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Wait, What? Ep. 64.1: Can Stop, Will Stop.

Jeff Lester


Oh, Thanksgiving weekend! What a boon you are to some, and a curse to others. I know I am extra-happy with the time off from work, but it also means Graeme and I won’t be recording this week.

And it also means there didn’t seem to be much point to breaking this episode in half since so many will be away from their computers on Thursday and instead dealing with the complex mash of family, friends and strangers. (I’ll spare you details about my upcoming Thanksgiving but I realize I’m being way more morose about it than everybody else.)

The point is, we are giving you a big ol’ 110 minute Waitstravaganza, with Graeme and I talking Community and Parks and Recreation; fights on Twitter (and more specifically Graeme’s recent dust-up there); Avengers #19 and the brilliance of Daniel Acuna (sorry, I don’t know how to put that little tilde over the n there), the mini-comics Cindy & Biscuit by Dan White, Sabertooth Vampire by Mark Russell, and The End of the Fucking World by Charles Forsman.

Think that’s everything? Nope! We also talk up Mud Man by Paul Grist; Batman and Robin; Wonder Woman #3; Jim Shooter; fractal comedy; and much, much, much, much more. Our hope is it will give you something to listen to while standing in line for Black Friday events! (Or having to work the night before to prep for them!) Or, you know, as a way to cope with the lack of a holiday that combines bird meat and endless televised sports.

Wait, What? Ep. 64 is a thing you can find on iTunes. But, also! It is here (though why our plug-in player doesn’t really seem to work any more, I ‘m a little baffled by) and we invite you to share in the holiday cheer, cranberry sauce optional:

Wait, What? Ep. 64.1: Can Stop, Will Stop

We hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend and, as always, thanks for listening!


18 Responses to “ Wait, What? Ep. 64.1: Can Stop, Will Stop. ”

  1. Listening right now, and I’m curious – is the “Super Negative Brush” from the Negative Zone? I want one of those.


  2. Thanks for the shout out Jeff – glad you enjoyed Cindy & Biscuit.

    (If anyone wants to get hold of a copy you can do so here: http://milkthecat.wordpress.com/the-shop/)

    Here endeth the pimping…

    Great listen as always chaps.

  3. I read the first two issues of Snake Oil from Charles (Chuck) Forsman a couple of years back, and it was some great stuff – almost like a David Lynch film in comics form. His “End of the Fucking World” sounds like something I should pick up.

    And you should all check out his store site – as Jeff mentioned: http://charlesforsman.com/oily-boutique/ – if only for the Jaws/Peanuts & Popeye/Raiders of the Lost Ark mashups he did as prints. They’re, as Graeme might say, specTACular.


  4. Editor: “Being snarky and misleading on your news site is beneath you, Scottish Guy.”

    American Guy: “Drawing Avengers is beneath you, Artist.”

    The first is patronizing (and APPALLING!, one guesses). The second is just plain good ol’ criticism (and not a little SAVAGE!).

    But joking aside, great episode! Though I have to admit I didn’t listen to the second half because I was worried you might confirm your claim that you “spend as much time praising as [you] do damning.”

  5. @Chris Beckett: If Geoff Johns is passive-aggressive enough to populate the New 52’s Negative Zone with bodiless Kryptonian criminals that stand around all day making the Kryptonian criminal equivalent of entitled fanboy whining, I will love him forever.

    Thank you for pointing out that Forsman did those great mash-ups! I’d encountered them when they hit the blogosphere but didn’t connect the names!

    @The Beast Must Die: Thanks for sending it along! I added your link to the post as that seems like a very sensible thing to do for mini-comics types.

    @RF: This was an insidiously funny and clever thing to point out! I think you’re probably letting me off the hook too easily (thank goodness) but, yes. Hmmm. Every time I’ve tried to mentally justify this I’ve merely dug myself in deeper, well-played. Very well-played, indeed.

  6. I think positive praise matters, at least to creators. A few of them share pretty much any positive review they get. I think some editors pay attention when their books win awards, though.

  7. I’m agreeing with Jeff – this season of Community has been solid as hell, and the Halloween episode has been a personal favorite (right up there with the alternate dimensions one). But even still, Parks and Rec is just killing it. Here’s hoping that the rumors are true, and Community’s hiatus was planned for a while to give 30 Rock a chance to come back. After all, Harmon’s been pretty vocal about only needing four seasons to complete his story.

  8. I started to listen to this podcast, and got about 30 minutes in before the wife came home and I had to start making dinner. But while I was listening, I was also downloading a bunch of stuff and it was making my iTunes skip and repeat randomly in a way that made Jeff and Graeme sound like Max Headroom-versions of themselves. You should consider doing a whole episode like that.

  9. It’s only about, what, 6 weeks to Christmas and you American guys can’t wait? Oh, 6 weeks is too long! We’ll have one of our made up American holidays! The one that’s a bit like Christmas but with more football and less Jesus! Hot diggety-dawg! No patience, you lot.

    Criminy, Mr. Graeme McMillan has my sympathy but he has certainly demonstrated that Twitter is something I really need in my life. Just think – wherever I go I can have aggrieved people take stuff out on me and amuse hundreds of other people by having them witness my ordeal! I think your new column should be “How Awesome Is Marvel This Week?” and it should just say, “Is it just me or is Marvel even more awesome than last week?” Given the terrible power you wield this can be the only responsible option.

