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Wait, What? Ep. 63.2: Point Two, Point One, Point Zero

Jeff Lester


From the insane to the mundane, from the picture back to the frame, the finale to Wait, What? Ep. 63.2 brings Graeme and I back from our world-wide travels to consider our good ol’ pal, Excelsior Basehead.

Yep, Graeme and I talk about how Marvel’s handled the first issue of Avenging Spider-Man, the cancellation of the Victor Von Doom miniseries by Nick Spencer and Becky Cloonan, changes to Marvel’s incentive payments, and the latest issues of Journey Into Mystery and this year’s Point One promotional one-shot. Oh, and because we’re us, OMAC #3, Bad Company, and the drawbacks of Netflix. And we do it all in less than an hour! Go, Team Us.

If you want us, you can find us left of center, wondering about you. (Which is to say: iTunes.) Alternatively, if your name is Luka and you live on the second floor, you can listen to us here:

Wait, What? Ep. 63.1: Point Two, Point One, Point Zero

As always, we hope you find it an agreeable and even enjoyable experience, and we thank you for listening!

11 Responses to “ Wait, What? Ep. 63.2: Point Two, Point One, Point Zero ”

  1. Can you get Gus and Ernie review some comics? I for one would like to hear what they thought of “We3”, “Maus” and “Pet Avengers”. Using the Savage Critics scale of 1 bark = crap! 2 barks = awful! 3 barks = eh!, etc.

    If they really don’t like a book, they can rip it to shreds during the podcast.

  2. Another excellent podcast- and I did enjoy the Netflix conversation, especially the part where Graeme seemed about to stage an intervention on the length of Jeff’s queue.
    That really cracked me up; though having the non-comics digression at the end may have been better for it. (My instant queue stands at 156, btw. My dvd one is … significantly higher.)

  3. Another great show guys thanks.

    FYI – if memory serves Brett Ewins suffered a stress breakdown from editing Deadline and contributing to 2000 AD and some kind of chronic condition in his drawing hand that makes the completion of any kind of artwork testament to his dedication to art, or something.

    Loving the 2000 AD stuff, although what I really like is Jeff’s take – I really envy everyone over the pond that aren’t intimate with the amazing stuff from the galaxy’s greatest comic, particularly the first 10 years. I want Jeff hear Jeff on Slaine, Rogue Trooper, Strontium Dog, DR & Quinch, ‘cos I think over here we can’t separate it from nostalgia.

  4. On OMAC #3:

    I’m in the odd position that while I share Graeme’s enjoyment of it, I also agree with all of Jeff’s criticisms. And yet… I still enjoyed the heck out of it. However, I do think that OMAC only has about another issue or two left before it better start addressing Jeff’s most substantive criticism, which is that the main character (and his alter-ego) are still largely personality-free. The book’s been getting by on Kirbyesque Kookiness, a fun, light tone, and an intriguing central mystery. But it better have a main character we give a crap about soon, or those other things won’t be enough…

    Jason Aaron’s The Incredible Hulk might end up being a good companion book to OMAC if the tone set in #2 is anything to go by. The exposition by Amanda von Doom (no relation) about her teammates Gore and B.R.A.I.N. was the funniest thing I’ve read in a while. (I don’t get out much.) But yeah, what’s the deal with the art? I seriously almost think that coffee got spilled on Silvestri’s Hulk-Shark-battle pages, because the sudden substitution of awful crap for those two pages seemed way rushed and out of place. I hope it’s just some weird deadline crap going on in the background that gets resolved…

  5. Let me second the suggestion for more 2000AD stuff. I’ve gathered a few here and there ( Halo Hones, 4 or 5 Zenith, scattered Judge Dredd, probably more that I don’t recall) yet I’ve never quite read any of them.
    I’d love to hear you guys talk about what’s good or not- the Flash Gordon, but a horse thing already has me looking for Nemesis.

