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Wait, What? Ep. 47.2: My Third Ebook

Jeff Lester


And here we go with our conclusion to Episode 47 of Wait, What?  In it, Graeme and I talk X-Men: First Class (the movie) and Green Lantern (the movie), Gingerbread Girl (the graphic novel), Graeme’s picks for DC’s September relaunch, and more.

Oh, and we also briefly discuss that awesome Mindless Ones podcast interview which you can hear here and read here.

This installment can be found on iTunes, and you can also listen to it here:

Wait, What? Ep. 47.2: My Third Ebook

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11 Responses to “ Wait, What? Ep. 47.2: My Third Ebook ”

  1. Re: the Morrison/Millar thing: I’m not a fan of Millar in any way – in fact, I can’t think of a single Millar-written book I actually liked – but it seems totally unfair, bordering on the irresponsible, to take one remark from Morrison and, from that, conclude that Millar absolutely and definitely did something horribly wrong and personal that would shock and horrify us all if only we were to know about it. I’ve fallen out with people in the past, and if you asked me why those people are no longer friends of mine, I’d tell you it was because they turned out to be assholes; if you asked them, they’d probably tell you something fairly different. So to conclude that Mark Millar personally and viciously fucked over Grant Morrison, over an incident we know nothing about – did Millar strangle Morrison’s cats to death in a Satanic ritual? did he claim a bit of extra credit for Skrull Kill Krew? – seems a bit hasty at best. Maybe Mark Millar really is a giant asshole; maybe Grant Morrison is just being a drama queen; maybe two people who used to be friends grew alienated from each other time and that alienation has been exacerbated by professional rivalry; maybe it’s none of our fucking business.

  2. At the risk of sounding totally disingenuous…I agree? (And I’m sure Graeme would, too.) It *is* none of our fucking business which was the point we kept circling around–even though we kinda want to know, it really shouldn’t be anything that we should know and we both hoped we would *never* find out.

    To the extent we have very little trust for Millar (earned or not), I’m sure that came through. But there’s not anything innately unfair in talking that way because it’s not like we have any sway over what happens, even if we had come to some kind of definitive conclusion of table-pounding cry for the truth to come out. (Which we again didn’t.)

    I think our biases are well-known enough that I doubt we did much to persuade/dissuade anyone w/r/t Millar. I kept the bit in because it felt like an appropriate level of discourse, something people were probably thinking and talking about (an assumption made since we ourselves were.)

    So I can see your point, but think your level of frustration is a bit over-amplified.

  3. Re: Morrison / Millar

    In the ‘Talking with Gods’ documentary Morrison talks about the tough times he was going through in the early 2000s around the time he was coming up with the Filth.

    Specifically he talks about a ‘best friend’ betraying him by ‘ spreading lies (about him) in the Scottish press’. I’m paraphrasing but i distinctly remember this discussion in the doco and assumed it was about Millar.

  4. RE: The X-Men: First Class

    I always thought people were joking when they said it was like January Jones forgot how to walk. Now that I’ve watched it, I can’t believe how weirdly she walks. It is all I could watch in the movie. That, and Kevin Bacon as Sebastian Shaw. Shaw is such a fun Bond Villain.

    – l.k.

  5. Maybe Morrison just really REALLY hated Wanted http://bit.ly/mTvJpd

  6. I agree with DC about Coover and Samnee. They’re not nearly awful enough to fit the DC house style. No, but seriously, that burns me right the fuck up. I would kill to read a Superman book with Samnee on the art. I would pay Samnee for a napkin doodle of me getting a prostate exam; he’s that good. And to hear of DC turning away his gifts like he’s some desperate admirer? All because his style doesn’t match the cave chalkings of Eddy Barrows? Are you fucking serious?

    Like most of the September relaunch, Coover and Samnee’s cold shoulder treatment is another symptom of DC’s mania for “edginess,” where “edgy” evidently means the same thing it meant 20 years ago: scratchy lines, chesty babes, oversized muscles, and young, inexperienced writer/artists. DC needs to get its priorities in order. Work on raising the line out of the sewer of quality it presently occupies, and then you can worry about whether your books seem too old-fashioned.

    And how can DC say with a straight face that as versatile an artist as Samnee doesn’t fit the house style? Wouldn’t his style in Area 10 from Vertigo Crime be perfect for a dark, edgy Batman title? Ugh, I swear, it’s like watching Shakespeare’s monkey: DC has everything it needs to start producing quality work, and yet, since it acts completely at random, we’ll be waiting an infinite amount of time before we actually see any.

  7. http://forums.somethingawful.com/showthread.php?threadid=3367407&pagenumber=10#post393168477

    Someone who read Morrison’s Supergods says this about it:

    “When Supergods comes out and you guys get to read it, it’ll be pretty clear that it’s deeper than that — he basically says that the work division in the Morrison/Millar team was pretty one-sided, and Millar took credit for a lot of [shit] Morrison did, even in stuff he did ‘solo.’

    “He calls Wanted the first original Mark Millar comic. Take that as you will.”

  8. @Jake W: In fact, that “someone” is David Uzumeri, who I would call “our very own” except he writes every damn place, too. (Especially Comics Alliance.)

    So maybe we’ll end up finding out most of these details despite agreeing we shouldn’t know them or pay any attention to them? It makes me feel very much like this [warning: link to Pineapple Express excerpt]:


  9. http://tumblr.com/xtb1n92vk1

  10. Finally read that Mindless Ones interview– this bit about what it was like to write those Batman comics:

    “It was just that it took a long time and I was right in the middle of Return of Bruce Wayne and Batman and these things take a long time to do, and to have a book in the middle of – it got nuts. I was having these, what they call businessmen’s breakdowns, where you would have a complete mental breakdown but it would only last ten minutes like a DMT trip and just have to come back to normal baseline and get back to work, because if you didn’t it wouldn’t get finished. It was really quite interesting, at moments I was gripping the edge of the table and staring at the screen through tears”

    I done called this!!

  11. It’s pretty fucking depressing to think that producing a work as mediocre as that Batman run could reduce a man to tears. Have a good lie down, Grant, and write some Seaguy comics.

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