    I don’t know, I think Mr. Jeff Lester was quite restrained about the perceived waste of Acuna’s talents because that is some mighty talent and also,thus,a mighty waste. I thought his endearingly sputtering outrage was more complimentary than patronising (UK pron: PAT-ron-eyez-in-G.)(Yes, defining how to pronounce “patronising” is supposed to be patronising. I thought that would be funny.)

    Dang, that is a great picture of the back of someone’s neck. I adore the way Acuna uses colour to bolster his exact but minimal lines. He’s not just drawing for colour but actually drawing with colour. It’s lovely, lovely stuff. Do they still do Wash Tubbs? Mr. Jeff Lester is right, Acuna would kill on that. Someone should bring back American Century and let him draw it. No, nobody else would buy it but I’d like it! That’s what is important! Ah well, I will wait for you on the outside, Mr. Acuna! You and Chris Samnee both!

    Say now, when is Mr. Jeff Lester going to tell us how enormously imaginative, powerfully affecting, savagely wise and unjustly neglected Jack Kirby’s KAMANDI is? Because it is all those things. I don’t really look but The Internet seems weirdly quite about it since the release of the Omnibus.

    Thanks very much and have a Happy Thanksgiving (whatever “Thanksgiving” is)!

  10. Another great episode guys- so thanks! I agree that Marvel does seem to be backtracking from Fear Itself, from Brubaker’s save of his own Cap story (I like how he used it to resolve his “2 Captains” problem) to the destruction of the “Mighty” weapons before the issue was over- the weapons were silly and I was glad to see them go.

    I do want to raise a concern however. I’ve been reading Shooter’s blog, and I really don’t get the revisionist history vibe that you both seem to get (opinionated and his own recollections, sure, but Shooter doesn’t seem to be overly promoting or glorifying himself in the way that other reports from the era can.)
    So if you could point me to some counter-narratives or otherwise elaborate why you think Shooter is farming BS I’d really love to hear it. At least with regard to the Mantlo stuff you mentioned (was that the healthcare piece you linked to on twitter? I started that but haven’t finished it.)

  11. Joe Mad being replaced by Greg Land is comedy gold!
    If a comics version of the Onion wrote it, I would think it was a hilarious piece of satire.

  12. I plan to read (for the first time) the Steve Gerber Defenders issues so I can attain Maximum Enjoyment from the upcoming podcast. If I read Defenders 20-41 and annual #1 will I be in the correct range?

  13. Anthony: yes, yes you will, though I think you need to read two of the Giant-Sizers. Issue #30 is a Bill Mantlo fill-in.

  14. @Anthony & Dan: I don’t know about Graeme, but I’m going to be reading Essential Defenders vols. 2 and 3, in part because I adored the David Kraft/Keith Giffen stuff that run up through and just past issue #50.

    But if you wanna stick to just Gerber, then it’s Defenders #20-41, Annual #1, Giant-Size Defenders #3-5, and Marvel Treasury Edition #12 with HTD featuring the Defenders. (Unless there’s something else I’m missing?)

  15. Don’t know whether it’s in the Essential reprints, but I’d say Marvel Two In One #9 (Gerber’s last issue) is vital, as it features Valkyrie and sets up the story in Defenders #20 (and starts the plot lines concerning her that run throughout Gerber’s run).

    Really looking forward to hearing your discussion– for all it’s faults (which are really the problems of the time– underwhelming art, bad printing, a tendency to overwrite and the feeling that some of it is made up as it goes along) it’s a great run).

    If I recall correctly there was very much a (friendly) competitive edge between Gerber on the Defenders and Englehart over at the Avengers to see who could create the most epic stories: the later’s Mantis saga and Serpent Crown series were contemporary with this. Good times.

    Speaking of which, and regarding your reviews this week, an old Gerber maxim come to mind: didn’t he once say that readers shouldn’t expect a perfect comic every month, and that the rigours of monthly production work against that theory? While I understand that some comics are just bad, or misconceived, or even simply don’t work (pick which you like to cover Fear Itself), do we expect to much from our comics? Discuss.

  16. There was something about this podcast I meant to comment on, but I just can’t remember what it was. Damn.

  17. Oh yeah, I remember now…Marvel sucks!

  18. @Carey: You’re right on all points of your post–that Marvel Two In One is vital. Thankfully, it is in the Essential Defenders vol. 2, and it has so much of the stuff I love about Gerber.

    Also, do we expect too much for our comics? It’s a very good question. I think this is really where price subliminally (or not so subliminally) plays an important part. I just read a handful of comics I picked up on Comixology for very little cash (Nancy in Hell #1 which I got for free, and Octavia: Trilogy which was 57 pages for ninety-nine cents). Neither of them were good but it was easier for me to appreciate their charms. Or at least not resent their existence. That may play more of a part than I would like.

    Alternatively, there are also times where it hurts to see someone like Acuna do work on what strikes me as a very dull issue from Bendis, a guy who is successful, influential, and inescapable. And I’m a guy who used to get excited by “changing of the guard” issues in books like Avengers and (to bring it full circle) Defenders.

    Which brings me to:

    @Robert G: Yeah!

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