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Wait, What? Ep. 48.2: Men of Brickbats


Yes, a bit later but still better than never, and maybe a good way to beat the San Diego blues? That’s certainly one way to describe our conclusion to Wait, What? Episode 48. Another way to describe it might be to mention that it’s almost 70 minutes long, and in it Graeme McMillan and I talking Batman, Inc. #7, Dark Horse Presents #1 and #2, Witch Doctor #1, The Creeper Omnibus, the founders of continuity and their later careers, Marvel’s Iron Age miniseries, and Firestorm: The Nuclear Man, along with all the usual digressions and what-have-yous you might expect from us.

The episode should’ve hit iTunes by now, but you are also welcome to listen to it here, if that’s your kind of thing:

Wait, What? Ep. 48.2: Men of Brickbats

As always, we thank you for listening and hope you enjoy!

10 Responses to “ Wait, What? Ep. 48.2: Men of Brickbats ”

  1. I can’t help but feel Iron Age is part of an ongoing experiment that started with maybe Chaos War or Mystic Arcana, in which Marvel makes something that looks *kind of* like an event, but not as big, in order to try and narrow down what it is about events that makes people buy them so they can apply it to future projects. “Okay, this time, let’s try it with bookend issues, but with hardly any publicity outside of the announcement at C2E2.”

  2. Had a question regarding reading comics off the computer. Does your experience of reading the book digitally (and the price you paid) impact how you enjoy the story or issue. If you bought the same book off the rack, do you think your reaction would be the same. I have only read comics on the computer from the CD-roms that were released a few years ago with an Adobe Acrobat reader. I enjoyed the opportunity to read the books but I missed the books themselves and think it alterd my engagement with the material. Is there a difference for you both? Curious what you thought. Thanks for the podcasts.

  3. Following up a bit on Tim’s comment…

    I’ve only played with comixology thus far but have had a BALL with the Amazing Spider-Man cd-roms transferred onto the iPad and viewed with GoodReader app recommended by Jeff.

    Also, If I might make a small suggestion I’d really love to regularly hear what you guys are finding interesting digitally. I snagged the Firestorm issues quickly after listening and found myself completely bewildered by the organization of the store. Beyond a tightly focused search finding or stumbling across something you might feel interesting is unwieldy. I understand the delivery system is relatively new but at this point they really need to start ramping up package deals and be more honest with their back issue valuation.

    Thanks again!

  4. Thanks for the heads-up on the digital Firestorm collection. Stumbled upon a couple of other items of interest there: two notable Len Wein reprints:

    –Flash 215 (from the ’52 Pages! Don’t Take Less’ era) with both the Barry Allen/Jay Garrick team-up and the Silver-Age Barry reprint featuring Mazdan the Time Traveller.

    –Batman 255 (100 Page Spectacular) with the Wein/Neal Adams’ Moon of the Wolf.

    Disappointments: no letters pages included, the Batman issue (unlike the Flash reprint) contains only the main story, and the Wolf story appears to be taken from a more recent Baxter-style reprint. Too shiny.

    I see they’ve also got some free Golden Age Wonder Woman reprints.

    All in all a pretty good start…

    Re: the Creeper… Yes! Why do they always have to add bells and whistles to such a straight-forward concept? Maybe they feel the -only- selling point of the original series was the Ditko involvement. (And seeing later efforts, perhaps they were right… : ( )

  5. After reading Batman Inc. #7 I was under the distinct impression that this “Man of Bats” issue was inspired by the movie “Billy Jack.” This story reminds me of that movie. Check it if you’ve never seen it.


  6. On batman inc i though the Kane affair was a very strong issue. I really think that chris b is a great collaborator for morrison.

    Graeme perfectly mirrors how I felt about dark horse presents 1. I will not be returning to that.

    My problem with picking up large hard cover graphic novels of things like creeper and demon is i just don’t know if i will enjoy them as much as others have. I picked up two large hard covers on the recommendation of others (thor simonson omnibus and bprd plague of frogs) and i am having a hard time getting through both. i am also one of those people that just can’t get through most of claremont’s xmen.

