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Wait, What? Ep. 66: Winter Oner-Land

Jeff Lester


The image above ties into the podcast in only the most tangential of ways (we discuss Frank Springer for the merest of moments) but I had to include this image, in no small part because I’ve been enjoying Graeme’s Comics Advent Calendar over at Blog@ Newsarama so much. (And because…the Hatemonger for the Holidays?  May be even more topical now than when it was published…)

So, anyhoo.  We had one of those podcasts where we only spoke for around ninety minutes and there wasn’t much of a place to cut it very neatly.  (I wasn’t crazy about doing an hour ten for part one, and thirty minutes for part two.)

So this is a “oner” episode for you, with Mr. McM and I talking about the recently releasedDefenders #1, the power of secret shout-outs, Dark Horse Digital’s recent pricing hullaballoo, Avengers vs. X-Men, Bendis leaving Avengers, Spaceman #2, OMAC #4, Daredevil #6, the Lethal Weapon comic that never was, Flash #3, Secret Avengers and Wolverine (both at issue #19) and, yes, of course, The Muppet Movie. It is so very close to being an hour and forty minutes (so! very! close!) and yet, somehow, it isn’t.

Is it on iTunes?  Probably!  But it is most certainly here for you right now:

Wait, What? Ep. 66.1: Winter Oner-Land

Our plan is to record this week and, God help us, next week so there should be a steady stream of our patented level of giggly jibber-jabber to carry you into the new year.  As always, we hope you enjoy!  And thank you for listening.

14 Responses to “ Wait, What? Ep. 66: Winter Oner-Land ”

  1. I’ve not listened yet, but I just finished reading Fraction’s Defenders. Couldn’t help but noticed that the phrase “Wait, What?” comes up twice in the issue.

    I take it Graeme adds this to the growing Fraction/Wacker conspiracy; I can only hope somewhere there’s a wall covered in clippings from Defenders and Wacker’s Twitter feed with a series of increasingly paranoid strings connecting them.

  2. Loving the episode, as usual. I’m in the middle of your discussion on the #AvX hype (see that – I used the social media hashtag), and doesn’t that quote from Aaron –

    “Each issue, every guy’s trying to throw down the gauntlet and one-up the guy who came before him.” –

    sound like DC Challenge? Oh, yeah, baby. That’s what I want: #AvX Challenge (<– see, did it again).

    Maybe that's what this is leading into, except they do it on twitter to really incorporate the social media – 140 characters with a cliffhanger. Let's see how Bru (or Fraction, or Bendis, etc.) gets them out of this one, ladies and gentlemen.

  3. “Dukes of Hazard Colon Reunion!” Looking forward to seeing that movie. Boss Hogg damaged the General Lee? Damn near rectum.

  4. I’d be interested if you guys do on an episode on Marvel, especially if you covered from Disassembled up to the present.

  5. It’s indefensible to put the line in the Hulk’s mouth, but “I hate myself and I want to die,” was Kurt Cobain’s stock response to prying reporters. I’m sure Fraction knows this and thinks it’s cool (it is cool), but like Bendis, he needs to distinguish his characters from himself.

  6. Another enjoyable podcast. Some thoughts:
    You may have sold me on Defenders #1, which I passed up because of my boycott of Marvel’s $3.99 books, but the bottom-of-the-page throwback blurbs sound great, even if they don’t all work. Still, perhaps I should stop kidding myself about my love of the Defenders which forces me to buy any new reiteration, and realize it’s just Steve Gerber’s Defenders I love.
    I really liked the 1st 2 issues of The Flash, but felt like you a little meh about the 3rd. Too many story elements tossed in there without a real through line in the plotting, but yes, the individual storytelling tricks are absurdly fun. I’m also charmed by the creative team, in that they’re a couple of young turks, one of them draws it, one of them colors it, and then they both write it, and they have something fresh to bring to the table. Reminds me of Mark Wheatley and Marc Hempel back in the day.
    The line about buying Grandma some Fear Itself for Christmas made me think of a panel from the recent Comic Book Comics #6, where they address the industry’s idea that if they could just market them to the general populace, then everyone would want to read comics, and there’s an old lady at a bus stop, saying to the guy next to her on the bench, “You know, I’m filled with this sudden desire to read some Wolverine comics.”

  7. @JLB: It’s a shame we’re not photoshop wizards because it’d be worth the time to do up a still from A Beautiful Mind or Conspiracy Theory with all kinds of Fraction/Wacker ephemera. (I, of course, can say that because I’m nicely untargeted.)

    @Chris Beckett: Good ol’ DC Challenge! If only it had been, I don’t know, six issues with teams trading off halfway through each book rather than twelve issues. Did anybody truly enjoy that book half as much as the creative teams did?

    @Robert G: Well played, sir. Well played. Somehow that type of wordplay suits the Dukes all too well… (And you know, Boss Hogg and Enos looked so much like an Al Capp cartoon, I’ve always wondered what kind of influence Lil Abner might’ve played on the DoH).

    @Eric Rupe: On Marvel from Disassembled on, or the Avengers from Disassembled on? Both topics seem a bit crazily ambitious for two guys who were barely able to talk about two volumes of Essential Defenders, but I like the idea of it. If we’re talking Marvel, I think Civil War seems to be the demarcation point between the end of NuMarvel and the beginning of the Marvel we see today.

