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Wait, What? Ep. 58.2: A Set of Steak Knives


No idea. No idea. I remember I had some brilliant idea about the image to go with this episode and it’s just…gone. Thought I wrote it down and everything. Fortunately, I still feel comfortable ganking images from Mr. Tim at the amazing Our Valued Customers. In fact, this wasn’t even the image I’d planned to use but I jumped over there and thought this was brilliant enough to disseminate widely.

(Man, those two words seem pervy next to one another. “Disseminate widely.” Brrrrgh.)

So no, be warned, we do not talk Big Bang Theory on this latest not-quite-forty-minutes-and-therefore-is-considered-wee-by-our-standards installment of Wait, What? But Graeme and I do talk Green Lantern Corps, Birds of Prey, Daredevil #4, Witch Doctor #3, LoSH #1, Captain Atom, the original Legion Lost, X-Men: Schism #4, and some thoughts on buying digital.

Also, we are holding a fantastic contest with amazing prizes. Well, okay, it’s a “prize” actually, and your working defintion of “amazing” will have to be pretty loose but….hey, we read superhero comics in 2011! Our definition of “amazing” is pretty darn flexible, right? Listen in and enter!

This teeny-tiny podcast, incapable of being seen by the naked eye, is already floating through coursing bloodstream of iTunes. Or, alternately, you could shrink yourself, Raquel Welch and a kick-ass submarine down to microscopic size and view it through your auditory canals here:

Wait, What? Ep. 58.2: A Set of Steak Knives

As always, we thank you for listening and hope you have el viaje fantástico!

3 Responses to “ Wait, What? Ep. 58.2: A Set of Steak Knives ”

  1. If the prize is Raquel Welch, I’m in!

    Heck, if the prize is a full-size replica of a microscopic submarine, I am still in. But I was a footlocker with 100 soldiers, too!

  2. If you want to pick winners randomly next time you do a contest just use a random number generator, assign the contestants numbers and then use the generator to pick a winner.

  3. Well, I look forward to the day when Jeff AND Graeme can talk about Daredevil, because for the last two issues Graeme has been showing up to class unprepared. Podcast demerits for Graeme!

    Daredevil #4 is continuing the pattern set by the first story arc that I don’t quite know how to take.

    In the first story arc, the main plot seemed initially to be about anti-Muslim and/or anti-gay bigotry, but it took a left turn when it turned out that it was just a super-villain doing his super-villain thing. It really had nothing to do with bigotry, they just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time while a super-villain was doing his thing.

    This arc is starting out the same way. Initially it seems to be about employment discrimination against the handicapped, but it’s obvious from the Latverian angle that it’s again going to really be about Dr. Doom doing something Dr. Doomy. The blind guy just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time again.

    This doesn’t ‘bother’ me per se, it’s just weird.

    Is the writer trying to say something here? Or is this just a hook for him to make the “Murdock takes a case” part of the story be related to the “Daredevil fights a super-villain” part of the story?

    Hey, since everyone knows Murdock is Daredevil, why doesn’t he just gear his whole law practice around people bringing lawsuits against super-villains? Maybe that’s where Waid is going?

    As Graeme might say, I would read the shit out of that book.

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