    Planetary digital omnibus is awesome and a crazy deal. Dc has two oneil/Adams issues up there this week for .99 including the jokers 5 way revenge. Don’t know about the bates flash issues. I will have to check out fire storm.

  7. I agree with you on Dark Horse Presents being really disappointing. I’m guessing editorials made a laundry list of people they wanted to work with, and series they wanted to bring back, so some blame may be diverted to them, in that these may not have been stories burning at the creators’souls to be told, but commissioned works, and thus less inspired. But caveat emptor, because Neal Adams has rarely been good writing his own stuff (1983’s Skateman, anyone?) and Chaykin’s Marked Man is no better or worse than any of his recent work (I actually liked the 2nd installment better than much of his recent stuff – your thoughts, John K(UK)?) Corben’s story is pretty much what Corben does, again, I usually like him better with another writer. But I also thought the Concrete and Finder stories were meh, and those aren’t ancient relics (Chadwick’s last Concrete series, Human Dilemma, was maybe his best). There are some upcoming serials advertised that sound more interesting and hopefully more organic. Is that thing that you guys liked but couldn’t remember David Chelsea’s Snow Angel? Because that was fun and refreshing.
    George (who I’m surprised isn’t liking the Thor omnibus more, because for me those have a crackle and pop that belies their age even if you read them on the toilet paper Marvel was using back then) mentions Bates’ Flash, which brings to mind DC Retroactive, and Cary Bates’ very weird new/old Flash story therein. In spite of myself, I picked up all 3 Retroactive offerings this week, and would love to hear the Wait, What? take on it, because it’s so up your alley.

  8. Well, I don’t know about how sad it is with regard to The Grey Pube Brigade. At least with DHP they can do what they want (you may, of course, like that work or not) but it seems to me to be fundamentally less upsetting than seeing Neal Adams or Howard Victor Chaykin drawing NEW AVENGERS. Jesus, that’s a whole new level of sad right there. Excuse me; I’m just going to watch some kittens playing with a ball of wool to cheer myself up a bit…

    …so, yeah, I like these guys, I like seeing what they are doing, I like seeing if I like it or not and I like working out why I like it or not. But DH isn’t going to make any money making comics just special old me likes.

    Obviously DHP went for as big a bang as they could get launch-wise. Equally obviously most popular creators are tied up in those ridiculous Exclusive! Contract! things. So DH went for the big names of the last generation. But they overegged the pudding, I think.

    Maybe they should have had a couple of these guys and then rotated a couple more in as the series’ ended. As it is frontloading them all just draws attention to the fact that they are of a previous generation and takes attention away from the value (if any) of their work and leads to neglect of the (few) new(er) talents in the book.

    I also reckon they should have got some reprints in there as well. Now, I’m not really informed about publishing but I’m pretty sure reprints are a cheap(er) way to beef up an anthology. What about reprinting some of the acres of non-US work of Jordi Bernet, Eduardo Risso, R M Guera, Danijel Zezelj and so on and so forth?

    Still, there’s only been 2 issue of DHP and its contents do seem to be still evolving judging by future solicits. Hopefully in a few issues it’ll have reached a nice balance, even more hopefully readers will have stuck around for it.

    @James Woodward: I’m enjoying Howard Victor Chaykin’s MARKED MAN, thanks for asking! HVC was talking about this series a few years ago in COMIC BOOK ARTIST so it’s good to see he finally found a place to do it. I’m a bit puzzled by the lettering choices though; it looks like this was intended primarily to be viewed digitally or something. Other than that it’s just HVC all over (violent, funny, dirty and dark) and he’s writing and drawing which means it’s automatically better than anything he just does one of those tasks on. If HVC uses the phrase “moral cripple” we’re quids in, kids, that usually seems to mean he’s enjoying himself. That or he’s been at the Mai Tai mix again.

  9. @James Woodward: I’ve never read a Thor comic before, so perhaps I just need to adjust to the dialogue. I will keep going with it. I can not say I will be buying the next volume of Plague of Frogs though.

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