    @Cass: Oh, right! And Nirvana has a song titled with that line too, doesn’t it? I knew it was familiar–all my years of bad Morrissey imitations threw me off the scent.

    But, yeah. Utterly wrong for The Hulk. In fact, I think there’s a really good case to be made that The Hulk (especially when he’s green) stands for life and nature. The idea of him being that filled with self-hatred is one thing–and I understand that’s the hook needed to get him in place for Aaron’s run–but Hulk just doesn’t seem like he would ever “want to die.” It just reads as really wrong to me.

    @James: Yeah, it’s funny how some books make you want to scratch that itch even when you know that it’s more or less a phantom limb. (Wha?) And great comparison to Wheatley and Hempel! I have not thought about those guys in a long time–where the heck are they now?

  8. Good show fellows!

    Not much, though, on the thing I was most interested in (and isn’t that what it’s all about? Doing whatever I’m most interested in?): OMAC #4! It was Star Trek, then Reverse Star Trek, then not really Star Trek at all, and then wasn’t something else Star Trek? And then on to the next topic. At least I got the Star Trek comparison (the odd/even thing), even though I’m not sure you spelled it out. Us old geeks do speak a weird common language…

    Ah well, maybe more OMAC next time. And maybe by then Graeme will have read some Daredevil.

    Spot on with Flash. Boy I wish the A-story was better! Or even, you know, good. Or even the slightest bit interesting at all. The biggest ‘Flash’ bit in the book was the airplane thing, which I also thought was lame. Look, I know that it’s a well-established bit of Flash mythology, but I’ve never liked the idea that being able to go super-fast somehow also gives you Kitty Pryde’s powers.

  9. This podcast is the easiest podcast to listen to this year if not in all podcast history!!!

  10. The sad thing is, I barely noticed how shitty the Hulk’s dialogue sounded, because really, when was the last time the Hulk sounded or acted anything like the Hulk? The Bruce Jones run, maybe? And I think back then he was mostly mute. Current Marvel practice seems to have put the Hulk’s most salient character traits down as “bigness and greenness,” which, uh, no.

    I like to imagine most of the podcasts take place while Graeme is patiently snapping pictures of Matt Fraction through a telephoto lens.

  11. Oh yes, Howard Victor Chaykin would have rocked with an adaptation of Lethal Weapon! But you know what the perfect film for Howard Victor Chaykin to adapt would be – Colour Of Night! You know that would be super-special!

    I enjoyed all the podcast as ever but I’ve forgotten what I was going to say except…

    …if anyone wonders why no one in the wider world considers Comics as, well, they just never consider comics, here are two facts to bear in mind: 1) The face comics present to The World is largely that of Superhero comics. 2) When the creators of these comics are given a forum in places where the wider world may ingest their wisdom they come out with stuff like “Big-normous”. Sigh.

    Thanks again!

  12. @Chris Brown: sorry about that! And you’re totally right about that weird common language. Once after I got through laying out the basics of Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos so she could get a throwaway reference in some movie we were watching, she said, “Your people have an infinite number of secret handshakes, don’t you?” And that’s still one of my favorite ways to think of geek culture.

    And I agree with you about the Flash thing, particularly in that issue–wouldn’t the plane have a violent reaction with the water when it de-phased?

    Anyway, yes! Next time, more OMAC.

    @Andy: This was such a pleasant and mildly hyperbolic comment I thought you were a spam commentator at first. Since you didn’t submit a link hocking drugs, luggage or wives, I’m doubly flattered to think you’re legit. Thank you!

    @m&s: Agreed! And: indeed!

    JohnK (UK): Oh, jeezis. Colo(u)r of Night! Super-special, indeed. How do you think he would’ve done with Body Double, John? And did you read his Die Hard comics, which maybe as close to HVC doing a Leathal Weapon comic as we may get here on Earth-1?

  13. Hmm. Body Double. I’m glad you asked, Jeff Lester, I’m glad you asked, sir!

    Tricky one. If HVC could manage to stop pausing it on the Barbara Crampton scene, he’d probably do a pretty swell job. The kiss in the underground pedestrian walkway would be a challenge he could rise to, the voyeur stuff could get his panel layouts fizzing, he’d probably have fun with the skin flick stuff and the goofy drill murder. But, y’see, he’d probably not be able to invest himself in it totally because the hero is a cuckold and a total fool. Whereas HVC likes his heroes to be a bit muskier and more in control. A bit more like HVC (in HVC’s head) maybe? Got to say it’s been a while since I’ve watched Body Double (the Lady isn’t keen on it (I know ?!?)) but those are my excessively obsessional thoughts. Anyway, HVC did Body Double but *better* with Black Kiss.

    Oh, I *really* liked that Die Hard: Year One series. The art let it down a bit but HVC was in his element story and character wise. If you wanted a typical Die Hard story I guess you’d have a big sad face. But if you were looking for something a bit like if AMERICAN CENTURY had lasted long enough to get to the ‘70s, well, you’d be happy as Larry (Larry being notable for his high happiness quotient).

    Hey, Merry Christmas, Jeff Lester and Graeme McMillan!

  14. Jeff Lester: Deadly Hands of Kidney Punches.

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