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Wait, What? Ep. 62.1: The Hour That Stretches


Ah, mishaps. They seemed to plague Graeme and I during the recording of Wait, What? Ep. 62 but somehow we were able to wrest a podcast from the vile clutches of “why isn’t this recording? Dear God, how long has this not been recording?” So I have to warn you in advance, we only have one installment for you this week and it is just a dash over an hour long, answering your questions from our earlier post here on this website.

Warning Number Two: we don’t discuss Josie & The Pussycats. I just liked the image and needed a bit of Dan DeCarlo-inspired sunshine in my day. But we do talk kid-friendly books in the New52, Matt Fraction and Dave Eggers, Uncanny X-Force, Spaceman #1 and the future of Vertigo, Kevin Huizenga’s Ganges, Alphas and Misfits, and as much as we can work into our unfortunately-truncated time schedule.  It’s only an hour but we jam a lot of stuff in there for you.

The podcast is now available on iTunes, certainly, but it is also available right here for your listening pleasure:

Wait, What? Ep. 62.1: The Hour That Stretches

We will be back next week with more (hopefully, much more).  Until then, we hope you enjoy and thank you for listening!

21 Responses to “ Wait, What? Ep. 62.1: The Hour That Stretches ”

  1. Ah, mishaps. They seemed to blame Graeme and I during the recording of Wait, What? Ep. 62

    I read this sentence a few times and it seems off somehow. Did you mean to type “plague” instead of “blame?”

  2. T: Thank you for that catch–lord only knows where the hell my mind was at. It was probably the vestigial remnant of another sentence where I was going to talk about blaming my recording equipment. Or perhaps my descent into early onset Alzheimer’s has begun?

    Either way, thanks again for bringing that to my attention. Fixed it up to avoid confusion for others!

  3. Thanks for the podcast guys. Graeme I am glad you enjoyed Uncanny X-Force volume 1 as a sci-fi story. I (like Jeff) chose to ignore that I didn’t understand all of the continuity references. I can enjoy it on it’s own and it is probably my favorite marvel book (with Daredevil). In fact those are the only Marvel books I think I am really following right now.

    Graeme and Jeff: Regarding Brubaker’s superhero books, what are you enjoying about Captain America? How can you critique X-Force for continutiy references and ignore the level of continuity referencing in Captain America? It’s out of control for me.


  5. OH NOES! BUSTED! I was indeed doing a not-so-subtle shout out to Charlie Brooker and TV Go Home, which I heartily recommend to everyone.

    And having won by a shout-out – o perfidy! – I must, obviously, FORFEIT THE PRIZE like the THIEF I am.


    (Also I kind of found a copy and I feel bad about the guys posting something all the way overseas.)

  6. Gah, accidental double post! And now I’m doing another post to apologise. I suck.

  7. I think you’re selling both the TV shows you brought up a little short.

    There’s more to Alphas than the Eureka’s and Warehouse 13’s of this world. Not that it’s another battlestar but there’s much more depth to the characters and plot than I ever saw from other Syfy products. From the start they play it straight rather than tongue in cheek, attempt to make these characters well rounded and introduce an overarching storyline that is executed pretty damn well despite obviously pushing up against the limits of the budget. There’s also some much stronger acting than I expected, especially from the guy playing the autistic character.

    As for Misfits I come down solidly in the Mrs Jeff camp. While I can sort of see how Jeff came to the conclusion it’s a lazy did from the pilot (from what you said I assume that’s the one ep you watched) but it’s was in effect a set up issue. Setting and characters introduced it just gets better. Yes it’s heavy on the sex and swearing but by and large they use it well and to drive the story and humour not just because they can or to grab cheap ratings. The power’s origin is never gone into because the characters are the focus not the mythology and there is some really good work done with them as the show goes on. Call me crazy but after so many years of reading comics I’m fine with magic lightning giving an entire council estate powers, god knows I’ve seen worse, so long as the rest of the show is strong and for me Misfits is one of the best things on TV.

    On the plus side you were right about No Heroics being worth a look and it was another good podcast without even a hint of waffle.

  8. I agree with Mrs. American Guy and Siythe. Check out MISFITS, everybody, it’s hilarious and the accents are terrific (particularly the “chav” girl — I’m thinking of hiring a dialect coach to teach me to talk like her).

    Meanwhile, I kinda thought the Bru issue where everybody says “SIKE” about Bucky’s torso-hole redeemed the FI story a bit, particularly having re-read the “Trial” and “Gulag” issues. It wasn’t air-tight storytelling to be sure, but that’s the reality of COMICS, and I’m fully on board for this Winter Soldier biz.

