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Wait, What? Ep. 57.2: Playing the Dozens

Jeff Lester


Behind the non-Clowesian eightball again, so this will have to be short and sweet.

First? Graeme and I love you all. Awwww. (See? Sweet.)

Second, the above illustration is from Uncanny X-Force #15, by the astonishingly great Jerome Opena. (I think the whole book is pretty great, because Remender is doing his best to crank things up to 11, but ooo mama that art….)

Third, this installment is approximately eighty minutes long and we talk about a dozen-plus books, including Batwoman #1, Mr. Terrific #1, Legion Lost #1, Superboy #1, Uncanny X-Force #15, PunisherMAX #17, Criminal: Last of the Innocent #4, Journey Into Mystery #627, Drifting Classroom, Bakuman, and, as you’d probably expect, Fear Itself #6.

Fourth, I think our review of Fear Itself is relatively non-skeevy or stalkery, although a bit outraged. (Not as much as perhaps it should be, maybe).

Fifth, my WordPress interface is really slow and a bit screwy–especially when it comes to backspacing which is something sloppy typist does A LOT–and so I apologize if this entry is both too long and too short, simulatenously.

Sixth, this installment should be up on iTunes and of course it is also hear for you to listen to, comment upon, or even ignore:

Wait, What? Ep. 57.2: Playing the Dozens

Seventh, I go now to prep for our next thrilling episode by reading a metric shit-ton of comics. As always, thanks for listening and we hope you enjoy!

14 Responses to “ Wait, What? Ep. 57.2: Playing the Dozens ”

  1. Say, Jeff, the link seems to be wrong.

    Assuming that there was in fact a podcast and thus fiddling with it, I determined that the proper one should be:


    And then I was able to hear all the wonderful mirthlessness I require.

  2. (Which I just realized is exactly what the text of the link, if not the hypertext, actually says. I guess that fiddling was a little stupid. Oh well.)

    Graeme: Grifter was *not* all right.

  3. Mikoyan: THANK YOU for pointing this out. I was in a hurry putting this together and swapped the two bits of information in the WordPress plug-in window. Hijinks did indeed ensue.

    Really appreciate the head’s up. It’s fixed now.

  4. I think if one had to imagine Grifter as a TV pitch, I’d call it “the character Sawyer from Lost in the movie They Live.”

  5. I think the reason Geoff Johns has managed to find the fun dick side of Hal Jordan is because he had some misguided idea that the Green Lantern movie would be a well-received hit (not sure why he would think that given the pedigree of the writers on the movie), so he went into the DCnU reboot deciding to write Hal Jordan as Ryan Reynolds under the assumption there’d be an influx of GL movie fans coming to the comic, much like with Batman comics in 1988.

    Now that the movie has turned out to be a poorly received fiasco among both critics and fans, I’m curious as to whether this Ryan Reynolds jerkiness thing will continue, especially as that was one of the big things that Reynolds jerky portrayal is one of the things most people seem to hate about the film. I agree the car cosigning thing was hilarious.

  6. Thanks again for your reviews of the DC52. It is helping navigate the quality without picking up every issue. Looking forward to your review of Batman 1 and Wonder Woman 1.

    Graeme: You are not alone in being surprised by Superboy 1. I was shocked at how much I enjoyed it and will be picking up the next issue. I will continue to pick up

    Jeff: Uncanny X-Force is also surprising enjoyable. Remender may be the heir of Grant Morrison with the wacky storytelling. The art is unbelievably good. One thing to point out that makes the story great is that I expected redemption for Warren but after this issue I find that hard to believe. The book is priced at $3.99 and I do not even think twice about the entertainment for value. However, I think the little side trip to Age of Apocalypse world went on way too long (I also had no frame of reference having never read the original).

    Your description of the nude beach running page in Criminal was spot on. Have to agree with you overall on the issue.

    I am waiting for the Punishermax trades by Aaron. It’s beyond me why the second TPB has not been released when the series is up to issue 17. Don’t know what’s up with that.

    I haven’t picked up Green Lantern but perhaps I will for $1.99. Then again, it is written by Geoff Jones so I know where this road ends…

  7. Jeff I would like to point out I am glad for you that you didn’t read Siege. It would make Fear Itself feel more trite.