  6. @Robert G: This is a great idea and I’m actually willing to try and make it happen. The only problem, as far as I can tell, is that I don’t think either Gus or Ernie can break less than eight times. And they’re very hard to tell apart, as well, so Ernie might give something 77 barks and Gus might give the same thing 58 barks. It would be a tough, tough scale.

    @BD Montgomery: Glad you dug the Netflix convo–you make a very interesting point about having the non-comix stuff pop up at the end, rather than the beginning. It’s almost an elegant solution, in fact! We will have to take it under advisement…once you tell us how high your DVD queue is. (I need Graeme to stop treating me like I’m crazy.)

    @Andy (and also BD again): Yeah, I think it would be a great idea to have me dig into some of the 2000 A.D. stuff and kinda walk through it with Graeme. It’s a little bit embarrassing flaunting my ignorance but, at least based on Nemesis, well worth the rewards. The catch, such as it is, is that I read the stuff really slowly: I don’t want to admit how long it took me to get through that volume of Nemesis (which admittedly, was the first four books).

    Chris Brown: Thanks for the comments and especially the review of Incredible Hulk #2. I was surprised Graeme had no interest in it despite liking what Aaron was doing on Wolverine & The X-Men. I’m incredibly tempted but am currently in this weird no-man’s land with regard to supporting Marvel. I’ll see if I can find a friend who’ll loan me a copy (or read it by the rack while Hibbs throws stuff at me) because you make a good case for it.

  7. By coincidence, I got the “you’ve reached the 500 title limit” message on my netflix queue for the first time right after listening to the podcast.

    You’re not crazy Jeff, it’s very easy to rack up a big queue, especially if you’ve been with the service for years and don’t clean it up regularly. I tend to throw things on there that I’ve read about and think I might like as well as queue up current theatrical releases/tv shows that aren’t even on dvd yet just so I don’t forget about them. It’s more about having an easily accessible list of options than believing you are going to watch them all.

    I did go through and take a hard look at what I had on there with Graeme’s reasoning of “if I haven’t watched it yet, I probably don’t want to.” Half the stuff I couldn’t remember what it was or why I had saved it.

  8. I’ve been on a Hammer kick lately, so I was pretty pleased when Dracula AD 1972 was the random movie you mentioned. I know a lot of people don’t like that one, but I dig it.

  9. I too was inordinately pleased to hear mention of DRACULA A.D. 1972. It’s certainly my favourite film starring Peter Cushing and Caroline Munro that doesn’t also star Doug McClure. I am totally okay with the Podcast going briefly “off the grid” comics-wise for a review of DRACULA A.D. 1972.

    Also, I don’t want Mr. Jeff Lester to interview comic creators. I *need* Mr. Jeff Lester to interview comic creators. It would be the verbal equivalent of Mr. Jeff Lester and !this week’s star guest! holding a scarf taut by taking an end each in their gritted teeth and then circling each other with a knife in their hands while the Star Trek (Original Series) fight music played (ba-ba-ba-BABABABA-BA-BAPPA-BA-BA!).

    Thanks for the listening!

  10. @Brock: Yeah, I totally agree with you, Brock. It’s not about committing to watching everything, it’s so you have a library of options available when you do get a chance to watch something…

    Colin & John K (UK) I was shocked (shocked!) that Dracula A.D. 1972 didn’t make Graeme concede the argument. I knew I wasn’t going to win the argument mentioning Resident Evil: Degeneration or The Expendables, but Dracula A.D. 1972 or Cutter’s Way or Tony Manero? I’m still vexed!

    And John, after listening to the first twenty minutes of that Word Balloon interview, I’m more convinced than ever it would be less like Alexander Courage scored Star Trek and more like one of those later season episode of ST:TNG where Deanna Troi’s mom harangues the Enterprise into blowing itself up.

  11. My DVD queue is right now at 464, and I freely admit that I’ll never watch them all. I agree with Jeff & Brock that its more about having a list of options- though I should reconsider that too, because the discs I have now I’ve had for a month. While I watch instantly. Gonna have to reevaluate the whole deal now that the price has gone up….

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