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Wait, What? Ep. 45: It Will Be Brought.

Jeff Lester


And so without further delay, Graeme and I are back with another podcast episode designed to amuse and bemuse.  (“Design” might be a little too strong a word, though.)  In this ep., we discuss our preparations (both mental and physical) for seeing Green Lantern: The Movie, as well as the Marvel event from 1989 Atlantis Attacks; Mark Gruenwald’s legacy on Captain America; Jack Kirby, Neil Gaiman, the Berganza/Didio interview tour, Avenging Spider-Man, the perfect setting for Tron 3, SDCC, and more.   You can find it on iTunes or listen to it here:

Wait, What? Ep. 45: It Will Be Brought.

Finally, we hope you enjoy Graeme’s dramatic interpretation of a beloved comic book character, which I’ve excerpted below in the hopes it will make its way into a fan edit of a certain franchise or two:

I\’d advise you to listen to the podcast first before listening to this, but we\’re all adults here, right?

As always, thanks for listening!

9 Responses to “ Wait, What? Ep. 45: It Will Be Brought. ”

  1. A tiny point of clarifaction- SFX Englehart is actually one of his “Alan Smithee” pseudonyms, like “John Harkness.” He had problems with Tom DeFalco at that point and his FF books at the time were credited to Harkness, and he stripped in SFX Englehart on Surfer.

  2. One of the interesting things that I remembered from the early days of the internet was this DC Fanfiction revolution that seems to have been sparked by two things: 1) the disillusionment of DC post-Zero Hour and 2) the growth of the internet and the dissemination of strictly con fan fiction (like Kid Dynamo based off of the pre-Liefeld New Mutants) and Alan Moore’s Twilight of the Superheroes pitch.

    Fan Fictions sites are where Jay Faerber, Devin Grayson, and Gail Simone (and I’m sure countless more of the “newer” writers) came from. I remember DC Fan Fiction hitting its high point sometime around Kingdom Come and ending somewhere around the 2000s when DC started to have more of an online prescence.

    I have a feeling we’re going to have a resurgence in DC Fan Fiction.

  3. Another great episode, gentlemen.

    Now, I say this as a huge Neil Gaiman fan – having loved his novels, particularly AMERICAN GODS and THE GRAVEYARD BOOK – and I have found much of his comic work post-Sandman to be lacking. It’s been a while since I read his ETERNALS series with JRJr, but I remember wanting more “stuff” to happen in the story. There was such a build-up for it – NEIL GAIMAN and JOHN ROMITA JR.!!! – and I just felt let down. And now that I have become even more familiar with the work of Jack Kirby, it feels like they just missed the boat with this concept.

    I can understand wanting to put one’s stamp onto a project and feeling the need to update concepts for a new generation, but that doesn’t always work. Comics can be big, dumb fun (a phrase I use in the most positive and endearing manner) and I think a lot of that has been lost, in general, for a long time now. For me – though some of my favorite superhero comics have been “relevant” takes on the genre – I really want my superhero comics to be about fun and big ideas and crazy pseudo-science and excitement. And Kirby – along with many of the comics you two remember fondly in these podcasts – had that in spades. In fact, the best new comic I’ve been reading recently has been Kirby’s run of “the Losers” from DC’s Our Fighting Forces title. Those are some great comics, and for the first time in a while I’ve been excited about reading a next issue. And I am really anxious to finally read his KAMANDI run.

    As to the Harras/Berganza interview-a-thon . . . seriously, KILLING JOKE and A DEATH IN THE FAMILY are canon? I can’t add anything to what you two already said in the episode, but I really have a lot of trouble with this need to have everything fit. Who gives a damn? (Yes, I know, Graeme noted there are those diehard fans who give a damn . . . ) These stories are all MADE UP. These aren’t real people. Read and enjoy.

    I recently listened to another podcast, where they went over the 52 new titles and discussed what they were excited about and what they were not excited about, and I found myself a number of times wanting to yell into my iPod at thenm. At one point, a host was lamenting the fact that an up-and-coming writer whose work interested him, Nathan Edmondson, was writing Grifter, a character for which he had no attachment. He was not going to be getting Grifter. Now, I don’t have any love for Grifter, and I have yet to familiarize myself with Edmondson, but if Grant Morrison or Scott Morse or some other creator whose work I admire was doing a Grifter book, I’d be signed on immediately. I don’t know that anyone was clamoring for a new Marvelman comic in 1982 when Alan Moore and Garry Leach started up their re-imagining of the character, but people soon became interested when they saw what the creators did with the character.

    I have a hard time with these people who follow a comic just because it’s their favorite character, buying books that are horribly sub-par just to keep from having a hole in the collection. I actually wrote a long series of blog posts looking at this through the prism of my personal collecting history. I am looking for an entertaining story, which means the creators need to hook me. Not that I haven’t been guilty of buying a comic due to inertia, but that was a long time ago and I eventually grew up.

    Anyway. This need on the part of Harras and Berganza to make mention that books like Death in the Family and Identity Crisis are still part of the characters’ history just sounds like they are trying to “please everyone,” which almost never works. Take a damn position and stand behind it. And like I believe was mentioned on the show, point to these as stories that fans might appreciate and enjoy, even if they aren’t necessarily canon. Or, yeah, just put Watchmen into the DC canon now, as well. What the #$%*

    And finally – if you’re looking for a “showy” closing, I think it’s staring you right in the face. Take Graeme’s Wolverine reading from this episode and tag it onto the end of the show. Done.

    Thanks again for the podcast,

  4. Justin H: I dunno, “SFX Englehart” is like the worst anonymous pseudonym for Steve Englehart. It’s like he’s not even trying!

    Jeff’s right: Reagan was known to call Nancy “Mommy”; bring your own squicky Oedipal subtext to that.

    I would love the idea of Bat-Dad in the relaunch, but only if he continues to wear his Bacardi-Man costume from Flashpoint.

    And really, the Kamandi Omnibi are finally coming out? It’s about time!

  5. I enjoyed Graeme’s reading of the recent X-Men crossovers far more than reading them. Ugh, those were bad. Great podcast. I always want to read a ton of comic after listening,but then I read some comics, and get discouraged again. Nonetheless love the show!

  6. Hi guys,

    Love love love the podcasts (listen to them while on five-hour bike rides to work off the waffle talk) and have fond memories of Comix Experience.

    One request: I’d love if you could put in the show notes what titles you talked about, perhaps a bit more comprehensively and in more detail. Such as which issues of the Kirby thing (collector?) and links to web comics. Hard to take notes when riding.

    Laughing with, not at.

  7. Hey, ddt:

    I know I really have to get my act together and give better show notes for the purposes of listeners like you, but…arghhh.

    I’ll see what I can put together, and thanks for putting the request…

  8. Thanks, Jeff Lester! I understand it’s another pile of work — just toss it in to the feature request pile. Maybe during editing would be the easiest time to jot down things.

    Honored to register on your Bat-Radia.

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