    It is another Marvel Event book that ends with someone using an Asgardian ‘thing’ in the 11th hour to stop the unbeatable foe that gives all the Avengers Magic powers.

    I find it hilarious that this isn’t being brought up at all especially considering these are BACK-TO-BACK Marvel events.

  8. The Fraction Thing … I mean, I guess it was relatively “non-skeevy or stalkery” as promised. Kind of. I mean, aside from the Daddy Issues stuff, and the implication that his kids should be concerned about his abilities as a father. Also, the part where Jeff comes thisclose to flat-out calling him a hack, AFTER laying out just how serious an accusation he feels that is.

    I guess I just don’t quite understand why Fraction draws critique of his … life, I guess? When you were discussing Geoff Johns’ obsessions with superhero parentage a couple episodes ago, it didn’t have the same feel — didn’t seem to escalate to an analysis of Johns’ own parenting skills. I dunno. I guess it’s good that Fraction elicits such strong responses, but … ah, I dunno.

    All of that said, I would be thrilled if the next episode contains a 45 minute analysis of Judd Winick’s sexual peccadilloes.

  9. @Matt T.: Well, yes. Baby steps, sir. Baby steps.

    @Rick: Really? That’s kind of–why *isn’t* that being brought up more? Because Siege was more “we go to them” and this was more “the war comes to us”? That’s pretty…wow.

    @George: Good point about the price on UXF–I didn’t even notice it because the book is just that amazingly good.

    And I had to give up with PunisherMAX and start hunting down the single issues to catch up. I’m all for a delay in getting to the trade to help the retailers in a lot of cases–but I feel it might be helping kill sales momentum on the book and it’s a shame. I think it’s great stuff.

    @T.: I think you’re right but I don’t entirely mind at this point. I kinda like shallow Hal (that’s the world’s most unnecessary and misleading shout-out right there).

    Also, thank you for mentioning They Live! That’s also something I kinda can’t believe isn’t being used as a reference point…

    Okay, now I get my ass back to work. And I still haven’t read Abhay’s piece; gotta read Abhay’s piece. (Yes, I’m talking to myself but you should too, probably.)

  10. Random points: I haven’t read Fear Itself, but surely Tony Stark has met Green She-Hulk on numerous occasions? Or did he make a suit armour for New, Red She-Hulk?
    Also, how come no-one picked up on the villain of Batman and Robin obviously being Doctor Blasphemy from Rick Veitch’s Brat Pack? Oh, right, no-one read it. Still, I’m prepared to post pictures to prove my point.

    Also, also have you guys ever actually reviewed and Hellboy/BPRD books? Or is it all Spooky People Punching Stuff Atmospheric to you…?

  11. “Tucker and Dale vs. Evil” is a GREAT trailer, Jeff. Go watch it if you haven’t already. It’s the sort of trailer that is probably all the good bits of the entire film, but it’s still a great trailer. That LARPing movie is different, it has the guy from True Blood and Summer Glau and the dwarf from Game of Thrones. It’s called Knights of Badassdom. It’s a good trailer too; has it actually been released? I guess I could google it. Do either of you watch Game of Thrones? I dig it, and it would be a good show for you two to catch up on and discuss in a future podcast.

    I liked Batwoman. But it seems like most of the 52 titles are sort of middling. There’s a couple where there’s a consensus that they’re awesome, and a couple where there’s consensus that they’re shit, but most are falling into the ‘O.K.’ category, and they either tickle your fancy or they don’t. Like, last week, you both loooooovveddd OMAC, so I picked it up, and I thought, “That was alright.” I didn’t hate it, but it didn’t scratch any itch for me. Similarly, I liked Animal Man quite a bit more than you guys did, but I can see why you weren’t in love with it. I think most of the DC titles fall into that category, which is certainly better than the trainwreck of crap that lots of people predicted or feared it would be.

  12. Matt T.: what’s especially ironic about their willingness to give Johns and not Fraction a free pass is that last July marked the 15th anniversary of flight 800.

  13. Dan Coyle: …not sure I’m following you?

  14. Matt T – I’m not sure it’s ripe for message board discussion, but Geoff Johns sister died on that flight, and he based the character of Stargirl on her.

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