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Wait, What? Ep. 55.1: The Second Time as Farce

Jeff Lester


You see before you a burnt-out husk of a man.

Oh, wait. You can’t see me? Whoops.

But! If you could see me, you would see before you a burnt-out husk of a man. Not only did Graeme and I record two full hours of ep. 55 before learning that my computer hadn’t recorded it, not only did we then record it again, but I managed to lose several hours worth of editing so I had to do that all over as well. Maybe there’s a lesson in there to be learned about time travel, or about Flashpoint #5, or Justice League #1 (all of which we discuss in this installment, for almost an hour) but I’d like to think the lesson to really be learned is this: apparently when you post on the Internet, people really can’t see you while you’re doing it. (If I’d known that sooner, I never would’ve bothered putting on pants…

Anyway, Ep. 55 is in full effect over at iTunes and you can hear instalment 1 right here, if that’s the kind of thing that swings your cat:

Wait, What? Ep. 55.1: The Second Time as Farce

As always, we hope you enjoy. Tune in again shortly for our dramatic conclusion, and keep those cards and letters coming to waitwhatpodcast@gmail.com.  They help us get through those lean, mean nights when all our edits from our first go-round are lost.

Thanks for listening!

7 Responses to “ Wait, What? Ep. 55.1: The Second Time as Farce ”

  1. My biggest problem with Justice League #1 was just how danged short it was in terms of actual amount of story. Just as I was getting into it, it was over. It felt like one third of an actual comic. Now the problem with THAT criticism, is that it’s really a criticism of decompressed story-telling in general, and that makes me sound like a grouchy old man.

    But really, how can I comment on the story when there was barely any story? How can I comment on the characterization when the characters are barely on-stage? I guess GL’s supposed to be cocky and BMan’s supposed to be grouchy, but it’s played way too broadly for my taste. But how can the characterization be anything BUT too broad with such short ‘screen time’?

    At the risk of REALLY sounding like a grouchy old man, compare this launch to another launch 20 years ago (with artwork by Jim Lee, no less!): Adjectiveless X-Men #1. That’s still an exciting comic to read today. Granted it was double-sized, but there’s an enormous amount of character and incident and it leaves you wanting to know what happens next.

    It seems like if X-Men #1 had been done in the style of Justice League #1, the whole issue would have just been that opening Danger Room sequence, with maybe one page of someone screaming ‘Magneto!’ and blowing up. It wouldn’t have been bad and it wouldn’t have been good, it would have just left you going ‘huh? that’s it?’… which is exactly my reaction to Justice League #1.

    So here’s a datapoint DC. I’m a 40 year-old guy who’s been into comics since I was a kid, haven’t gotten floppies for years, but picked up JL #1 because of the publicity surrounding the relaunch. My reaction: Huh? That’s it?

  2. This Flashpoint #5 book is stupid, barbaric, fanfictionish or illogical by normal standards, but so is 80% of the post-Didio DC books we’ve been reading since Identity Crisis. It’s only shocking if you haven’t been paying attention to the rest of the post-Didio DC comics. In fact, based on the dreck I’ve been used to from modern DC, it’s actually surprisingly good.

  3. People still buy Johns comics? Hmmm…

    The only thing I ever liked from Johns was his Wally West run.

    He just had fun with the rogues mostly, found a nice balance to celebrate their goofyness and injected just the right amount of missionary perspective (see recent Morrison Watchmen remark)

    Of course Kollins super-kinetic art was at least 60 percent worth the reading experience.

  4. Flashpoint has been outed as a massive waste of time. One wonders what it would’ve been like before it was the lead in to the reboot (I believe there was some different stuff on display in the preview in FLASH)…

  5. If I may suck up for a moment, thanks for taking the time to re-record the podcast, Jeff and Graeme. Personally, I’d have been all, “Screw you guys! No podcast for you this week!” and that is why I am not a podcaster.

    I didn’t see the Green Lantern movie, but Hal’s personality in JL #1 seemed to be about what I would expect from Ryan Reynolds in the role. I’m usually the guy who doubts a lot of the “they’re just doing this to be like the movie” claims, but I couldn’t help but notice it this time.

  6. The willingness of the both of you, at this point, to give Geoff Johns the benefit of the doubt, and not simply concede he’s completely broken, is astonishing to me.

  7. Hm, and I’ve already yearned to crotch-punch Johns for a year or so already. Don’t care how much he’s been in the gym.

    Anyway, one to more constructive comments. The podcast got me to go back and look more closely at all the exposition, which on first reading my mind had scabbed over. You know, maybe the series was so rushed that all that is barely adapted transcription from editorial story meetings?

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