, and my favorite new character of 2011: Bill. Maybe something terrible happened to him on the way to his sister-in-law’s place though *fingers crossed*.

    What a load of Crap.

  5. “Old people struggle with computers, so, sure, why not.” Oh, man. Thank you for that, Mike.

  6. HAHA! I’m listening to 44 now.

    Nice job on the sad trombone.

  7. LOL, nice inverted shoulder-to-waist ratio guys

  8. I also suggest buying some non-rumpled grown-up clothes. Pants are supposed to fit around your waist.

  9. @John Bird: Try developing a grown-up attitude, you rude, ignorant little toddler.

    (PS: Here’s a good case for a “thumbs down” / “unlike” button.)

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