    However, never let it be said that I don’t enjoy episodes where the American Guy listlessly recounts a comic he read while standing in the comics shop, at the end of which the Scottish Guy says something like “THAT IS APPALLING,” having never read the thing himself. It’s why I listen week after week!

  9. Oh man, I dug the HELL out of No Heroics. It seemed like it should have been too silly to work, but it totally did. I really wish there was a DVD release. I haven’t seen anything about Misfits, but I’ll have to check it out.

    I mainlined Parks and Rec and Cimmunity both in a three day, fiancée-less weekend of boredom. With 30 Rock between seas sons, that’s bar none the most rewarding hour of television today.

    Anyway, comics! I find Uncanny X-Force to be a diminishing return on my investment story wise, though the art has been consistently spectacular…I’m dropping it at the end of this story arc, though. And I haven’t read OMAC #3 yet, but I’m crushed to hear that it didn’t continue the excellence of the first two issues.

    Anyway, great work as usual, gents, even in the appreciated format.

  10. By odd coincidence, I just started reading Hickman’s SHIELD when I heard Jeff’s comments on it—and Jeff is spot on. Pretty art, zero story. There are a lot of story pieces and some interesting ideas, but no structure to hang it on. I kind of liked that when I read Hickman’s Nightly News, but after that his comics-by-PowerPoint thing just hasn’t clicked for me.
    I think this parts-no-structure thing might be why some like Hickman’s work: his stories are a box of story parts you can build however you like. Forget actual structure when it can be so much cooler to build your own head-story out of the neat ideas lying about. Comic fans may even be more prone to this since comics are already heavy with cross-title continuity that we can build upon. It probably works less well with older readers because those readers have already seen the ideas in use, and are less impressed without an underlying structure.

    Oh, and I really admired how Brubaker saved (and maybe even improved) his own ongoing Captain America storyline from the wreckage of Fear Itself in the 7.1 issue. I thought it was a neat trick!

  11. I agree with the whole chessboard criticism of Hickman. I always feel like I’m being jerked around. The one exception is the first FF arc, which was wonderful, a great way to draw a line under the whole “Reed is a Bastard” thing and move the property forward. Unfortunately… he had no intention of doing that.

    Like Daniel Way, his ideas seem to be in the written pitch but barely there on the page. Just plot plot plot plot plot, zero depth, style, or excitement. Or humor!

    That said, the Red Wing? One of the few times Hickman’s ambiguity and strangeness worked in his favor, and well worth a read. I just feel… worn down by his work.

  12. “Why, Why, Why?” was also a reference to an MST3K bit from Season 8, when Mike had to fill out a survey for the brains and just wrote, “WHY? WHY? WHY? over and over again.

    And Graeme returned his volley with a Coupling reference! WELL PLAYED SIR.

  13. I think Graeme’s dog should get it’s own podcast. I’d listen to that incessant yapping for hours.

  14. That was a joke by the way. I truly enjoy these podcasts. Yapping dogs and all.

  15. I like the idea of the yapping dog podcast. But it would only really work if we could occasionally hear Graeme desperately try and have a conversation in the background.

  16. I did like Hickman’s first FF arc as well– but it shocks me that that arc is apparently what his whole run is based on. He started what, 2 1/2 years ago?

    Secret Warriors was similar- some ok stories, but once it was done I was pretty sure it didn’t all hang together. It’s not likely I’ll go back and read it all the way through to find out, though– maybe the long burn of Hickman’s stories works for him that way.

  17. Thanks for the idea of taking X-force as a sci-fi comic book. I know all the continuity and all the baggage that the original X-Force had. I dismissed it as Liefeld Excess where people said Arnold Swartzenegger Lines or lines from Coupland’s Generation X. I thought the latest incarnation was a pale imitation, but if I read it as a sci-fi book, it really reads well. Its sort of like when I figured out that Morrison’s X-Men run is really just an extended homage/pastiche of Stanley Kubrick films (with the 2001 beginning to the AI ending).

    Thanks for providing me a new perspective on something I dismissed.

  18. Just read my comment – I meant “abbreviated”, not appreciated. Stupid iPad autocorrect!

  19. No prob Voodoo Ben. We know what you meant. Autocorrect is an insult to all our sensibilities. Welcome to the future. But still no jet packs.

  20. Yapping dog podcasts? Yes.
    Jet packs? No.

  21. Hi.

    I was trying to download older episodes and they’re not on the website. Is it possible to download them without listening ot them on itunes?


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